Minutes of December 14, 2006 meeting

Judy Gardner (chair), Katie Anderson, Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianan, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez (recorder), Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Roger Smith, Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees
Penny Weniger


  1. GL3.1: results of testing, sign-off
  2. Patron Registration
  3. Access Services Policy Memo #2 - Borrowing Privileges, Media circulation policy statement, Revised drafts
  4. AAL updates
  5. Group Reports
  6. Updates and Information Sharing

1) GL3.1: results of testing, sign-off.

The group discussed the results of testing for GL3.1 in the C client. The following testing assignments were given at the last ASC meeting:

Other than some small problems with reserve lists displaying counts incorrectly (Zohreh reported) and the reports function only available through the Chang login in Test Workflows (Andy reported), there were no major problems with GL3.1 in Test Workflows.

Since there are no major issues, the IRIS/Workflows upgrade to Unicorn 3.1 is scheduled to begin at 6:00pm on Saturday, 12/30/06 and last through 12:00pm on Sunday, 12/31/06.

The group discussed the next IRIS/Workflows upgrade to the J Client that is planned for 2007. Starting in January/2007, Jeff will be chairing a group that is charged with implementing training sessions for access services staff in J Client Workflows. A definite implementation date for J Client has yet to be set. Dean is working with Systems staff to revise the keyboard express macros used for the J Client.

2) Patron Registration.

The group discussed the fact that staff rarely needs to create user records in Workflows. The majority of our patrons should be automatically loading into Workflows, which would allow us to just modify their user records. Some types of user records that still need to be locally created include Visiting Scholars, RA users, etc.

A problem with locally created user records being created with "RU-ONLINE" in the library field instead of the specific library where the record was created was brought to the attention of the group. Chris reminded the group to double check the properties for the "New User Registration" wizard to make sure that library field in the Defaults folder has a specific library there, instead of RU-ONLINE. RU-ONLINE should not be used as the library for locally created user records.

A problem with locally created user records being created without all the necessary information was brought to the attention of the group. Chris has been distributing lists of user records created without full information to the group to be cleaned up. This type of incorrect user record creation may be due to a problem with the terminology used to name the wizard used for creating user records and/or a training issue with staff (especially part time employees) who create these records. All supervisors are asked to discuss new user record creation with their staff, to make sure that staff are looking up patron's record correctly to find existing user records. Most of our patrons should already have an existing user record in Workflows. A suggestion was made to remove the New User Registration wizard from most toolbars or make it password protected in order to cut down on the number of user records incorrectly created. This idea will be discussed further.

3) Access Services Policy Memo #2 - Borrowing Privileges, Media circulation policy statement, Revised drafts.

A draft of Access Services Policy Memo #2 - Borrowing Privileges was distributed to the group. Policy Memo #2 discusses the loan period, renewal options, the overdue notices sent, borrowing limits, and eligibility for both primary and guest borrowers. A final draft of this document will be sent to the group for review and will then be posted to the libraries homepage.

A draft of a document discussing the Borrowing Privileges for Media Circulation was distributed to the group. The Media Circ Policy puts forth who can borrow Videos and DVDs and for how long. It also describes which media types circulate, to who they circulate, and how long they circulate. Media types cannot be renewed. This policy statement will be posted to the libraries webpage and will be included in a brochure. One final reminder that videos should never be sensitized/desensitized like we do with normal books.

4) AAL updates.

Michele reported on the recent meeting with Natalie concerning Ask a Librarian. Due to the meeting, the membership list for Ask a Librarian will be updated and the replies listed in Quicklinks-Access Replies and Standard Replies will be made standard. Also, Natalie will try to address the old standard and PIN requests that have not been answered.

A reminder was issued for staff to forward requests concerning requests directly to Bob/Tracey, as they are not in the habit of checking the AAL database every day. All supervisors should emphasize the responsibility and timeframe for responses to their employees.

5) Group Reports.

Billing (Barry): The group has been busy working with Dean's Circulation group on options for automating the claimed return process.

Circulation (Michele): The group tested GL3.1 in Test Workflows and did not find any problems. They have also been discussing patron registration problems and the possibility of limiting who can create new user records. The group created a quiz for part time employees (paper format) and have been working on a standard toolbar for circulation.

Collection Management (Andy): The group is still revising The "in-process" procedures. A new labeling option for oversized items will be tested on items from the Douglass Library in January/2007.

Reserves (Zohreh): The reserve preview list for Fall/2006 was sent to the group. Zohreh used Director's Station to view information for Art Library reserve items and will work with Kristen to examine the results. Zohreh recommended to the group to attend one of the Sakai workshops scheduled for this semester.

Resource Sharing (Katie): The group tested GL3.1 in Test Workflows and did not find any problems.

Security and Facilities (Penny): Penny reported that there has been an upward surge in textbook thefts this month. RUPD has been following up with local bookstores when thefts are reported.

Student Coordinators (Rose): The group discussed using Sakai versus a library website for training needs for part time employees. Rose is reviewing the statistics for the current WebCT sites used at each site, to get a measure of how much the sites are used.

6) Updates and Information Sharing

Chris Sterback: The default expiration dates supplied by Workflows when 1) registering new patrons or 2) renewing a patron's privilege will be changing soon. The scheduled date for changing shared Unicorn logins will be pushed back one week to January 8, 2007. The Resource Sharing Group recommended an adjustment to the "Clear Hold Shelf" Report, which will now include the item barcode. The Clear Hold Shelf Report will be suspended until one week after the Spring Semester begins. 60 faculty/staff have been trained to use Director's Station so far. The A-Team has been cut back to Tuesday - Thursday, with Bonnie Spaventa taking over responsibilities on a part time basis.

Jeff Teichmann: Jeff reported that a large percentage of discarded items from several gift collections were packed and shipped to Better World Books. 97 boxes were sent to LSM to be part of the shipment. The remaining discarded items were picked up by Facilities as part of RecycleMania. The Alexander Library will be open 24 hours a day during the exam period.

Jan Reinhart: Jan reported on the status of a new media lab to be located in the Douglass Library. Conversations continue with the donor and architects. He also reported on complaints made on a SIRSI listserv concerning the SIRSI Bookings Module. Hopefully improvements will be available when Unicorn is moved to the J Client.

Darryl Voorhees: Darryl reported on work underway to introduce Knight Express next semester for use with Imaging Services.

Yoshi/Maggie (Dana Library): Bill Majors has retired. Lynn Mullins announced her retirement plans for the Spring/2007 semester. Circulation staff will begin normal shelf reading in January.

Katie Anderson: Katie reported that the Robeson Library has eliminated extended hours for the exam period. Courier service from Camden should be on schedule now, with a new courier service starting in February/2007.

Michele Tokar: Michele announced the hiring of a new employee at LSM, Christine Duffy. Michele attended the UMDNJ orientation held in December.

Roger Smith: Roger announced that hours have been restored for the Spring/2007 semester for the Alexander Library and SERC Reading Room. The final customer service training was held in Camden in December.

Nita Mukherjee: Nita reported that the video conferencing equipment that was stored in the basement level has been moved to a room in the mezzanine level. The equipment should be ready for use by staff in February. The room in the basement will be converted to a group study room. Nita reported on PALCI/ILL items being returned to Douglass without their bands.

Zohreh Bonianan: Zohreh reported that Adobe 7 will be installed on staff computers with scanners. Roger, Judy, Shawn, and Zohreh worked on text instructions for Faculty to use to link their Sakai site to course reserves.

Glenn Sandberg: Glenn reported that the RAPID service will be turned off from 12/21/06 to 1/2/07. He is involved with testing for a new ILL service software. A demo for the new ILL software called "RELAIS" is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9.

Judy Gardner: Judy reported that the Money Receipt Book (For Access Services Billing Staff Only) has been placed under the Active Publication and forms list on the staff resources page under Public Services.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, January 11, 2007
9:30 - 11:30 am
Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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