Minutes of January 11, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner (chair), Michele Tokar, Nita Mukherjee, Chris Sterback, Roger Smith, Jeff Teichmann, Dean Meister, Andy Martinez, Katie Anderson, Darryl Voorhees, Maggie Harris, Glenn Sandberg, Zohreh Bonianian, Penny Weniger, Rose Barbalace, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Yoshi Ishii and Jan Reinhart.


  1. RDS and ILL article request & delivery services: user interface, staff responsibilities, and processing changes. Discussion of possible reconfigurations next FY with the introduction of a new ILL management system.
  2. GL3.1 upgrade issues, routine systems calendar changes pending, J Client implementation.
  3. Group reports, including brief mid-year reports and review of next 6-mo. goals.
  4. Training updates.
  5. Announcements and information sharing.

1. RDS and ILL article request and delivery services: user interface, staff responsibilities, and processing changes. Discussion of possible reconfigurations next FY with the introduction of a new ILL management system.

Judy reported that the libraries are looking at two ILL system vendors-ILLiad and Relais. The plan is to purchase one of these systems and use it to replace ILL Manager. Both systems offer an option to take article delivery out of IRIS and put it into the ILL system. Each unit would receive the new software to handle article requests. The goal is to bring RUL closer to a having a universal request delivery button. The decision will be made on which system to purchase by March 1, 2007 so that it can then be up and running by July 1, 2007. If we take RDS article requests out of IRIS, it is expected that the A-Team will no longer be responsible for directing article requests. Rather, all article requests will be examined by ILS staff (who actually do a lot of that checking already). No matter which system is purchased, all article requests will still need to be examined to determine where the requests should go. ILLiad's strong point is that many SHARES partners, including Penn State, a PALCI partner and SirsiDynix user, use it. It does require a separate system for the processing and circulation of ILL materials. Relais's strong point is that its vendor has a working relationship with SirsiDynix and its structure suggests more chances for development. Currently, it doesn't have any prominent academic libraries in the United States among its clients. It does have the British Library and the Library of Australia, though among its users. Relais is the more expensive of the two, though negotiations are possible.

Barry requested that we keep trying to put in a link to PALCI (E-ZBorrow) for individual catalog records so that users could easily request materials this way rather than always request recalls through the Deliver/Recall Book button. Chris said he would check with Bob Warwick on this.

Judy raised the question of making a change in our ILL rules. Currently, we don't have a reliable way to identify distance education students in the patron file. With both Iliad and Relais, users will have an option to designate a pickup library. The committee discussed the issue and agreed to now fill article requests for distance education students for free. Judy raised for discussion the possibility of changing the ILL rules so that all article requests would be free. Jeff suggested that a limit of 10 per month be established concurrent to making the article requests free. The committee felt that making this change would be something that faculty and graduate students would like. Judy said, if the change is made, July 1st would be a good time to do it.

2. GL3.1 upgrade issues, routine systems calendar changes pending, J Client implementation.

The upgrade to GL3.1 went well. A J-Client implementation group has been formed consisting of Jeff, Michele, Chiaki Yamada, and Shawn Moriarty. Judy asked if doing the switch to the J- Client in June seemed like a good plan. The committee liked this idea, feeling that gaining familiarity with the new module during the summer months would be best. Chris will send out instructions on how to use the J-Client test system. Judy asked that the groups work on coming up with their own tool bars. Barry asked if we knew when the units would be upgraded in their computer hardware to facilitate the release of the more powerful Java client.

3. Group reports, including brief mid-year reports and review of next 6-mo. goals.

Billing Group-Barry reported that the first group for Delinquent Accounts action, 80 users who are current faculty/staff members, is about to receive a 30-day warning letter from Judy. Nita has worked with Judy on this project reviewing and updating, when necessary, all accounts. The group worked with Jan and Chris and developed and implemented a new automated Media circulation overdue/notice schedule. It worked with Judy and established procedures for handling LONGOVDUE items. The group is working with Dean and his Circulation Group subgroup to try to automate the claims returned process. It has provided recommendations for what it would like to see in an online credit card payment module. The module has been purchased. It is hoped that it will be available for our users sometime in the next fiscal year.

Student Coordinator Group-Rose reported that Sakai is introducing a test feature that may help with training students. A subgroup is looking at the possibility of using the Human Resources website for posting jobs for students. The group is working with the Marketing Group on 10 key terms that the Marketing Group has identified. A goal is to create customer service training for student workers.

Security and Facilities Group-Penny reported that David Augusma, Adrian Butler, Bill Puglisi, and Glenn Sandberg have joined the group this year. The food and drink policy has been updated. The user conduct policy has been revised. Injury reports for library employees hurt on the job will now be done via a REHS online reporting system. Details for administrative access to the system are being worked out. Paper forms will confine to be used to report injuries suffered by library patrons. Anne Butman is planning a workshop on computer security in the workplace.

Reserve Group-Zohreh reported that reserve control records for the Fall have been removed. Reserve staff are busy processing new lists for the Spring. A goal is to design an online form for e-files. Judy reported that the online reserve guide now has instructions on how to link articles to Sakai. She is working on a print version (from the screen) of the reserve guide for faculty. Resource Sharing Group-Katie reported that the group has implemented the hold inventory report. The group has held meetings successfully using 5-way videoconferencing. It has started using Sakai. A goal is to develop the group's documentation.

Collection Management Group-Andy reported that the group has revised in-process procedures, with a final draft coming in February. The group has developed reports that identify items that are shadowed, old in-process items (about 1,500), and old GEAC note items. The group will be engaged in searching the items and cleaning up records. Also, the group is working on clarifying statistics, e.g, in the area of shifting materials. Goals include performing more stack shifts in the units, doing serials inventories, and working on best practices for shelving.

Circulation Group-Michele reported that the group, with the help of Sam McDonald, developed a new online borrower chart. The group made recommendations for a new tool bar, completed a circulation quiz, and has started using Sakai. The group will work with the Student Coordinator Group to design training in customer service for students. This year the group split into two subgroups: Michele's subgroup will focus on training, Ask a Librarian, customer service, and documentation. Dean's subgroup will focus on testing, inventory, and the technical aspects of circulation. Dean reported that his subgroup is currently working with the Billing Group on automating claims returned procedures. The subgroup will also try to improve the way RA privileges function in WorkFlows.

Judy asked that each group add to its list of goals the goal of helping develop a reordering of the library staff webpage. The desire is to create new pages with a new layout. Each group should recommend how it wishes its documentation/resources to appear. Pages should be designed with the links and headings that are important to the group.

4. Training Updates

Judy announced that the Instructional Services Committee is examining our standards and planning training sessions for later in the Spring semester. The first two phases have been completed. Judy has spoken with the librarians and they have provided helpful suggestions for the third phase, which will cover information services training.

5. Announcements and Information Sharing

Andy stated that DTS has begun to use a new status in item records named "LOCALMAINT." This status is available through the home location and current location field in an item record. DTS will use this status for items that are checked out or missing, but require processing or review by DTS staff. When Access staff encounter items discharged at a desk with a route/transit to message of "LOCALMAINT," they should process the items the same way they process "TECHSR" items (charge to appropriate CS user and ship to appropriate DTS hub). An email explaining the new status will be sent out to staff in the near future.

Roger announced that RUL will be hosting the Ivies+ Symposium, which will take place on March 15th and 16th. This is an annual event where Access Services staff and librarians from the Ivy League libraries plus Rutgers, University of Chicago, MIT, and others get together to listen to presentations and share ideas in breakout sessions. Roger also announced that Christine Duffy has joined the staff in the role of UMDNJ liaison at LSM.

Dean reported that he is using Director's Station to work on approximately 1,500 items whose records were added incorrectly. This includes over 800 items that were transferred from GEAC with no barcodes. Dean is investigating adding barcodes to labels for better identification of Annex items. He is also working on folios that he describes as being "in bits and pieces."

Katie reported that the Camden campus has a new mail courier and that the delays that plagued Robeson should now be gone with new daily delivery service to New Brunswick. Katie also advised that when staff use scrap paper to make sure that the scrap does not bear any confidential information.

Penny announced that Ferris Olin will now be managing the Douglass Library Women's Artists Series.

Nita reported on her work preparing the list of users for Delinquent Accounts action. She said it is her hope to make this a routine process.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, February 8, 2007
9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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