Minutes of February 8, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner (recorder), Michele Tokar, Nita Mukherjee, Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann, Yoshi Ishii, Andy Martinez, Katie Anderson, Maggie Harris, Glenn Sandberg, Zohreh Bonianian, Penny Weniger, Rose Barbalace, and Barry Lipinski.
Jan Reinhart, Roger Smith, Dean Meister, and Darryl Voorhees
John Brennan and Harry Glazer


  1. EZ-Borrow button in test IRIS.
  2. Communications from IPAC.
  3. Eligible Borrower file: new entries for Research Associates and Affiliates.
  4. Access Services' staff resources web pages.
  5. Updates: Ivies+ Symposium; J Client, Director's Station training; Shelving tags at Douglass; ACCC visit; Delinquent Accounts & Collections, other.
  6. Group Reports / Announcements.
  7. Discussion with the Brand Sub-committee of the Communications/Marketing Team. Harry Glazer, Julia Zapcic, and John Brennan guests. (11:00-11:30 am).

1) E-ZBorrow button in text IRIS.

ASC members liked very much the context sensitive display of an E-ZBorrow button in test IRIS and would like to see it moved to the production system. During discussion two issues surfaced as important to the group:

Judy will pass our suggestions on to Bob, who continues to fine-tune some coding. He will remove the EZ-Borrow button from single record displays of IN-PROCESS books (we can generally get them cataloged and delivered within 1 week). At Michele's suggestion, he will also try to remove the Deliver/Recall Book button so that only the valid request option, Request Article/Other, will be available on IN-PROCESS item records. The E-ZBorrow button will remain on ON-ORDER book records since their delivery time is unpredictable, and E-ZBorrow requests placed in the PALCI catalog by our patrons for copies of Rutgers on-order books are accepted. The EZ-Borrow button will probably be removed from RU-ONLINE records.

2) Communications from IPAC.

ASC was asked to review a suggestion submitted to IPAC to include examples of noncirculating libraries and sub-collections in text on the Deliver/Recall Book form. The following bullet:

would change to:

The group endorsed the suggested change; it brings the text of the Deliver/Recall Book form in line with text on the Request Article/Other form.

ASC was also asked to comment on an iLink enhancement. The proposed enhancement would enable linking from a patron's My Account list of checked out titles to the titles' IRIS records. We shadow ILL and PALCI titles and their IRIS records would not display. ASC favors the enhancement. If it ever becomes and option and we decide to implement it, we think patrons will learn that IRIS records of shadowed ILL and PALCI titles will not display from My Account, and can live with it.

3) Eligible Borrower file: new entries for Research Associates and Affiliates.

Michele introduced the new entry for "Research Associates," which is now posted online:
[http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/policies/borrowers/research_associates.shtml]. Research Associates are issued RUconnection cards with expiration dates. They are Type 1 employees with finite appointments. Michele cautioned that we not confuse them with faculty research assistants (RAs), since Research Associates may refer to themselves as "research assistants" at circulation desks.

The RUconnection Office is expanding its use of "Affiliate" status. These cards are issued to NJPIRG, ROTC, Campus Ministries, and individuals who would otherwise have F/S status but are not on RU payroll. Judy will consolidate various Affiliate entries in our Eligible Borrowers file into one entry, and confirm their ineligibility for off-campus access privileges. We don't want to end up with a mixed bag of users with and without off-site privileges in the Affiliate category.

4) Access Services' staff resources web pages.

Group coordinators and some supervisors will begin the process of revising Access Services' Staff Resources pages by inventorying all outstanding documents, resources, links, etc., determining if they are up-to-date or in need of revision. A draft outline of pages and lists of documents are due to Judy April 6th. Penny suggested that Imaging Services staff resource information also be listed on the Access Services page. Zohreh asked that the Contacts lists continue to be maintained centrally and that functional areas point to them. Please share other suggestions and questions as you study and revise the web pages.

5) Updates & Announcements.

Ivies+ Symposium.

Judy reported for Roger on the Ivies+ Symposium that will be held at Rutgers March 16 and 17. The morning speaker will be Paul Glassman on "How to Design Functional, Flexible, and Forgiving Library Spaces," and the afternoon session will probably be an "innovation showcase" with 15 min. presentations by attendees. Topics for the 3 breakout sessions are being voted on by subscribers to the Ivies+ listserv and will be compiled shortly. Roger will recruit discussion leaders and recorders, and alert tour leaders at Rutgers libraries. Jeff is investigating caterers for the reception, breaks, and lunch; Penny has booked two jazz musicians from Mason Gross for the reception at the Art Library Thursday night. Marianne Gaunt will give an official welcome Friday morning. People have registered from Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Univ. of Chicago, NYU, and UPenn.

J Client, Director's Station training.

The J Client training team has met and begun its work; training is projected for May and we will all switch to the J Client around June 1st. Systems will be conducting three additional Director's Station training sessions and invitations have gone out to selectors and access services staff. Judy will share names of access service nominees with supervisors.

Shelving tags at Douglass.

Andy brought two examples of books with new call number shelving tags. The tags have been inserted into folio books at Douglass, permitting the books to be shelved upright on spines or stacked flat with more efficient use of space and a better view of call numbers for users and shelvers.

ACCC visit.

Francoise, Judy, Gary Golden, and Theo Haynes visited Atlantic Cape Community College at Mays Landing last week. Rutgers has temporary space in two trailers on campus and will be offering more courses. We expect to experience increased demand for library services (delivery and instruction). Brian Ellis is full-time Rutgers employee there and he will liaison with the faculty and Media Services for delivery of videos for classes (bellis@rci, 609-343-4995). Reminder, RDS and ILL books are checked out to users and shipped via CD&L to Mays Landing for patrons there, as well as patrons at Atlantic City. The Cape May site may be added later. The circulation contact at the Mays Landing library is Sandy Meischker, 609-343-5386.

Delinquent Accounts & Collections.

The first set of 30-day delinquent account letters were sent out and we're getting a response from faculty and staff. A few have paid the lost fees, some have returned books or are looking for them. Others have reiterated an old 'claims return.' We estimate over 50 accounts will enter phase 2 and Nita will help prepare the documentation to send to the University Delinquent Accounts office. A second PUB-NOTE will appear in the user's record when accounts enter phase 2. Billing staff should email both Nita and Judy whenever they communicate with a patron in phase 2. It is not necessary to email us during phase 1, the 30-day letter phase and anytime before the second PUB-NOTE appears.

6) Group Reports / Announcements.

Group coordinators will report at the next meeting.

Katie reported the RSG is conducting an experiment. RDS staff at Douglass, Alex, LSM and Camden are skipping Trap Hold with PALCI books and are shipping them without the transit/untransit step. Setting them to ship fills PALCI holds and the items don't show as in-transit on lists. This streamlined process appears to work OK if there is no pause in the workflow. The group will make a firm recommendation about changing procedures next month.

Barry and billing staff are gearing up to place holds on Spring registration, and will request lists of students with long overdue items from Systems.

Rose noted that the Quiz tool will be placed on individual Sakai sites when requested directly from sakai@rutgers. She has Quiz on the Student Coordinators sakai site, and is working with Sakai staff to migrate resources from WebCT.

Penny announced that the S&F group arranged for a Sakai workshop Feb. 20th in the SCC and is coordinating with Learning and Training Committee to open it to others.

7) Discussion with the Brand Sub-committee of the Communications/Marketing Team. Harry Glazer and John Brennan guests. (11:00-11:30 am).

Harry Glazer and John Brennan joined the committee to talk about brands and brand development at RUL. They led the group in a brainstorming exercise. ASC's words/phrases will be added to a list that will be considered as part of defining an RUL brand. The Brand Sub-committee plans to visit other RUL groups and committees for their input. When asked about the process, ASC suggested more direct interaction with students for their thoughts and ideas.

Next Meeting: The March 2007 ASC meeting is CANCELLED. We meet again April 12, 2007.

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