Minutes of May 10, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner, Roger Smith, Glenn Sandberg, Dean Meister, Zohreh Bonianian, Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees, Nita Mukherjee, Andy Martinez, Chris Sterback, Rose Barbalace (recorder), Barry Lipinski, Michele Tokar, Jan Reinhart, Yoshi Ishii, Katie Anderson
Maggie Harris


  1. Free Article Delivery. Discussion of RUL’s RDS article delivery service and IU’s experience
  2. ILLIAD: Clients, Training, other.
  3. Info Services Training in New Brunswick: recap and review
  4. J Client Training: preview. Jeff and Roger
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

1) RUL’s RDS Article Delivery Service

Since the proposed service will be free, we need to be sure we have a current patron file. We may need to tighten up expiry dates and purge patron records sooner to keep up to date with current students, faculty and staff, including students working on dissertations.

We might use NET ID to authenticate for ILL and article delivery through ILLiad, and will need an alternative for patrons who are eligible for ILL but don’t have Rutgers NetIDs.

Judy needs projections and stats for resources needed to meet anticipated increase in RDS demand to fill article requests with a free article delivery service. Five years of RDS volume with three scenarios with 150% increase, 275% and 400% increases in workflow were distributed to unit supervisors who may consider hiring new vouchers, adding hours to current RDS staff, or shifting responsibility of other staff members in department to RDS work.

Group questioned the purchase of new scanners and equipment if this proposal moves forward. Units may consider creative scheduling with staff in relation to times to use the existing scanners, possible shift to some evening hours. There is currently a problem with scheduling time with scanner at LSM during the day sometimes.

We would be using freeware program called Odyssey for scanning and sending Rutgers articles to Rutgers patrons. Libraries with an ILLiad client won't be sending files to Imaging Services to post. Staff will use a single patron directory to post articles to the web. We will continue to use Ariel for ILL service to libraries outside Rutgers that don’t have the Odyssey program.

We won't limit the number of requests a single patron puts through. We will however alert patron to time constraints to filling a large number of requests submitted and to have patron inform staff on what articles they would need first, the others will be filled as time allows. Page number limits will still be 50 for ILL and 30 for RDS.

For patrons to place article requests via ILLiad, the "Request Article/other" form will change in IRIS. We may ask patrons which library should fill request and the request will go directly to unit instead of staff reviewing and pushing the request to a unit.

All forms and publications will need to be revised. Stats will be produced through ILLiad.

2) ILLiad: Clients, training, other.

Training on ILLiad will take place on June 5th with outside trainer. Local training will take place afterwards.

ILL staff at Alex receive all borrowing request and will send to units to fill. Those with client will login to fill, those without client will receive requests through email instead of faxing.

No counter to limit requests to 25. Staff "eye ball" requests numbers as they come through. Usually average requests are 2 per month for in-house article requests, according to experience at Indiana University.

3) Info Services Training in New Brunswick: recap and review

Info Services training sessions have been complete for New Brunswick. Camden session on May 10th, Newark session to be scheduled.

Sessions for the most part were helpful to staff to familiarize themselves with online resources available to the pubic. We will continue to use our referral and question analysis tools to assess each situation and refer any questions beyond our scope to the appropriate librarian.

4) J Client Training (Jeff Teichmann)

Dates for training session have been set. Sessions will include Toolbar creation, saving toolbar, user modification, title searching, item search and display etc. The session will be mostly demo and little hands on. Hands on portion will include the toolbar creation.

More in depth training should be coordinated with other Access sub groups such as Reserves, RDS etc.

System-wide RUL toolbars, containing the wizards deemed most appropriate for specific modules, have been created for Circulation and Reserves and are named Circulation-RUL and Reserves-RUL. Systems will assign these toolbars to Unicorn logins instead of the generic versions created by SirsiDynix.

Booking wizards are not currently in the J client and will not be added to it until the next upgrade. Between now and then, branch libraries that use bookings will still need a workstation with access to the C client.

The next version of Unicorn, formerly known as GL3.2, is now being called Rome.

May 30th J client training at Newark, June 6th J client training at Camden.

Since most staff have already had J client installed on their PCs it's essential that staff start using the J client right after training.

5) Announcements and Info Sharing

Group email account poll narrowed down favorite to RULAccess (no underscore).

Update on staff resources pages. Judy would like to site down individually with everyone to work out a standard design. Need to consider archiving a site vs. interactive daily site. Sakai can be used as a working environment for drafting needs.

Chris S. – Systems Update The switch to Address #2 for all patron records went into effect on May 4. Chris reminds everyone that address information needs to be placed into both Address 1 and Address 2, when creating/modifying a user record, to insure that library notices are mailed appropriately. Chris reported that some patron records are still being created at the units with the RU-ONLINE library instead of their local library. Everyone needs to check their "New User Registration" wizard properties to be sure your library is indicated when creating new user records.

Michele will send out a reminder as to what can/cannot be updated over the summer, when Systems receives the smaller patron file of summer students from Admin computing. Anyone that is not being dataloaded over the summer but that is coming back in the Fall needs to have both their Workflows record and their ADR updated so that timely address updates are not missed.

Courtesy notices will be sent out to Vale, community, and Alumni borrowers at the beginning of June. Verification of alumni status with letter may be accepted, assess on an individual basis. For the most part alumni cards will still be required to get library alumni privileges.

All Unicorn PINs will change on May 29th. Palci passwords are scheduled to change on June 1.

Michele is coordinating another cleanup of duplicate user records. Last year there were over 900 users on the report. This year there are potentially 640. The "Bad Address Team" will work on the duplicates.

New servers have been ordered for Systems. One is for ILLiad, another will replace the Unicorn server, and the rest will replace all of the "T" drive servers. Systems is also in the planning stages to migrate the Unicorn database files from the existing platform to Oracle. The migration is tentatively scheduled for May 2008, during the break between the Spring and Summer sessions. Standalone may be used during the downtime.

Roger S. – Thanks to Chris for his help and involvement in J client training.

Glenn S. – Currently interviewing candidates for Assoc II position at LSM with Michele.

Dean M. – Problems with climate and chillers at Annex.

Zohreh B. – Reserves preview list ran in J client. Roll over reserve list in review. Report ran to see how many bills are on reserve list.

Jeff T. – Exam period ending with minimal incidents. Problems remain with garbage, overflowing receptacles and lack of cleaning in most areas.

Barry L. – Surprisingly no thefts at Kilmer over the exam period. Still working on front doors. Incident last week with a short circuit and some smoking. Billing Group--there was a cut in the number of diploma holds placed from 146 last year to 70 this year. Graduating barred students were notified three weeks in advance, 123 email alerts went out, and 53 students (43 %) cleared up their records and avoided having diploma holds placed.

Darryl V. – E reserve funds used for purchasing CD/DVD burners, title printer also available. Students can burn copies of their own "user generated" material for use in classrooms etc. Will be advertising soon.

Nita M. – University College (school 61) requests diploma holds be sent directly to Miller Hall registrar.

Andy M. – In-process procedure changes. Geac reported missing notes report ran for home location with staff notes: 7,600 items on report. Shift of the Chemistry library is currently in process. Shift of all of the collections should be completed by the end of June. Collection Management cleaning up records in workflows with item type REF and home location STACKS. Using Directors Station to run reports for summer projects. End of year funds were used to purchase folio shelving for Alexander periodical collection and transfer elephant folio shelving from the Art Library to the Alexander periodical collection.

Michele T. – Interviewing with Glenn for Assoc II position at LSM. Eddie and Andy are meeting to review LSM shift. Mailboxes were set up in new copier for printing. Banner identifying Waxman exhibit in Special Collections Room was made. Christine using Directors Station for UMDNJ record clean up. Stool purchased for reserve staff. Directory/map purchased for LSM. For the next Circulation meeting, will try using Sakai chat to hold meeting remotely for all members.

Penny W. – Media Resource Room construction started. Parking is an issue in the back lot as construction equipment is being stored there. No A/C chillers are broken in Waller Hall effected the Douglass Library. Quiet exam period with few incident reports.

Jan R. – Multi media lab will hold projects for students on the group floor at Douglass. Will include a renovated staircase, river rocks will be restored. Eileen Stec working on a video donation project with John Rake about music composer.

Rose B. – Conversion on current WebCT student employment site to Sakai will take place in June. Already discussed possible issues with quizzes with Sakai tech support who will be willing to help in June with any problems after conversion of files. Sub group will be meeting in the next month to review proposal for online application and hourly employee website. Rose was nominated and won Student Supervisor of the Year for Rutgers University 2006/2007.

Katie A. – Indexes moves from periodicals. OIT computers being moved to Robeson Library.

Yoshi I. – Dana was opened for 4 nights until 2am over exam period, will look at stats to see opening later again. Retirement party for Lynn Mullins set for Monday.

Next Meeting – Thursday, June 14th.

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