Minutes of November 8, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner, Rose Barbalace, Holly Muller, Barry Lipinski, Maggie Harris, Roger Smith, Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar (recorder), Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger, Jan Reinhart.
Zohreh Bonianian, Yoshi Ishii, Dean Meister, Glenn Sandberg, Andy Martinez
Teri McNally


  1. Faculty Emeritus and off-campus access.
  2. Online RA form.
  3. Review of draft Banning and Discipline procedures.
  4. Staff Resources web pages.
  5. Policy reviews and reminders: replacement copies, UMDNJ walk-in access, deletion schedule for alumni records, other.
  6. PALCI annual meeting.
  7. Announcements and information sharing.

1. Faculty Emeritus and off-campus access.

Emeritus faculty are now eligible for off-campus access. Judy will email Emeritus faculty who voiced their concern when they lost access. The Libraries may send courtesy notices to new Emeritus faculty in future, and we will send annual renewal reminders. Judy will receive lists of Emeritus faculty twice a year from University Human Resources (July and January). These lists will be posted on Alex's "T" COMMON in a folder "EMERITUS Faculty." The current list contains over 500 names. Harry Glazer will craft a news announcement for the libraries web page. Registration procedures for access services staff are posted in the Eligible Borrowers file and are as follows:

Judy reminded the group to think of Emeritus faculty as faculty of the university and not as retiree guests. These distinguished faculty are still actively involved in research.

The procedures will officially take effect Thursday, November 15, 2007 when a News article will appear on the RUL website, and various web pages and forms will be updated.

2. Online RA form.

The Circulation Group has been working on creating an online version of the Research Assistant application form. The reason for creating an online version of this form is ease of application and convenience. Recommendations from ASC included incorporating features of the existing print form, and were as follows:

Upon completion, we will ask WAC to make the form available under the Faculty Services web page. Michele will submit a new draft to the ASC over the next month. Chris Sterback commented that the next version of Unicorn, called Symphony 3.2 and scheduled for release next year, will support linking of RA cards with their associated faculty patron records.

Discussion of the form raised some questions regarding exceptions to the RA application process that are rare but have come up in the past:

3. Review of draft Banning and Discipline procedures.

The group reviewed two new procedural Drafts, dated November 5, 2007, for the New Brunswick Campus libraries: one for Ban Requests for community members and anyone who is not a Rutgers students, and the other for Discipline Requests for Rutgers students. Prior to deciding to request a ban or discipline, access services staff would have followed standard procedures, including contacting RUPD if necessary and writing an incident report(s).

Ban Requests: Individuals including community members, visitors from other institutions, and students from other colleges and universities, may be banned from the Libraries if they create repeated disturbances or engage in criminal activity. The AUL for RIS (Valeda) will send Library Ban requests to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs where official university ban letters originate in NB.

Discipline Requests: The libraries do not request bans of current Rutgers students; they go through a formal student judicial review process. If a Rutgers University student behaves inappropriately (in regards to the policy in User Conduct and Security), the Libraries would request disciplinary action, and not a ban. All of these incidents will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Roger Smith will send disciplinary requests from New Brunswick libraries to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs. The OSJA contacts the appropriate Dean of Student Affairs. Roger Smith is the contact regarding student discipline requests in New Brunswick.

ASC did not have any suggestions for the draft procedures. The group did discuss how we handle theft or mutilation of library materials and was it considered criminal activity? RUPD may be called if someone sets off a security alarm and runs. In cases of attempted theft or mutilation on the part of a student, however, if we obtain the student's name and ID, RUPD is not called but rather an Incident Report is written and becomes a candidate for a discipline request and perhaps community service. In all cases, supervisors exercise judgment. Maggie noted that staff at Dana follow similar procedures.

Judy will adapt and compose procedures for the Camden and Newark campuses. When reviewed and approved by administration, a complete set will be available on the Access Services Staff Resources web pages.

4. Staff Resources web pages.

The Access Services Group Web Pages are almost ready to be brought up live. Judy would like to see these pages up by the end of November. Each group coordinator should make sure they have reviewed all the current documents available under the Staff Resources: Access Services web pages: Forms, and Procedures. Group coordinators can link these documents to their web pages should they need them. Once this transition is made, the Staff Resources, Access Services' Forms and Procedures pages will be removed.

5. Policy reviews and reminders: Replacement copies, UMDNJ walk-in access, deletion schedule for alumni records, other.

Replacement copies.

Judy reviewed the average replacement fees on the Charge/Fine Schedule. This is available online under Staff Resources, Access Services, and Policies. The document lists average replacement costs and is reviewed annually by the AULs and Media. ASC agreed they would like an updated, one-page laminated version of the Charge/Fine Schedule to have at public services desks.

The Billing/Collections process is still in the first phase for 30-day letters that were sent to 95 Alumni and Guests with Lost/Assumed items. Since the process is in Phase One, as long as an item is LOST- ASSUM and not withdrawn from the catalog, access services staff can still negotiate replacement copies and payments at the circulation desk. Questions or problems should be referred to Judy or Nita. Letters will be prepared for undergraduates with Lost Assumed Items next.

Billing/Collections for lost materials from other institutions: Interlibrary loan and E-ZBorrow materials from other institutions will be billed and sent to collections. However, we only accept average replacement fees for material borrowed from other institutions. DO NOT access replacement prices or copies for ILL and E-ZBorrow items.

UMDNJ walk in access.

UMDNJ has instituted a new access policy in all its libraries, statewide: anyone that wants to enter a UMDNJ library will need to sign in. This includes Rutgers University students.

Alumni record removal.

Judy received a request from staff to keep inactivated RU-ONLINE alumni records in the system longer. The group thought that 2 years was a good standard. We will revise the criteria used in the next patron record purge to accommodate this extension.

Guest email accounts.

OIT distributes guest rci and eden e-mail accounts to visiting faculty and students and retirees at the university. These guest NetIDs do not work for remote access to the Libraries web page. If eligible, visiting faculty and students must use their barcode and PIN to access remote resources. For example, Visiting Scholars and Emeritus faculty have guest rci email accounts and use their barcode and PIN for off-campus access.

Partner Cards.

Alexander staff frequently distribute partner cards. They were wondering if the primary borrower and partner needed to both be present when they were distributing the card? [Generally, yes. Otherwise, it's a supervisor's judgment call.]

6. PALCI Annual meeting.

Judy attended the PALCI annual meeting. Sirsi/Dynix will continue to support the URSA software and is working on a new platform. PALCI is not sure URSA will continue to meet the consortium's needs and will investigate alternative user-initiated resource sharing software solutions this coming year.

7. Announcements and Information Sharing

- There are currently 6 vacancies in the Access Services Department. There are 2 openings at the Alexander Library, 1 at Douglass, 1 at Chang, 1 at Kilmer, and 1 at the Annex. Georgina is still out from Kilmer. Gillian has switched into the reserve position at Alexander. There is a critical shortage of staff at Kilmer. Kevin Conover, Will Torres and Eddie Suarez are all helping to cover hours.
- The marketing Kiosk is done. There were a total of 5 weeks in New Brunswick, and 1 week in Camden and Newark. A draft report has been submitted to the Marketing group. This report will be posted on Sakai. Approximately 30 staff contributed time. The drawing for the IPOD and Flash drive will be on 11/9/07. There were approximately 830 entries.
Holly (RSG)
- Katie Anderson did a wonderful job of getting RSG information pulled together for her before going on maternity leave. Krista Dandurand and Holly are working with Judy and Glenn to develop a display about the implementation of ILLiad for the State of the Libraries.
Chris (Systems)
- Bob is currently working on adjustments to the patron loader to reduce the number of duplicate patrons created. Once this piece is done, he'll start modifying the loader to accommodate the new shorter expiration dates. Chris plans to load another Unicorn software patch next week, called Patch Cluster 5D. Unlike the last patch, this one contains an update to the J client, meaning everyone will be prompted to update the J client after it is installed. The default settings in the 2007 version of Word do not work well when printing Unicorn reports with the Finished Reports wizard. Margins and page length settings need to be tweaked so that page breaks line up correctly. Anyone with Office 2007 that prints Unicorn reports via the Finished Reports wizard should contact Systems to arrange for the settings to be adjusted. Systems is interviewing for Shevon's old position. The pull date for the C Client is January 2008. TAS will host its 7th annual pie day on Tuesday November 13th.
Maggie (Dana)
- The circulation desk PC's were upgraded to GL3.1.
Michele (LSM)
- The shift of the second floor stacks is underway. The space on the second and third floor is being looked at closely. The library SCILS intern, Caroline Caviness has moved on to the Chang library as part of her rotation. She did a wonderful job at LSM; she learned about the shift, the methods used to analyze a collection and measure a collection. She worked with Iliad and the new free article delivery. Barry held a billing training session at LSM for Shirley and Michele.
Andy (Branches-Collection Management)
- Andy sent his report via e-mail prior to the meeting. Jazmine's last day at the Annex was 11/2/07. Adam's last day at Chang was 11/06/07. Inventory of the Art Library Stacks Collection is almost complete. SCILS Library intern, Caroline Caviness will be working at Chang for the month of November. A shift of the collections at the Chemistry Library is complete. A project to transfer a collection of Resv-Math2 items from the Math Library to the Annex is complete.
Penny (Douglass-Security)
- The Reference librarians at Douglass are working with the reference librarians from Kilmer on a pilot video reference program. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings this semester, patrons at Douglass will be able to virtually talk with reference staff at Kilmer. They are using a camera and a phone connection to a computer. This may illustrate a lot of potential for the future. Sharon Fordham multimedia center is due to open January 30th 2008. The Security and Facilities group is working on an emergency flowchart. Penny is working with Rose/student group to run a security workshop for students.
Jeff (Alex)
- There are currently a lot of staff vacancies.
Rose (Student Supervisors)
- Rose said it has been difficult to hire voucher student help this fiscal year since we still do not know the voucher budget. There were so few work-study students this semester that she has had to hire voucher students to cover some day shifts. This is the first time she has ever had to do this. Many libraries did not get a lot of freshman help this year. She is hoping this is not a trend.
Barry (Kilmer-Billing)
- Barry said he is appreciative of the support provided by all staff who have pitched in to assist Kilmer during this period of being down two staff members. At its October meeting, the Billing Group discussed how to deal with books that are returned with bug infestation.

The December 13, 2007, Access services Committee meeting is CANCELLED.

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