Minutes of January 10, 2008 meeting

R. Barbalace, Z. Bonianian, C. Caviness, J Gardner, M Harris, B. Lipinski, A. Martinez, H. Muller, J. Reinhart, G Sandberg, R. Smith [recorder], J. Teichmann, M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, B Warwick (for C. Sterback), P. Weniger

Judy opened the meeting by confirming Roger as recorder, and introduced Caroline Caviness as guest at the meeting. The agenda was distributed and reviewed.

1] The first item was to review the item type task force report. Andy briefed the group with highlights. The task force was charged with changing the way that we use the item type field. In the past item type and home location contained the same information. With these changes, item type would now contain information on the item's format and whether it circulates/is holdable. The Home Location field would now contain information on the shelving location for the item.

The task force created a list of new item types; the big ones for Access Services will be Book-Y and Book-N. There are approximately 40+ additional item types that will be used. With these changes, we will now be able to have circulating items and non-circulating items in the same shelving location. This will help with the current problem of non-circulating items in our Stacks Collection and will also potentially open up parts of historically non-circulating collections to circulation.

The LIS Committee will be charged with the implementation of the report, once final approval is given by TSC. The task force recommended that implementation take place in Summer/2008. The IRIS Public Access Committee will have to decide what information will display in IRIS, as now only sub location (item type) and status (current location) display. There will be training sessions for all library staff to discuss the change in how we catalog items.

2] The second topic we addressed was the new RA Application form. Michele led the discussion, passing copies around. Updates since November include language in the 3rd paragraph and an "auto reply" will be set up by Sam McDonald to confirm receipt when submitted. The form will go to an Access Services Group Account. More individuals will be added to those with access rights and it was recommended that someone [or a group] should be tasked with regularly checking this account. A question was asked whether applications for RA status were limited to grad students and the answer was no. The only limit would be that the applicant is an RU affiliate. Another question asked was if an RA can pick up a video, and the answer was yes, as long as the item was booked with that RA card. A suggestion was made to add more detail to online documentation for RA card holders on how the card can be used for research that goes beyond checking out books [requests, bookings, etc.] This could possibly translate to a brochure or copy of the online page being handed out with the RA card. The circulation group will work on revisions and development. We would like to be able to archive these forms digitally. Director's Station can be used to identify borrowers from the database as a group. WAC will be consulted on making this available under faculty services.

3] The third agenda topic addressed the tightening of expiration dates. Graduate students and Faculty/Staff records will expire two weeks after the term loan date. For example the term loan for spring ends 5/16, so unless these records are data loaded they will expire 5/30. Two weeks after the term should be enough time for them to satisfy the requirements of that term.

Undergraduates will expire 8 weeks from their last load date which provides a 56 day cushion. For u ugrads, you will not see a standard expiration date; it will roll forward as they data load. Summer data loads will use a hard date of 10/15, so if they are not included in the new data loads of the fall term the longest privilege they will get is 10/15.

Undergraduate honors students will have a new status called "honors". Library staff will enter this status; it does not come in the patron file. Undergraduate honors students will get the same term loan expiration date as graduate students. We will extract honors users from the database as part of the load process and change them back to term loan after each data load. Once a year all honors status will be converted back to ugrad. Director's Station can provide a list for record keeping purposes.

This will begin 1/22 and will coincide with the first load of the spring semester

Judy also mentioned that demographics (status) for users with no patrons assigned should be purged. Primarily these are associated with guest categories. Judy will send around a list of these for consideration prior to their removal.

4] The next item discussed at the meeting pertained to the new Charge and Fee Schedule. The changes include the statement about DVD replacement costs, and a statement about the damaged fee updated with language for ILL and Easy borrow. In discussing the topic of who decides to rebind, it was confirmed that this was a selector's decision on an item by item basis. Just because we collect the bind fee does not mean we will rebind the damaged item.

5] The upcoming staff resources web page redesign was discussed and confirmed. Content linked to the top line, "Contacts/Calendars/Committees/Policies/Reports" will be handled by Judy. A request was made to link to this page from various group Sakai sites. Coordinators will continue to review material currently housed on Sakai sites and determine if they are better housed on the department staff resources page. An observation was made that the group pages are still very list/text oriented and that graphical or other ideas for different approaches to page design are welcome. There was a call for a centralized department calendar. The previous calendar on the NBL site was run by Marc Forster and its maintenance is very labor intensive. A possible solution is to integrate an RULink page through the staff resources website will be explored. Judy will ask Sam McDonald to put up the new staff resources page and announce its availability through RUL everyone.

6] Judy provided an update from the Vale users group meeting. A proposal to expand reciprocal borrowing to undergraduates is under consideration. We would follow the same form/process as we use for graduate students. At present we only have about 240 books out to Vale users. Right now the proposed users have access to our material anyway through interlibrary loan;, the proposal would only open up another option for them to come to campus and pick up the material themselves. We have solid delinquent accounts procedures to rely on should these users not return material. To reiterate, they would be guest borrowers with on site borrowing only, no ILL, remote access, etc. The biggest problem we have encountered with Vale has been getting correct authorization signature for the form. The best way to handle this is to give the institution a call and ask for clarification and explain the impact on the user when they travel to a remote campus and risk a wasted trip with an improperly supported document.

7] Announcements

Judy Gardner announced that a news item is up on the webpage discussing term loans.

We are preparing to send representatives to the Ivies+ Access conference at Penn in March. We are planning on sending a total of five: one from Camden, one from Newark and three from NBL. If more space opens we will look to send additional staff. The date for that conference is March 10/11th.

The SIRSI Northeast Region Users Group will hold a meeting June 15th to 18th at Lehigh. Judy called for interest in attending and also the possibility of delivering a paper.

The State Library of Pennsylvania has joined Easy Borrow. They are in Group 1 for now. They are located in Harrisburg, PA.

Bob Warwick reminded the group of Ann Montanaro's upcoming retirement. Also, a replacement has been hired for Shevon Jackson;, his name is Chris Franceschini.

Glenn Sandberg announced we are a net lender in SHARES. He will be attending a RAPID user group meeting prior to ALA. Concern was raised that overwhelmingly the response from patrons directed to subscribed databases to access material requested is "I cannot find it". They are then directed to reference librarians.

Zohreh Bonianian informed the group that the number of E Reserve files being accepted for a course has been increased from 40 to 50 items. An ERES directory will be added for subsequent winter sessions beginning in Winter 09. Changes to the system and Image Services calendar will need to be made to reflect the dates to establish these directories and purge the records after each term. This replaces the practice of combining Winter session E Reserves with Spring material.

Caroline Caviness thanked the department for everything during her time with us in her internship rotation. She indicated she is looking forward to her time at the Art Library.

Barry Lipinski shared that the Billing Group will be placing holds mid February. A group is meeting next week to explore the options surrounding online credit card payment. Georgina Alonzo will be returning to work at Kilmer on 1/15/08 and all staff are looking forward to having her back.

Maggie Harris indicated that Yoshi is on vacation in Japan. Dana staff is a bit behind in shelving returned material and are working to get caught up. She also announced that she is getting married! The date has been set to June 14th.

Daryl Voorhees shared that he was going over mid year numbers and the trend continues to indicate a 20% decline in public copying, but that administrative copying has gone up 20% and administrative scanning has gone up 30%.

Michele Tokar announced that the elevator at LSM has been repaired after a long series of issues. Concerns continue that the elevator repair staff repeatedly came in to work on the unit but did not report progress or continued concerns to the administrative office so that proper record keeping could be done. LSM's third floor has been designated a "quiet study zone" and work on moving folio material and rearranging temp sorting shelves has begun after librarians reviewed the plan and gave approval. Hours have been extended for the Spring 08 semester to 2AM for LSM.

Holly Muller (Resource Sharing Group) - At the most recent RSG meeting, the group discussed the smooth and successful arrival of ILLiad and Free Article Delivery, and clarified some of the procedures. The group also welcomes the birth of Katie Anderson's son Petr.

Rose Barbalace reported that work study numbers continue to be low overall this year, but the potential exists for further allocations from W/S office for the spring. Restructuring of Work Study office staffing could have led to drawn out allocation process this fall. The Student Group is working on documentation on their Sakai site and getting ready for training new students that are hired in the spring.

Jeff Teichmann reported that Stephanie Mikitish has been hired as the LAII for student assistant coordination [evening]. She began work January 7th. The experience of the 24hour period highlighted some concerns with custodial attention in the building, especially with the emptying of trash receptacles and the cleaning of the rest room during the high use finals period. These issues will be documented and reviewed with the custodial area manager prior to spring exams. Issues continue to arise with unaccompanied minors in the building. The issue was discussed in a recent reference meeting and it continues to be a judgment call. Roger pointed out that recently he and Jeff made contact with a local "drop out prevention officer" from New Brunswick Middle Schools, Kim McMillan. She provided contact information to assist with truancy concerns.

Andy Martinez reported that the Collection Management Group is reviewing their documentation for the new staff resources website. The shift continues on the circulating collection at LSM with nearly 50% of the work completed. Director's Station was cited as very useful for gathering statistics on circulation and item size. Space is being allocated according to subject area projected growth. Work continues at Alexander on the Elephant Folio collection.

Penny Weniger reported that Abdullah Sherzad has joined the staff in the Library Assistant II position for Reserves. He is a welcome addition to the staff and a familiar face from his time as a voucher there. The Sharon Fordham Media Center will hold its opening on January 30th. The Security and Facilities Group is working with Community Officer Hammil to develop a security training session that will be video recorded and made available on the RUPD website as well as on RUL pages. The group will hold a holiday meeting next week. The emergency calling chain has been made available on the SFFG website as a PDF, and at present updates are being made there with more anticipated as new staff are hired.

Jan Reinhart informed the group that he has hired a voucher to work regular evening hours at the Kilmer Media desk from 6-10 weekdays.

Roger Smith discussed a few additional staffing notes from NBL, principally that hiring is anticipated shortly for the vacant evening LAII position at Chang, and that interviews will be conducted shortly for the vacant LAII position at the Annex.

The next meeting of the ASC will take place Thursday February 14th and Glenn Sandberg will record.

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