Minutes of February 14, 2008 meeting

J. Gardner, G. Sandberg (recording), P. Weniger, C. Sterback, R. Barbalace, R. Smith, Z. Bonianian, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, A. Martinez, H. Muller, T. McNally, B. Lipinski
J. Reinhart
J. Teichmann, D. Meister, D. Voorhees
L. Fredenburg

1) Introductions

Committee members introduced themselves to Lila Fredenburg, RUL Director of Administrative Services. Lila attended the meeting to make a presentation on the Diversity Education Program and discuss the five parts associated with the program: Lectures, Workshops, Interactive Theatre, Dialogue Groups, and Guided Conversations. Among the presenters and facilitators are Prof. Clement Price (History Department, Rutgers-Newark) and Betty Turock (SCILS).

2) Review and Discussion

a) Registering Borrowers and Requiring Photo IDs

The committee discussed registering users, especially alumni users, and whether or not a photo ID should be required for registration. Judy Gardner expressed the concern that requiring a photo ID might make some users apprehensive, which is contrary to the spirit and mission of Access Services. Zohreh Bonianian said that a driver’s license may be required for address information. Other committee members felt that a photo ID can prevent unauthorized surrogate users from borrowing books; this applies especially to children and spouses attempting to use a parent’s or spouse’s card. Judy concluded the discussion by stating that requiring a photo ID will be neither routine nor required.

b) Delivery Requests for Uncataloged Materials (items not in IRIS)

Judy Gardner informed the committee that most requests for uncataloged materials come from Camden Law users seeking access to government documents. Glenn Sandberg stated that he had used the form once for himself and once for a patron. The committee decided that the paper form for requesting delivery of uncataloged materials should be a “strictly staff” form and not available as an on-line document for patrons to use. Patrons will be notified of the arrival and availability of previously uncataloged materials in My Account.

c) On-line RA Application Form

Now that the RA application form is available on line, completed forms will be sent to the Access group account. Michele Tokar will monitor this account; Barry Lipinski, Penny Weniger, and Zohreh Bonianian will serve as backups to Michele. Michele is also developing a tip sheet “How do I use my RA card?”

d) Circ-on-the-fly brief record creation

Andy Martinez and Michele Tokar are working in Test Workflows to test out the new procedures.

dd) Judy Gardner asked how web pages are working out generally. Discussion followed. The consensus was that the web pages have been well received. Roger Smith and Marc Forster will go through NBL web pages and develop a centralized calendar for Access Services events and activities.

e) Candidate patron records for changing the expiration date to 1.31.08

Judy Gardner reviewed the report of patrons that do not have a current last load date (meaning they are not currently being loaded from the file supplied by Admin computing) submitted by Bob Warwick. The intent of the initiative is to prevent patrons not currently loading from borrowing books. By changing the privileges expiration date to 1.31.08, many unregistered users will be purged during the next annual purge in March. The committee asked for more time to consider the implications of a purge of this magnitude.

3) Group and Unit/Campus Midyear Report Highlights

Committee members shared highlights from their midyear reports, ahead of the Feb. 26 deadline for submission of their reports to Judy Gardner. Prior to the meeting, Judy asked committee members to focus their reports on how their accomplishments support the goals of the RUL Strategic Plan.

4) Announcements and Information Sharing

Robeson Library (Teresa McNally)
Katie Anderson will return part-time beginning February 29. The computer lab is undergoing expansion. Shifting and inventory projects are underway. Theresa Macklin put together an excellent display for Black History Month. The transformation of the physical space of the library has brought about a necessary shifting of library staff to the Reference area. This has, in turn, brought about an enhanced training module for circulation and reference staff. Teresa would like to see better collaboration between Distributed Technical Services and Access Services. Teresa asked if there were one “expert” in all libraries for copier problems. The consensus of the committee was that all Imaging Services and Access Services staff are trained to troubleshoot copier problems.

Dana Library (Yoshi Ishii)
Ka-Neng Au, Acting Director of the Dana Library is holding a library-wide meeting today to discuss the restructuring of the library and how this restructuring will affect all departments, specifically Serials and Circulation.

Douglass Library (Penny Weniger)
The opening of the Sharon Fordham Lab presents a new set of challenges for library staff. All library departments – Access Services, Information Services, Reference Team – have a role to play in sorting out how best to handle this new and exciting facility.

Library Systems (Chris Sterback)
SirsiDynix is scheduled to convert our Unicorn database to an Oracle platform from May 19-21. The change should be transparent to everyone but will require some downtime. More information about this migration will be forthcoming. Chris, Tracey Meyer, and Bob Warwick will be attending an Oracle System Administration training course from 3-7 March in Edison, NJ. Test migrations will need the participation of Access Services staff.

The appearance and interface of the new SirsiDynix Client Care website has changed and may require a brief review/orientation. The new site requires new logins and Tracey is currently registering anyone that had a login to the old site. The new login information will be sent via email.

The 5th Annual SirsiDynix Northeast Regional Group (SNRG) will be held from 15-18 June at Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA. Conference information can be found at http://snrg08.lib.lehigh.edu/index.html.

The change in Unicorn item types is planned for the summer, after the migration to the Oracle platform. The transition is being coordinated by LIS.

Judy Gardner (Access and Interlibrary Services)
Judy and Glenn Sandberg attended The Future of PALCI conference on February 4 at Harrisburg, PA. Attendees discussed using open source software, the new URSA release, and local WorldCat (VDX) software as possible alternatives to the current URSA product.

Judy, Krista Dandurand, Holly Muller, and possibly a staff from Interlibrary Loan Services will be participating in the NJLA Poster Session.

Roger Smith is leaving RUL for a position at the University of California-San Diego. Judy expressed regret at Roger’s departure and gratitude for his service as Assistant Head of Access Services. The farewell party for Roger will be held at the University Inn and Conference Center on Tuesday, March 4 at 12 noon. A formal invitation will follow shortly.

Roger Smith (Access Services)
The Annex Library Assistant II position should be filled shortly. The paperwork for the Library Associate II position at the Chang Library is in preparation and the position should be posted soon. The Library Assistant II position in Alexander Library may be reformulated and is currently under review.

Zohreh Bonianian (Reserves)
Zohreh reported several requests for CDs to be placed on reserve at Alexander Library. Judy and Roger concurred that CDs should be placed on reserve only at Media. Zohreh reported a problem with Sakai linking to library e-reserves that are strictly SEE ALSO RECORD list. For example, Prof. X's link consists of only one record which says 'see also Prof. Y's list'. Students can't see the Prof. Y's list in Sakai. Investigation is ongoing to found a solution.

Barry Lipinski (Kilmer Library)
The Remove Hold procedure has been changed. When removing financial holds, staff should delete the PUBNOTE containing the hold information. As a result, staff no longer need to annotate the PUBNOTE indicating that they have removed a hold for another unit. All completed Remove Hold forms should be given to the billing staff member at the unit. There is also no further need for Library Systems to generate the 40 Day Overdue report. This report is available using Director’s Station.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:34 am.

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