Minutes of May 8, 2008 meeting

Judy Gardner (chair), Katie Anderson, Terry McNally, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Zohreh Bonianian, Penny Weniger, Glenn Sandberg, Chris Sterback, Andy Martinez, Rose Barbalace, Jan Reinhart, Darryl Voorhees, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Mei Ling Lo, Choong Hoong Liew, and Tracy Meyer


  1. RUL Toolbar. Mei Ling Lo and Choong Hoong Liew.
  2. Final plans for Oracle migration down time May 19-21: off-line circulation, discharge schedule, paper forms, other.
  3. A view of changes coming to the Item Type field in WF and IRIS: sample records in the test systems.
  4. Announcements and information sharing.

1. RUL Toolbar. Mei Ling Lo and Choong Hoong Liew.

Mei Ling presented an overview of the new RUL Toolbar, an innovation for which Mei Ling and Choong Hoong were honored as winners of the NJLA-ACRL Technology Innovation award. A step-by-step description of what Rutgers University Libraries’ LibX Toolbar has to offer is available at

2. Final Plans for Oracle migration down time May 19-21: off-line circulation, discharge schedule, paper forms, other.

Systems will be bringing WorkFlows down for three days, from Monday, May 19th through Wednesday, May 21st to move the Unicorn system files to a new Oracle server. During this three-day period, WorkFlows will not be available and IRIS will be available only in a static, read-only mode. Book Delivery Recall and Book Special Request functions, and the E-ZBorrow interlibrary loan service, will not be available. Users may place requests for articles and other materials through the Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services website. Some interlibrary loan requests, submitted before May 19th, may be delayed until after the downtime.

Tracey Meyer and Chris Sterback reported on the work Systems will be doing. Michele Tokar and Jeff Teichmann have tested Offline Circulation, a module that allows you to perform a select number of circulation wizards and store the output of the transactions on the workstation while the Unicorn server is down, and created documentation to help staff use it. Four libraries will be using Offline Circulation: Alexander, Dana, LSM, and Robeson. The other libraries, with checkouts expected to be low during this intercession period, will use paper down time forms to checkout material.

The following procedures relating to this down time period were agreed to:

On 5/17 Systems will load the latest patron file.

On 5/19 Chris Sterback will run a current report of diploma holds users and their checkouts and place a file named “Diploma Hold Checkouts” on the Alex T-Drive so that staff may assist any students returning overdue items for which they have been placed on diploma hold. The file will list all students for whom diploma holds were placed and who have not yet cleared their records. It will include a list of the overdue checkouts so that staff may verify the items being returned.

On 5/19 Chris Sterback will send a message to palcirs-l about IRIS down time and change the global option in PALCI to indicate that Rutgers is not currently accepting E-ZBorrow requests. On 5/22 Chris Sterback will send another message to palcirs-1 that IRIS is back up and change the global option back to show that Rutgers is accepting requests.

Jan Reinhart will ask users with booked media to pickup materials before 5/19. Any charge that requires an override (ILL Special, noncirculating, etc.) must be done manually during down time.

Judy Gardner said that all Ask a Librarian questions that can be answered should be answered during this down time period. PINs will not be able to be issued. Chris Sterback will check with Shaun Ellis and Sam McDonald to see if we can update the PIN registration page with text that lets users know their requests for PINs will be delayed until IRIS is back up in live mode.

3. A view of changes coming to the Item Type field in WF and IRIS: sample records in the test systems.

Because of time considerations, Andy Martinez agreed to postpone his presentation until the June meeting. He pointed out that all of the approximately 3.4 million items in our catalog will have the item type field changed. Staff should be examining their workflow, documentation, and policies now to see if the change in the item type field will have an impact. Judy Gardner said that the goal is to have the item type changes completed by September.

4. Announcements and information sharing.

Judy Gardner distributed a DRAFT of “New Graduate with Checkouts, Courtesy Notice”. This courtesy notice will be sent by paper the first week in June to students’ home address. In a brief three paragraphs it will 1) congratulate the student on his/her recent degree from Rutgers University; 2) let them know that if they are not continuing their studies at Rutgers, they should return the materials that are still checked out to avoid receiving a bill for replacement costs. A list of all checkouts will be included in the letter; and 3) the option to mail library material back to the libraries is given and the invitation to receive an alumni library card is extended, asking the new graduate to bring along a photo id and a Rutgers Alumni ID card available from a campus Alumni Office (the Alumni Office link is provided).

Judy Gardner announced that Dave Hoover is working on security and encryption for the PIN request form. She asked the committee members if there is anything we can do in the meantime with the design to make it more secure. Rose Barbalace suggested that the form ask for only the last 4 digits of the SSN for faculty/staff. Jeff Teichmann asked if the form could be structured to provide the double zeros that are included in all student RUid numbers. Zohreh Bonianian suggested that the SSN not be presented an option on the form for students. The committee agreed that the online PIN form is an essential user service.

Barry Lipinski reported that the Billing Group met the May 5th diploma hold placement deadline. All 91 graduating students with BARRED records due to overdue material were sent a courtesy email notice and given three weeks to fulfill their obligations by either returning the material of paying for it. Fifty-two per cent of these students satisfied their accounts by the end of the three-week period. Forty-nine diploma holds were placed. The encouraging news is that diploma holds have decreased over the past three years from 146 (2005) to 70 (2006) to 49 this year.

Judy Gardner announced that Access Services will be participating in the InfoLink Staff Swap Program with Seton Hall University Libraries. On Tuesday, May 13th, Seton Hall access services staff will visit RUL. Then, one week later (Tuesday, May 20th), Meghan Lord, Stephanie Mikitish, Abdullah Sherzad, and Michele Tokar will visit Seton Hall. Since Dana is part of the InfoLink regional cooperative, Judy will check with Ann Watkins to see if a Dana staff person would like to join the NB group on their visit to Seton Hall. There is also a possibility that a group of collection management staff will swap a visit with Montclair staff.

Judy Gardner reported that the Office of Student Judicial Affairs had recently sent out three official ban letters. The committee discussed the bans and suggested that the libraries where the bans occurred have access to the incident reports that caused the individuals to be banned.

Judy Gardner recommended that incidents such as thefts and inappropriate behavior be reported to the building listservs of the library where the incident occurred so that all staff are aware. Barry Lipinski said that he has found this to be an effective way to alert staff at Kilmer. Penny Weniger said she would bring this recommendation to the Security and Facilities Group. Jeff Teichmann and Jan Reinhart said they would like only a brief sentence or two alert to be sent out rather than the incident report document itself.

Maggie Harris announced that she will be getting married on June 14th. Congratulations, Maggie!

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 12th at 9:30 a.m. at the Paul Robeson Library.

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