Minutes of September 11, 2008 meeting

Katie Anderson, Maggie Harris, Natalie Borisovets, Yoshi Ishii, Michele Tokar, Andy Martinez, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann, Jan Reinhart, Dean Meister, Rose Barbalace (recorder), Penny Weniger, Barry Lipinski, Judy Gardner


  1. Final review of 08-09 activities/goals
  2. Symphony 3.2.1
  3. Music /Media/Douglass access staff reorganization
  4. Referral training
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

Access Services Goals

Group discussed current Access services goals for 08-09 and how these goals relate to libraries strategic plan. Other items may still come up during the course of the year which may be added to the group’s current goals. The group also reviewed Jeanne Boyle’s email of the libraries strategic plan and the 3 E’s. In brief to 1) Escalate the use of library services, 2) Engage our users in expansive dialogs and 3) Expand our capacity for outreach. Group discussed ways our current library services fall into these categories (i.e. growth of reserves, new book lists, EZ Borrow/ILL, free article delivery, Hot Button topics (Media Collections). The group also discussed ways to improve on engaging users in expansive dialogs and to continue to work with faculty on collection development.

Symphony 3.2.1

Chris is making configuration changes and preparations for loading Symphony 3.2.1 in the Test system. As soon as it’s loaded and ready to test, Judy will hand out testing assignments. Testing and reporting needs to be completed in time to report back to December’s LIS meeting. Possible launch date discussed is January 2nd. Everyone has access to release notes for 3.2.1 located on staff resources page under System Department’s Useful Links.

Main highlight is a full complement of Booking Wizard which currently does not work in J Client. Some Circulation changes – more improvements to current record features, Faculty RA cards can be linked by utilizing the Family Card user group functionality. There will also be support for patron credit accounts which will allow staff to issue a refund to a patron and the system will show a credit. Enhanced printing options will also be available from patron and item records.

Media/Music/Douglass Access Staff Reorganization

Reorganization of Music/Media at Douglass after Linda Mazzeo retired. Training started over the summer. Evening/weekend Supervisor John Rake will being doing Access Services work. Cross training will continue with all staff and the Booking terminal will be housed at the Circulation Desk. Chiaki will take on responsibility for supervising Music/Media students. Will continue to maintain separate reserves as the Music/Media items remain downstairs. With John Shepard’s departure, Tom Izbicki will take on the role of acting music librarian.

Referral Training

LSM and science branch Access Services staff have started training with librarians to deal with referrals and questions that come up at units with limited onsite reference assistance. Andy will be drafting referral documents. During the month of October the science branches will log questions received at those units. Group discussed the possibility of offering customer service, referral and question analysis training to new hires similar to the one offered to all staff last year.

Group discussed the use of Meebo and referral to Meebo Chat on the libraries website when on site reference is not available. Group suggested posting the hours Meebo Chat would be available as part of Ref desk hours or FAQs for AAL. Natalie did report she is trying to get additional librarians to assist in Meebo chat on weekends. Group asked if adding additional Meebo Chat windows with more than one librarian at a time was feasible. Group also asked if Access Staff could be available to answer Access questions through Meebo.

Announcements and information sharing

Michele T. – Eddie completed 2nd floor shift at LSM. Shift of periodicals still needs to be completed. Imaging Services will be leaving LSM in October.

Darryl V. – Closing LSM’s Imaging Services office. Cross training will be implemented for staff. $5 copy cards can be purchased. Free scanning for RUCORE faculty will be text searchable.

Andy M. – No Collection Management Meeting in July or August. Nita has taken on the responsibility of branch manager of Chang through January.

Tracey M. – Currently testing Symphony. Updated problems/issues with Reserve desk hours. Close hours for Thanksgiving weekend have been completed. Graduating students from last semester will be moved to Alumni status in upcoming patron load.

Jeff T. – Alex seems busier than usual for the first two weeks of the semester. Some Grads are loading as Ugrad again this Fall. Seems to be a problem with late registration and no school code thus the system defaults them to Ugrad. Should be cleared up in future data loads. One of the ranges in Gov Docs was leaning over. Library interior fixed the problem, seemed the shelves were not bolted together properly. Billing’s July meeting discussed moving docs to J client and automating the claims process. Group also discussed the creation of a fines report to audit fines collected at each unit.

Jan R. – Created a website with Douglass Access staff to show syllabi and class readings. Abdullah and Ramon uploaded information to the online syllabus, creating hyperlinks for the readings.

Katie A. – Robeson will be conducting orientation and training next week for new workstudy student employees. Assigned 15 workstudy students with a limited voucher budget. RDS group updated AAL standard replies.

Maggie H. – New director announced. Registration of new cards at circulation desk is high this semester. Busy with student orientations and placement of new work study students.

Yoshi I. – New phone system for Dana being installed on Monday, staff will complete training later today. Dana completed shift of Folio section in the stacks and will attempt a major shift in the circulating collection.

Dean M. – Processed a lot of materials to the Annex and trying to expedite the process. Currently Annex has no student help.

Rose B. – Student Group updated materials for this year’s orientation packet and placed them online. Group decided to have individual supervisors and managers create their own packets as they need them for this year’s new students. A new orientation cover was created with a picture taken of LSM. Currently very busy doing group orientations and getting training completed.

Penny W. – Douglass hired a new PT librarian for bibliographical instruction. Reserve group discussed standardization of abbreviated course title names.

Barry L. – Security group discussed sharing information in incident reports and making current distribution larger to include staff at local units. Group would like to look at ways to post incident reports to local list servs while still keeping the information private. More discussion will be needed. Georgina is now working at Alexander and the evening Kilmer Sup II position will be posted shortly.

Judy G. – Open library positions are now being posted and hiring process is starting. There are quite a number currently available – Assist II in ILL will be posted soon, Assist II (Lending ILL/grant position) is currently open. Other vacancies that are now open for hire, Assoc II at Chang, Assist II at Alex and Access Assist Head.

Glenn S. (via Judy) – ILL upgraded to Illiad. There is no patron email notification when posted to the web. When patron logs in article posts, Anne Butman is working to resolve the problem. During winter session will be expanding hours.

Next Meeting – Thursday, October 9th

Minutes Submitted by: Rose Barbalace

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