Minutes of October 9, 2008 meeting

Camden: Katie Anderson
Newark: Maggie Harris, Natalie Borisovets, Yoshi Ishii, Andy Martinez, Jeff Teichmann, Jan Reinhart, Rose Barbalace, Barry Lipinski, Judy Gardner (recorder)
New Brunswick: Michele Tokar, Tracey Meyer, Dean Meister, Penny Weniger, Glenn Sandberg, Christopher Sterback (guest), Darryl Voorhees


  1. “Toward a More Secure Integrated Library System,” a Powerpoint presentation by Chris Sterback
  2. Stacks Checks: discussion of policy and practices
  3. Mark Item Used wizard proposal. AMartinez
  4. Symphany 3.2.1 testing.
  5. Group goals.
  6. Information Sharing.

1. Toward a More Secure Integrated Library System

Chris S. attended as a guest to share the Powerpoint he presented to Cabinet. He described two initiatives-- removing university identification numbers from Unicorn and implementing NetID login to IRIS-- that Grace Agnew asked Cabinet to endorse as Libraries priorities. They relate to ASC’s goal: “Provide assistance to Systems staff for developing automated replies to patron PIN requests and/or NetID verification in IRIS.”

Current practice of storing unencrypted university ID numbers in patron records increases the risk of identity theft. NetID was suggested by a working group as possible alternative identifier for both faculty/staff and students. It is unique and can be used to de-dup the patron file, will eliminate problems with dual status records, and reduces the risk of identity theft. Issues that need to be resolved include what to do about older patron records with university ID numbers that we retain because of long overdue materials, communicating with other offices of the university about users (how we identify them without a university ID), can we obtain NetIDs from OIT in our patron file (yes), how will NetIDs load and interact with existing reports and scripts. The goal is to switch out university identification numbers in the patron file by the end of the semester.

Patrons need to use BC and PIN for placing requests and holds and using the features of My Account. Distributing PINs to new patrons is a time-consuming task. NetID is now used for off-campus access and login to ILL and Article Delivery. Can it be used for login to IRIS?
Yes, and Chris is obtaining a quote for purchase of the Sirsi/Dynix’s LDAP option. Using LDAP for single sign-on positions us better for other open-source products such as KUALI student services and the ILS under development by Project OLE. An issue to resolve is OIT’s current affiliation policy in LDAP and how it matches RUL off-campus access policies. For example, library patrons currently experience access gaps between enrollment and late registration, between hiring and appearing on payroll, and between graduation and finishing work on a thesis. Some adjustments may be needed so the university doesn’t disenfranchise our users. The goal is to have NetID login to IRIS functional by the end of the spring semester.

Additional issues and question from ASC:

2. Stacks Checks: discussion of policy and practices

ASC reviewed collection management statistics compiled by Andy M. on the number of items searched in response to calls for stacks searches, the number of hours staff spend on these searches, and percentage of items found. Andy asked if it is necessary to conduct stack searches for claims returned items in all libraries. Should staff send a personal email to the stacks search person in the owning and returned-to libraries only?

It was noted that ‘returned-to library’ is info not readily available when answering AAL questions, that the Stacks checks guidelines were developed to provide a streamlined method of answering AAL claims returns questions, and that it is convenient to reply that a system-wide stacks search has been requested. The group affirmed that holds not found and holds in-transit lists are searched in sending and receiving libraries only, and should not be broadcast on circ_sub for all libraries to search.

Andy M. (CM coordinator) and Jeff T. (Billing coordinator) will create a subgroup comprised of members of both their groups to study this issue further and to submit recommendations for policy changes to ASC for consideration.

3. Mark Item Used wizard proposal. AMartinez

ASC reviewed Andy M.’s proposal to use the “Mark Item used” wizard to count in-house use of items. In-house use statistics would supplement circulation statistics and would be of value when selectors weed and evaluate collections. CM staff would need to bring picked-up items to the circ desk so they could be scanned before re-shelving them. Barry L. noted that patrons generally insert books directly back in the stacks when they are browsing in the stacks, so the statistics would not capture all in-house use.

Katie A. and Maggie H. reported that Camden and Dana routinely use the Mark Item Used wizard. Carts are available throughout their libraries; bringing items back to the circ desk before re-shelving ensures that the items are accurately counted and it is not a burden for shelvers. They often find books charged to Missing and stray in-transits when using the Mark Item Used wizard. Jan R. reported that Media Services uses the Mark Item Used wizard to count in-house use of media, usually by undergraduates, and use of media reserve items.

Unit supervisors agreed to discuss this with their local collection management staff, and if possible experiment with using Mark Item Used for a month, and report back next month on their experiences.

4. Symphony 3.2.1 testing

Judy G. will alert group coordinators when 3.2.1 is loaded in Test and will distribute testing assignments. Tracey has updated Thanksgiving close dates in Test and will keep dates in Test in sync with production to help with testing. Group coordinators are responsible for reviewing the Release notes in their areas, identifying and testing new features.

5. Group goals

Judy will submit ASC’s 2008-2009 goals to Valeda D., but not individual group activities planned for the year. Groups are represented by at least one overarching goal on ASC’s list of goals. If group coordinators wish to change their ASC goal or its emphasis, please let Judy know within a week. We decided that experimenting with a card swipe reader in Alex’s grad reading room is not a priority and won’t be added to the goals statement.

6. Announcements and Information Sharing

Katie A. – The RSG group had a successful and lively chat meeting on sakai. Camden is busy training new work study students.

Glenn S. - Interviews for the borrowing assistant are in progress. We’re still experiencing trouble with email in ILLiad since the upgrade, and are working with Anne Butman to resolve.

Penny W. – Douglass-Music staff are acclimating to merger of some functions. Cleanup is underway in the Music library and staff offices in preparation for music-performing arts librarian interviews. The reserves group is reviewing its web page and communications.

Darryl V. - The Imaging Services office at LSM has closed. IS staff are training LSM & Alex Access and DTS staff on equipment, FAQs are available.

Dean M. - 3 new work study students at the Annex, voucher budget is tight.

Michele T. – extended hours are popular at LSM, over 100 patrons in the building between 1-2am. LSM and science branches are gathering statistics on questions received on Sundays during Oct., to evaluate and share with reference librarians. Eddie has completed a new set of stacks guides. The Circ Group didn’t meet in Sept; is gathering discharge messages for training tool.

Jan R. – Media is experimenting with automated pull lists for Dana; planning for move of media to Douglass; will be recruiting 2 new multi-media positions for the Fordham lab.

Andy M. – Preparing to move microfilm/fiche from Chemistry to LSM, will then look at microform collections at Chang. A shifting project is planned for Chang. The range guide information used by Eddie is standard and available on the CM web site, it assigns numbers to the ranges for ease of directions. A breakdown of collections by LC class, with a snapshot of what’s currently circulating, has been posted to the Staff Resources pages. We should consider running this report periodically, Feb and Oct. weres suggested for most representative circ data.

Jeff T. – The Billing group hasn’t met since July; will be looking at standard letters for claims returns, damaged, etc., updating documentation, discuss minor training. The Alexander reference team will discuss policy decisions for the pilot PC reservation systems that’s coming. There’s a meeting next week to plan for the LA2 split position (Alex/ILS) posting

Yoshi I.– Dana has started a shifting of the collections, staring with the Zs and working backward.

Maggie H. – Busy training new students and preparing for orientation sessions. Was sent more work study students than she can use this year.

Rose B. – More than half the work study students are new at Alex this year, and high caliber students. Students are quickly moving into collection management and other project work.

Barry L. – Construction is ongoing on Livingston campus. Announcement of 13m donation and new professional school building will impact the campus. This year Kilmer is expecting a new HVAC system and carpet. A shift of business reference and stacks books from Alex to Kilmer is under discussion. Interviews for the Lib Sup 2 position at Kilmer are complete.

Next Meeting – November 13, 2008

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