Minutes of November 13, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez, Jeff Teichmann, Tracey Meyer, Dean Meister, Natalie Borisovets, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Rose Barbalace, Jan Reinhart, Katie Anderson, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Penny Weniger, Glenn Sandberg, Barry Lipinski (recorder), and Judy Gardner (chair).


  1. Status of testing Symphony 3.2.1.
  2. Pending Access/System Calendar Activities.
  3. Exit passes or Circulation of non-circ materials.
  4. Item Type Conflict procedures.
  5. Notice schedules.
  6. OLE Project Update.
  7. Announcements and Information Sharing

1. Status of testing Symphony 3.2.1

Signoff for the testing of Symphony 3.2.1 is December 11th. As testers come up with problems/observations, they should email Chris S., Tracey M. and Judy G. It was reported that some of the delivered defaults were not in test currently. Tracey M. will investigate.

2. Pending Access/System Calendar Activities

Courtesy notices to alumni and community borrowers were sent on November 19th. Faculty/Staff expiration date will change at the end of November to 5/31/2009. On November 28th, Spring term loan due dates will become 5/15/2009 and notices listing all checkouts will be sent out to Graduate and Faculty/Staff borrowers with reminders to return or renew. Intersession recall due dates will be adjusted. All Rutgers books recalled between December 3, 2008 and January 13, 2009 will come due on January 27, 2009. The regular two-week recall due date for Rutgers books will be reinstated on January 13, 2009. All Rutgers books that are recalled and returned between December 3, 2008 and January 13, 2009 will be held for pick up until January 27, 2009. Signs will be posted at circulation desks advising users of the intersession adjustments.

3. Exit passes or Circulation of non-circ materials.

The group discussed procedures for circulating non-circ materials. Jeff T. presented the documents “Instructions for Short-term Circulation of Non-Circulating Material” and “Permission Form for Short-term Circulation of Non-circulating Material.” These procedures require that access services staff check out non-circulating material using the special due date function. Add a brief title procedures are followed if the material does not have a barcode, with Item Type and Home location adjusted by staff as needed: e.g., Reference books should be Item Type: Book-N and Home Location: REF; Periodicals should be Item Type: Periodical-N and Home Location: PER. If the user does not return the material by the agreed upon due date (indicated on the permission form signed by the librarian authorizing the loan), overdue notices will be generated and sent to the user.

Andy M. pointed out that when copiers go down at the branches, staff allow non-circ material to be circulated for a brief period to permit copying elsewhere on campus. Dean M. said that at Chang he would permit loans of non-circ material when users wished to scan pages. Judy G. remarked that this is another case for self-scanning service in the libraries. Darryl V. responded that he has presented this interest in enabling users to scan from public copiers to Valeda Dent. It is a funding issue. Natalie B. said that exit passes are used at Dana and online checkout of non-circ items is performed. She said that Dana previously had problems with bound volumes of serials going out and not being returned. Law review journals in particular were difficult to retrieve once they left the building.

4. Item Type Conflict procedures

Andy M. presented the document “Item Type ‘This book does not circulate’ stamp conflicts.” The document describes responsibilities for Access Services and for Distributed Technical Services (DTS). Andy M. said staff should disregard a stamp in a books which says “this book does not circulate” and instead err on the side of circulating the material to the user. The user should be alerted by staff at checkout that it may be necessary for the user to return the item within a few days of the selector determines that the title should not circulate. Performing this checkout requires that staff at the circulation desk fill out an Item Type Conflict Form and forward it to their local DTS office. The procedures and document are posted on the Circulation section of the Staff Resources webpage.

5. Notice schedules

Judy G spoke about a suggestion from a user which appeared in Ask a Librarian. The user asked if the libraries could send out a cautionary notice to a borrower with a recall when the recall is three days from being due. She said that such a notice would be helpful to reminding users. ASC agreed that this suggestion was a good one. Jeff T. and Michele T. will work on the text of this proposed new notice and will also review the text of the currently produced recall notices (the first notice, and the one-day overdue notice).

6. OLE Project

Judy described the early formative stages of the Online Library Environment Project and its hopes for the future. The Mellon-funded OLE Project brings together members of the academic community to develop specifications for an Open Library Management System built on Service Oriented Architecture. The goal is to develop an integrated library system that universities can use in common. Ideally, it would be able to communicate with other systems on campus e.g., University Registrar and Delinquent Accounts. The first year of the project is dedicated to design. Grace Agnew is the Rutgers representative in the core group of the project. John Brennan, Judy G., and Chris Sterback will serve as group facilitators in workshops to be held at Rutgers (SCC) on December 8th and 9th and on December 15th and 16th. We will be joining representatives from other universities and use Business Process Modeling (BPM) to describe our core processes. The first workshops will feature work on Cataloging, Acquisitions, and Circulation. Judy G. encouraged ASC to participate. It is hoped that this open source library environment will be the vibrant future of the Rutgers University Libraries within five years.

7. Announcements and Information Sharing

Andy M. – Jennifer Holland has moved from Chang to ILS. Testing the Mark Item wizard described at the October ASC meeting.

Jeff T. – Billing Group looking into standardizing letters and billing procedures. Winter Session hours at Alexander begin on January 5th and Monday through Thursday the library will be open for the first time during intersession from 6 pm to 10 pm as a study area in the first floor undergraduate reserve room.

Tracey M. – Users will not have recalls due over the Thanksgiving weekend. Libraries should continue to use the pager when systems problems occur during weekend hours.

Maggie H. – Hope to be hiring a new preservation assistant to do local repair at Dana.

Dean M. – Been struggling with the Annex scanner and ILLiad software. The five-student workforce is being trained. Scaling off the project for Marc holdings because of the budget.

Jan R. – Media Center has been busy. Younger cadre of professors are using video to teach their courses.

Katie A. – Working on reference inventory at Robeson so that the librarians can weed before shifting is done. Resource Sharing Group is working on a “how to do” list and its goals.

Michele T. – Eddie Suarez has made attractive floor maps for LSM. A leisure reading collection, similar to what appears in public libraries, has been put out for users on the first floor. Circulation Group is examining each group on the borrower chart and checking to see if updates are needed.

Natalie B. – Borrower charts need remote access information updated to indicate how a particular group of borrowers logs in, e.g., barcode and PIN instead of NetID.

Darryl V. – Looking at budget scenarios for Imaging Services. Have cut operating expenses almost in-half since Darryl V. has been in department. Imaging Services has been a fee-based operation.

Rose B. – Student Coordinators Group has made some discoveries about the student workforce and how well they are retaining library information. Stephanie Mikitish designed a 20-question quiz for the students. Though the student workforce is full of bright students, results show that they have some difficulty recalling what they learned in training. Participating with Darryl V. and other members of the Marketing/PR Group in planning Rutgers Day (Saturday, April 25th).

Penny W. – Douglass dealt with terrible heat in the building for three weeks. Abdullah Sherod is now doing reserve processing for Chang. Reserve Group is testing Symphony 3.2.1.

Glenn S. – Happy to have new ILS staff member Jennifer Holland.

Barry L. – Participated with other Health and Safety Committee members in excellent presentation delivered by RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery on emergency situations and Lock Downs. Next step is for each library to designate safe zones in their building. Described the excellent response of staff at Kilmer and LSM on November 12th in handling the power outage that occurred at 5:38 pm and which lasted an hour and five minutes. Hiring freeze in RUL has prevented the needed hiring of an evening supervisor at Kilmer.

Next Meeting – December 11, 2008.

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