Minutes of February 12, 2009 meeting

Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez (recorder), Dean Meister, Michele Tokar, Judy Gardner, Rose Barbalace, Tracey Meyer, Katie Anderson, Jan Reinhart, Jeff Teichmann, Glenn Sandberg, Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees, Ann Watkins, Yoshi Ishii


  1. PALCI problems.
  2. Symphony 3.2.1 upgrade.
  3. Bookings circulation and J Client. C Client access going away.
  4. Reserve reports removal schedule.
  5. RSG proposals: fines for lost book bands, AAL replies.
  6. 'Show Our Impact' day statistics.
  7. Borrower chart revision update.
  8. Other items and information sharing.

PALCI Problems

Chris Sterback has drafted a letter that will be sent to the PALCI organization relating the problems that RUL staff have been experiencing with the service. The letter will summarize the problems, such as losing connectivity to the staff web site and users not being able to access the public side, and will request a study of the problems by PALCI staff.

Chris has stated that he no longer needs the daily reports relating the problems that RUL staff have with processing PALCI requests. Instead, he has asked to be made aware of when RUL staff cannot access the staff web site. He would also like to know when the public cannot access the public web site.

SYMPHONY 3.2.1. upgrade

The upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1. was successfully completed by Systems on 1/2/2009. So far, no major problems have been identified with the upgrade.

Some minor problems have been identified by staff. Jeff T. reported a problem with the upgrade and some of the scanning guns in Alexander Access Services. Staff go to scan a barcode, there is a beep but the barcode does not scan. Staff are then not able to scan any additional barcodes. The system needs to be restarted and on several occasions the scanning gun has to be reprogrammed before it will work again. Systems staff have asked to be notified if this happens and to be given specific information on what wizard is being used and what user/item barcode is scanned.

Jan R. reported that Media staff have experienced a problem with getting false "already charged" messages when charging out media bookings.

It was also reported that switching between wizards in Symphony can sometimes take longer than usual, along with selecting a new wizard to use. Systems staff are aware of these problems and have asked to be informed if the problems continue.

Bookings Circulation and J Client. C Client Going Away

The upgrade has allowed for the use of J Client to charge and discharge Media booking items. Staff no longer have to use the old C Client to process Media booking items at Media pick up locations. Jan reported that the same number of steps is required for Media bookings in J Client as in C Client, just that the steps are now different.

All Media pick-up sites are now using J Client for booking items. No major problems have been reported to Jan. Jan did remind staff that you should be using the “Discharge Bookings” wizard in J Client to correctly discharge a media item.

Jan has forwarded procedures to all of the sites, has performed on-site training at several of the sites, and has stated that he can be contacted for training with part-time staff if necessary. Jan can also create some "dummy" bookings for sites, to use with training of staff. Please contact Jan if you would like this for training at your Media bookings pick up site. A handout with screenshots was distributed by Jan to the group for discussion.

Now that C Client is no longer needed for Media bookings, C Client will go away this semester. Systems staff will be removing the permissions for C Client in February. After that, Systems staff will be around to each site to remove C Client from the remaining work stations.

Reserve Reports Removal Schedule

After the discovery of problems with the late reserve removal date this semester, it was decided that we will be moving back to the normal date of the 31st of January. Brief records and files on the server will be removed on the 10th of February to potentially accommodate late rollover requests. This reversal of the reserve removal date will help sites that have encountered space problems with having both the old Fall reserve items and new Spring reserve items on site for January and most of February.

RSG Proposals: Fines For Lost Book Bands, AAL Replies

Katie discussed a proposal from the Resource Sharing Group to fine users who remove the band from PALCI and ILL items. Removing the band from these items may lead to problems with getting the item returned to ILL for shipment back to the owning library, since these are not RUL items. The RSG proposed fining users a $1 for removing the PALCI/ILL band. Members of the ASC discussed how they have dealt with patrons returning PALCI and ILL items without a band. For some chronic users, staff have barred the users to stop them from placing requests and initiate a dialog with the user about their behavior. If staff come across a patron who is continually removing bands from ILL or PALCI items, they should bring this to the attention of their supervisor for discussion on options to deal with this. The available options are on a case-by-case basis.

Katie discussed a draft of Ask a Librarian replies pertaining to resource sharing that the RSG group developed. These replies will assist staff with answering user questions. After discussion by the group, Katie will take the draft back to the RSG for further refinement.

A request was made to reduce the number of REQ pull reports from twice a day to once a day. After discussion by the group, this request was approved for one REQ pull report in the morning and will be forwarded to Systems for implementation. This request will not impact the User Initiated Holds Pull Reports, which will continue to be generated twice a day.

"Show Our Impact" Day Statistics

The New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) is working with the New Jersey State Library to conduct a study of how libraries in New Jersey impact the daily life of New Jersey residents. Thursday, 2/19/2009 was picked as the day to measure certain services that the libraries provide. Some of these services include the number of books circulated, the number of library cards issued or barcode registered, the number of community service volunteers in the libraries, and the number of users in our buildings. Judy will be able to provide most of this information by using system-generated reports, but has asked all NBL Access sites to provide the exit count for Thursday, 2/19/09 to her by Friday, 2/20/09 in the morning.

Borrower Chart Revision Update

Michele T. and the Circulation Group is working on a revision of the Eligible Borrower’s Chart used by Access staff to validate and register users. The revision will make sure that each listing accurately reflects the necessary work to validate and register a user and will also provide information on the availability of remote access and ILLiad use by that category of user. After discussion by the group, some additional questions to be answered by the revision may include: What information should be entered in the Alt ID field for this category, What other services is this category of user available to receive.

Additional discussion by the group included how the "Affiliate" category provided by the Libraries is not in sync with the number of "Affiliate" categories provided by the RU Connection Office. Also, unpaid leave by RU faculty or staff, which can include a sabbatical or medical leave, still presents problems for the libraries. These users are extended borrowing privileges by the library system on a case-by-case basis, since at this time we cannot capture them through the administrative load from the University. If presented with this situation, please bring to the attention of your supervisor.

Before moving on to the last agenda item, Judy briefly ran through the 2008-2009 goals for the ASC. Each stated goal was discussed briefly and the coordinator/staff responsible for that area gave a status report. Several of the goals have been completed and the majority of the rest are in progress.

Other Items and Information Sharing

Judy – Judy discussed two upcoming conferences that may impact RUL staff; the Ivies+ Access Services Symposium at Dartmouth and the Northeast Sirsi/Dynix User Group Conference at Penn State. Funds may be available to send Access staff to participate.

Michele – Michele reported that Paul Young is now working at the Kilmer Library as the evening Library Supervisor II. Government Document work at LSM that was Paul’s responsibility in the past are now being completed by Access staff. Walls on the 3rd floor and 2nd floor have been painted by Facilities. Access staff have developed a sign-in system for users who want to use the group study rooms in the library.

Dean – Dean reported on the work of a sub-group of the LRC working on a revision to the Annex Policy Overview document. Once completed, that document will be posted to Staff Resources and will be available to staff and librarians with questions on Annex policy. An Open House for the Libraries Annex is being planned for Spring Break/2009 and will include a tour of the collections.

Barry – Barry reported on Paul’s responsibilities at Kilmer, which include shift supervision and RDS coordination. This change has allowed Priscilla Lee to move to student coordination. Barry reported on the continuing problems with the front doors at Kilmer, which have led to the forced securing of one set of doors by chains and the entrance/exit of the building through one side. An old absorber has been removed from the library and staff are waiting for the replacement to be installed. The new group study rooms on the 2nd floor have been well received by users of the library.

Darryl – Darryl reported on his work with Rose pertaining to Rutgers Day. Darryl also reminded Access staff to please use the correct copy code when performing copy work for reserves and resource sharing. This is important because it allows for the use of copier statistics to record what work is taking place.

Tracey – Tracey asked that staff let her know if there is a need for authorization for the Booking wizards on any additional Unicorn logins. C Client only generic Unicorn logins will be removed by Systems staff shortly and C Client will be removed from all staff computers this semester.

Rose – The last Student Coordinator’s Group meeting was through Sakai only. The March/2009 meeting has been moved to Tuesday, March 3rd. Rose will hold meetings for staff on the upcoming Rutgers Day. Rose has submitted nominations for the Student and Supervisor of the Year.

Penny – Penny reported that the graduate carrels in the Music Library are being reorganized. Bill Lynch continues to work on collection management issues for both the Douglass and Music Library. Douglass staff are assisting with work at the Chang Library, with Bill helping with collection management issues and Abdullah helping with reserve issues. The Fordham Lab has officially opened, with part-time employees covering some hours during the week.

Jeff – Jeff reported that the Billing Group is working on developing standard language for billing letters and repayment plans. The group is also working on training for billing issues for staff. Government Document work once handled by Paul is now being handled by Access staff. Jeff reported on his work with Vernon from Preservation to deal with books containing bed bugs that were placed in the outside book drop. Collection Management staff continue to vacuum the collections for mold and dust.

Jan – The Fordham Lab is being staffed by part-time staff in the afternoons during the week. The hours for the lab have been posted to the Hours page on the Libraries web site.

Ann and Yoshi – The Dana Library has two new group study rooms for use. Part-time employees have been hired to help with ILL/RDS and collection management.

Katie – The inventory and a weeding project will resume at the Robeson Library, to make space for a new computer lab and the installation of compact shelving.

Andy – Andy reported on the status of the Kilmer Library Business transfer and the Alexander Reference Collection transfer. Nita Mukherjee is now at the Chang Library on a permanent basis. The Art Library will be installing Net ID restriction on the majority of its public computers in the next month.

Next Meeting

Thursday, March 12, 2009
9:30 – 11:30 am
Location TBA

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