Minutes of April 9, 2009 Meeting

P. Weniger, D. Voorhees, T. Meyer, M. Tokar, K. Dandurand, R. Barbalace, J. Gardner (recorder), Y. Ishii, A. Martinez
J. Teichmann, B. Lipinski, G. Sandberg, J. Reinhart


  1. Standard billing letters proposal
  2. Patron purge results
  3. Summer hours
  4. Potential ID card changes, NetID identifier and single sign-on
  5. Persistent PALCI bills
  6. Updates and Information Sharing

Krista Dandurand, new coordinator of the Resource Sharing Group, was welcomed to ASC.

1) Standard billing letters proposal

ASC reviewed 4 standard billing letters from the Billing Group.

General comments:

Claims returned

Insufficient funds


Payment plan

2) Patron purge results

The patron file was purged 3/29/09. 34,417 records were purged, with 97,951 remaining. There have been no reports from circulation desks yet of any current borrower records dropped.

3) Summer hours

The Office of Summer and Wintersession has provided funding for an extended hours pilot at LSM and Alexander during summer session this year. Both libraries will remain open 2 extra hours Sunday-Thursday: Sun. 6-8p, and Mon.-Thurs. 9-11p. In addition, the Math Library will close at 6p Mon-Thurs.

4) Potential ID card changes, NetID identifier and single sign-on

Dave, Chris, Bob, and Judy attended a meeting at OIT with other ID card stakeholders (housing, UHR RUconnection, public safety, dining, parking), a preliminary discussion and information gathering session. The group will continue to meet to improve ID card services architecture, establish an Identity Registry at RU.

The NetID/LDAP group is looking into possibility of using NetID as our matching code in patron loader, and to stop using SSN for faculty and staff records. We've been studying our current patron file and will look at LDAP data as a source. Single-sign on will come later; the Sirsi software needed has been purchased.

5) Persistent PALCI bills

During an approximately 4 day period, 67 overdue PALCI items did not convert to the LOST-ASSUM status, and instead a row of asterisks '******' appears in their status field. Chris confirmed this has stopped happening but that he is unable to fix the statuses with a script. When these items are discharged, their bills do not go away. Update since the meeting: Systems is checking and fixing these items on a daily basis and now only 43 remain, so we will not enter PUB NOTEs on the user records. Staff may waive the bills manually if they see them at a circulation desk, but since Systems is tracking them all will eventually get caught.

6) Updates and Information Sharing

The main agenda item for our May 14th meeting will be a web demo of Relais, the new resource sharing software system that PALCI plans to migrate EZ-Borrow to next year.

Judy reviewed staff development opportunities: Barry and Chiaki are attending the Ivies+ symposium at Dartmouth, InfoLink's Tech Day is May 14th, NJALA is June 8 & 9 , and SNRG (Siris Northeast Regional Users Group) meets June 14-16 at Penn State.

Update from Jeff: Gill Newton is working at ILS in the afternoons; Alex staff are working on a reference weeding and transfer project in preparation for re-carpeting.

Update from Glenn: Mary Donnelly resigned. Corrine Maxwell has joined ILS staff.

Penny reported that Douglass was without network printing for several days following a server upgrade. The reserve Group is meeting next week and is planning to remove old reserve courses.

Darryl reminded us to send hard copies to IS for scanning whenever we experience scanning problems or down time. Imaging Services will update copyright text on photocopiers.

Tracey is trying to get work study students for night hours during summer session, but we should expect some level of pager service in the evenings. Tracey will be in charge of the Access Services-Systems calendar next FY.

Andy reported that Nita is on vacation until April 22; Ray is doing Chang RDS and Chiaki is backing him up, and Andy is spending more time at Chang. Four interviews for the Evening Branch Associate 2 position were completed; the search in now in 3-week temporary freeze. The Annex is receiving much of what has been weeded from Alex reference, and Andy is working on book mover estimates for the remainder of the collection for the re-carpeting project.

Krista noted that ILLiad documentation has been posted to the RSG staff resources site, and that she will be issuing new PALCI passwords this summer.

Michele has a late night captain opening at LSM. Misc. job reassignments at LSM: Christine is working on ILLiad article requests; Kevin is working on government documents collection maintenance; and Shirley is assisting with PALCI. LSM is expecting a change machine that will give quarters for one and five dollar bills; Michele is working with Darryl to install and determine its location. Imaging Services staff will come 2 times/week to fill it. Michele is helping to prepare a shipment for Better World Books. LSM's 2nd and 3rd floor map cases in stairwells will be filled. Michele related Holly Muller's rescue of an injured racing pigeon that was outside Kristi's office, and reunion with its owner.

Student Appreciation Week is next week. Rose and her nominee for student of the year will attend the ceremony Tues. a.m., various activities & parties for students are taking place. Student Coordinator Group is making progress on the online application. Rose has been busy with Rutgers Day, April 25th, organizing events, ordering library bags, creating bookmark, staffing kiosks.

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