Minutes of May 14, 2009 Meeting

D. Meister, G. Sandberg, M. Tokar, B. Lipinski, A. Martinez, K. Dandurand, J. Reinhart, D. Voorhees, T. Meyer, R. Barbalace, J. Gardner (recorder), J. Teichmann, P. Weniger, E. Fizur (Camden), M. Harris (Newark)
Y. Ishii
C. Sterback, D. Williamson, M. Lord, M. Mansouri, B. Warwick


  1. NetID as unique identifier in the patron loader
  2. NetIDs and Placing Academic Holds and Delinquent Accounts
  3. Relais webinar - 10:00am

Eric Fizur, new Access Services Supervisor at Robeson, was introduced from Camden.

1) Net ID as unique identifier

The NetID/LDAP group (Dave H., Chris S., Bob W., Judy G., and Stephanie B.) is making progress with testing use of NetID as our matching code in the patron loader, to replace SSN and RUID. Judy distributed a sample patron record from the test system with NetID displayed in User ID and Alt ID fields, and draft instructions for registering new Rutgers students, faculty and staff. ASC started discussing how verification and interactions with patrons will be handled at circulation desks, including can we register people virtually, how? how do we register new people who don't yet have NetIDs? will we get their records from OIT? (no).

ASC also began to identify pages and instructions on the website that need to be updated (PIN form, How do Is, etc.). Documentation was referred to the Circulation Group to start drafting revisions. The Circulation Group recently completed a review of the Eligible Borrowers file with recommendations; Judy is reviewing it and a revision will be issued this summer including the NetID verification change and info about remote access eligibility.

2) NetIDs and placing academic holds and delinquent accounts

Judy and Nita met with Delinquent Accounts staff to discuss our pending use of NetID and loss of access to RUIDs and SSNs. DA staff confirmed that RUIDs are required to place student academic holds, and university ID #s (RUIDs and SSNs) are required to place library delinquent accounts with the university. No other identifiers are acceptable. ASC discussed changes to workflow to accommodate this and we will investigate the following:

Placing holds and delinquent accounts.
Bob may be able to convert NetIDs to RUIDs/SSNs for purposes of placing holds and delinquent accounts (if RUIDs and SSNs come with the weekly patron file and are available until the file is loaded). For placing academic holds, an electronic file with ID #s and amounts due may be acceptable to the university, and eliminate the need for staff to fill out Place Hold slips. For delinquent accounts, university ID#s would be recorded on the spreadsheet of accounts forwarded to the DA Office. This work is done in batch and NetID to RUID/SSN conversions could be scheduled.

Removing holds and delinquent accounts:
Once a hold is placed, university ID#s will appear on the Libraries' 029 Report, which is available in electronic format and limited to a few access services billing staff in a restricted folder on the T drive. Staff would consult the file for university ID #s to fill out Remove Hold slips. Access to the DA accounts spreadsheet with university ID#s is also limited to authorized staff.

3) Relais Demo

We tuned in to a PALCI webinar and demo of the Relais software, EZ-Borrow's next generation system. Phase 1 of PALCI's Relai implementation will be to replace current E-ZBorrow functionality; enhanced options will be available in future.

NCIP (Circulation Interchange Protocol) server is needed for patron authentication and authorization to work smoothly and for other processes such as placing holds and checkouts in local systems to be automated. Various options for acquiring NCIP for PALCI's Sirsi/Dynix libraries are being investigated.

The discovery tool includes title keyword, title phrase, and author searching (ISBN forthcoming), and searches all 60+ PALCI catalogs at the same time, results stream in.

We will be able to change the status of E-ZBorrow requests locally (that may have been updated in error).

Implementation date has not been set, sometime within the next FY.

Next Meeting: June 11, 2009

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