Minutes of June 11, 2009 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Barry Lipinski, Rose Barbalace, Andy Martinez, Glenn Sandberg, Penny Weniger, Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart (recorder), Michele Tokar, Krista Dandurand, Zohreh Bonianian for J. Teichmann, Yoshi Ishii, Maggie Harris. Excused: Dean Meister, Jeff Teichman, Darryl Voorhees, Eric Fizur.


  1. Housekeeping: 08-09 Goals review, 09-10 Meeting schedule, 09-10 Draft calendar.
  2. Proposal to revise FACSTF and GRAD expiration dates.
  3. UMDNJ-Rutgers agreement.
  4. Revised Eligible Borrower's File (aka Borrower's Chart).
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing.

1) Housekeeping: 08-09 Goals review, 09-10 Meeting schedule, 09-10 Draft calendar.

Judy Gardner started the meeting by resolving not to review the year-end ASC goals until the July 9, meeting. She also presented the Meeting schedule for 2009-2010, which has half of the gatherings at libraries on the other New Brunswick campuses.

Judy asked everyone to review the 09-10 draft Access/Systems/Academic calendar, especially the dates for the activities in their functional areas, and send her any corrections. Judy is experimenting with putting the ASC calendar into a Google Calendar and asked if anyone else in the committee has tried the program (ttp://www.google.com/intl/en/googlecalendar/about.html). She said it had useful features, such as the reminder messages that could be emailed to multiple addresses. Judy also likes that the free calendar can be easily shared with a group, such as ASC. When Jan asked how it differed with the SunJava System calendar long supported by RUCS, Tracey explained that the “web calendar is going away” (as previously noted in PC Working Group minutes).

2) Proposal to revise FACSTF and GRAD expiration dates.

Proposal is for FACSTF & GRAD profiles to have borrowing privileges for an entire year, 365 days out from the date of the patron load.

Over the past few years, the FACST expiration date has limited part-time instructors who did not have permanent contracts (nor were active graduate students) to six months. Their privileges would be reinstated automatically if they continued teaching further semesters, but only after a paycheck was issued on the new assignment. If P-T instructors wanted access to library resources prior to the first paycheck, they need to bring in a letter from their departments verifying their continued employment.

Judy said that allowing P-T lecturers to keep their privileges for an entire year insures that they will not be shut out of crucial resources mid-way through research and teaching on behalf of Rutgers University. The effort to tighten the expiration dates had turned out to be problematic. And Tracey noted that the six-month expirations kept catching graduate students working on incompletes.

Committee members from New Brunswick and Newark roundly endorsed the new policy, which as Penny noted would reduce burden on staff, particularly during the busy first weeks of the semester.

3) UMDNJ-Rutgers agreement.

A formal agreement is in place. UMDNJ patrons from joint programs with Rutgers on all campuses are eligible for RUL privileges, including off-campus access. Implementation depends on exchange of patron data and the goal is to have one UMDNJ electronic file of patron data that can be shared on the three campuses. Judy said she was not sure if the full agreement will be posted online.

4) Revised Eligible Borrower's File (aka Borrower's Chart).

The draft revision incorporates hyperlinks to specific categories of patrons – Faculty, Staff, Ugrads, Emeriti, UMDNJ, etc. – right at the top of the document. Beneath these is a more complete alphabetical listing of hyperlinks of patron types. The idea of the revision is to enable staff to easily see and access the most salient categories right at the top of the page. Judy asked the committee to review the new entry format and see if it was better. She added that an updated version of it will probably remove a few of the more archaic designations from the Index, such as ROTC or NJRPIRG, which can simply be folded into an “Affiliated” status. Suggestions from ASC were to use a strict alphabetical index, use direct terms (Faculty, not Rutgers Faculty), incorporate more WorkFlows fields in the entry, and to keep the list of privileges and means of access in each entry.

5) Announcements and Information Sharing.

New In-Process & Acquisitions notices: Judy announced that Acquisitions is now allowing patrons to request expedited processing of non-print In-Process items. Patrons then get a notice regarding the speeded up processing and the item is sent to its owning library, where, if it is video or audio, it gets promptly booked (if the patron requested and is eligible for bookings).

Judy also said that selectors are working with Systems and Acquisitions on a new Report that will send email notifications when an item has arrived and is in-process. This will eliminate slips that are included with purchases reminding staff to notify the requesting librarian. Judy will meet with Reserve staff to discuss the potential use of this Report with reserve orders.

Tracey (Systems): Upon registering patrons, staff should strongly encourage them to include a working email address in their records. She noted that recently she had to send 106 paper notices to a single patron who only had a mailing address in his or her record. Barry interjected that it is exceedingly rare that new patrons don’t have email. Judy wondered if,in cases as Tracey mentioned, a phone call directly to the patron might not be in order.

Kilmer re-carpeting: After many years of delays, Facilities is re-carpeting Kilmer Library between July 16 and Aug. 17. Barry noted, however, that it will mean disruptions of normal operations at his library. During the first few weeks of the project, the entrance to the library will be moved the foyer adjacent to the public sidewalk and the circulation desk will be set up in the lower level. When the second floor is being re-carpeted, the collection will unavailable. Media will be disrupted for the last two weeks of the project.

Krista: Loosened PALCI bands continue to be a problem. When the belly bands fall off, items are often mailed back to owning libraries without being properly discharged from their temporary Rutgers’ IDs. The result: erroneous overdues. Glenn said that attempts to standardize the bands across all consortia libraries have not yet succeeded.

Rose: YouTube training videos for student staff now include animated pieces. She said these often are preferred by staff to amateur theater variety. Also, Rose is looking into online applications from other Rutgers departments to help develop an RUL version.

Michele: The homeless patrons have settled into the computer suite at LSM. So that library is looking into the same time-limited reserve system used by other RUL branches that have dealt with this population, which tends to monopolize public computers. LSM reference librarians want to keep at least a few PCs free to accommodate the UMDNJ patrons and other scholars who need access to the computers for serious research.

Zohreh: Supervisor Jeff Teichman has been extremely busy overseeing Facilities work on recarpeting Alex and remodeling parts of the Access Services offices there.

Penny: A subgroup of the Reserves Committee has been working with Bob Warwick of Systems to standardize course names in the reserve module. So far they have whittled the confusing welter of 9,000 course names (most lingering from previous semesters) in SIRSI to only 300. And they agreed to append the semester and year to the names to facilitate removal by report at the end of each semester.

Entrance to the Douglass Library is only from the Music level (Ravine entrance) while Facilities rebuilds the crumbling bridge at the Library’s front entrance. Work should be done next month. Staffing a welcome desk at the temporary entrance has proven a staffing challenge, particularly considering that summer is naturally vacation time, Penny explained.

The weeding of the East Room collection has begun. (The room is being cleared for the new Media Center.) Penny estimates that 7,000 of the weeded books will, as usual, be donated to the for-profit charity Better World Books. To accommodate the shift of the remaining collection, she suggested the Libraries consider buying mobile shelving units such as the ones that can be rented, at considerable cost, from Rentacrate. In the long run, the investment will pay off handsomely, she explained, speaking from her experience at RECAP.

Jan: The re-carpeting project in the Kilmer lower level will effectively close the Media Center for nearly three weeks. The reason: the entire video collection will need to be removed from their cabinets and stored in stacked containers, inaccessible for the duration of the project (July 27-Aug. 17). During that period Media will continue to deliver video booked prior to the closing of the offices, as these few items will be stored in an accessible cabinet. But new bookings will be impossible as long as most of the collection is buried. Media Librarian Jane Sloan will have a notice placed on the booking form, as well as direct notifications to Summer Session and academic departments who heavily use the collection. Reserves will be shifted entirely to the Music-Media lab at Douglass.

Jan emphasized how disruptive this closing will be coming because it happens through most of the second Summer Session. During the period, faculty frequently stop by the Media Center to get last minute video and students often visit to review material from their classes, regardless of whether it is reserved. Also, the delicate and expensive video cabinets could well be damaged in the move.

Jan said he and Jane believe that the re-carpeting of Media should wait 5 more months, when the department leaves Kilmer for its new offices on the Ground Floor of the Douglass Library.

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