Minutes of July 9, 2009 Meeting

Judy Gardner (chair), Krista Dandurand, Jeff Teichmann, Rose Barbalace, Eric Fizur, Andy, Martinez, Barry Lipinski, Tracey Meyer, Darryl Voorhees, Michele Tokar, Maggie Harris-Clark, Dean Meister (recorder)
Glenn Sandberg, Yoshi Ishii, Penny Weniger, Jan Reinhart


  1. Goals
  2. Book Donation Policy/Receipt
  3. Use of UserCat1
  4. NetID
  5. PALCI Membership Meeting update
  6. ERES Task Force
  7. Announcements

1) Goals

Topic postponed until this year's themes are announced- We may rename the term "Goals" to Projects/Activities.

2) Book Donation Policy/Receipt

Book Donation Policy/Receipt was reviewed. Barry asked if there were guidelines for when the receipt form is to be used and by whom? Judy will ask for clarification.

3) Use of UserCat1

Bob Warwick's email describing UserCat1s (Demographic Statuses) that have been eliminated or updated was reviewed.

4) NetID

Changes in the patron load to implement NetID instead of university ID#s in the UserID and AltID fields in WorkFlows were discussed. A tentative implementation date has been set for 7/20/09. We discussed protocols for registering and verifying new students, faculty, and staff at circulation desks. These will be incorporated into the revised Borrower Chart. ASC recommended that the switch to NetID be announced to RU-Everyone and posted to RUL-New and Events, and Judy will refer to the NetID/LDAP working group.

5) PALCI Membership Meeting update

Judy reported on the meeting and described functionality we could implement at RUL in the new E-ZBorrow (Relais) system:

The EZ-Borrow discovery interface will be improved in Relais. All PALCI catalogs are searched at the same time; results are then posted as they are returned.

The suggestion, which Rutgers supports, to extend the PALCI loan period is still undecided, as there’s not a consensus among the membership.

6) ERES Task Force

Task force has been formed to a) explore new ways to move Electronic Reserve(ERES) files and links into course management systems where faculty use them, b) offer options and experiment with interested faculty to assist with moving library ereserves into course management systems, and c) assess the future of Electronic Reserves. Members include Christine Duffy, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locasio, Shawn Rogers, Darryl Voorhees and Judy Gardner.

7) Announcements

Judy’s updates

There will be a lunchtime seminar Tues., July 21, beginning at noon at LSM’s Special Collections Room (BUSCH) for access services staff to report on conferences/meetings they attended last spring: Glenn Sandberg, Chiaki Mills, Barry Lipinski, Melanie Miller, Kristen Ko, Jill Locasio, Daphne Roberts, Steph Mikitish, and Roselyn Riley will present.

An all-Access Services Staff meeting has been scheduled for 8/27/09 10am-12 noon @Kilmer Library. Staff from Newark and Camden campuses are urged to attend and meet with colleagues in person.

RU-Connection Card Policy Change-New Type 1 employees may now receive their new RU-Connection Fac/Staff card before their actual start date if they attend a new employee orientation session or their department requests. (Previously they were issued temporary Visiting Scholar cards). Judy has been in contact with the RU-Connection office and confirmed these new employees may get a ‘guest’ NetID until they appear on RU-Payroll. Therefore, they should use their Barcode and PIN for Remote Access until they appear on RU-Payroll at which time they can start using their NetID.

We anticipate some ALEX & KILMER staff may temporarily report to Douglass and help with weeding during carpet installation.

Local Updates:

Michele- LSM has seen and increase homeless users activity. LSM-DTS Staff will be moving to ALEX. Rene Clark will stay at LSM and have office space in Access Services.

Krista- RSG is looking at reviewing/updating Standard RDS Replies.

Jeff- ALEX- It's been a busy summer. Staff have been planning for the new carpeting installation.

Rose- Student Supervisor's Group is reviewing/updating the new student employee orientation packet.

Darryl-Coin changers will be installed at ALEX & LSM. Photocopier machines that will accept Knight Express will be installed at ALEX & LSM.

Eric- Reported on the H-HD wedding and renovations at ROBESON.

Maggie- Staff are shifting the collection. She's noticed that Book Reserves, especially professor’s personal copies of textbooks, are increasing and Electronic Reserves are decreasing.

Tracey- Director's Station Training/Refresher sessions have been held with good participation.

Barry- Circulation services will be temporarily moved to lower level during 1st floor carpeting at Kilmer, Media services will be closed 7/20-8/17. Orientation sessions held this summer for Fall 1st year students are high.

Dean-Annex air conditioning is out in the office space.

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