Minutes of September 10, 2009 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Krista Dandurand, Eric Fizur, Judy Gardner (chair), Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer (recorder), Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger.


  1. Activities (goals) for 2009-2010.
  2. Privacy audit.
  3. Symphony 3.3.
  4. Updates: IDs in Unicorn, UMD joint programs on all campuses, new Borrower's Chart, gift books, Oct/Nov. meeting.
  5. Information Sharing.


1. J. Gardner announced that a new Sakai site has been established for ASC and future documents of relevance to the committee will be posted there. It will be organized by meeting date. The committee will explore future uses of Sakai for announcements, policies and procedures.

2. The regularly scheduled meetings for October and November will be cancelled and a combined October/November meeting will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 9:30 in the University Librarian's Conference Room at Alexander Library with videoconferencing to Robeson and Dana.


1. Activities (goals) for 2009-2010

J. Gardner distributed the ASC Activities (goals) for 2009-2010 and asked the group to determine three activities for ASC to focus on for the year. In addition, each group should choose 1-2 specific activities relevant to their groups. The committee reviewed the activities to determine which group should be attached to each of the five goals. A sixth goal will be added at the request of the Student Group coordinator. Other group coordinators were given a deadline of Monday, September 14, 2009 to add any additional activities or goals.

2. Privacy audit

Per her membership on the newly formed Privacy Committee, chaired by Nancy Kranich, J. Gardner prepared a spreadsheet to record what information is stored and how it is kept. The committee reviewed this spreadsheet in detail and offered suggestions and comments for its revision.

3. Symphony 3.3

C. Sterback will upgrade the test system at his earliest convenience and ASC will have until the December 10, 2009 meeting to test the new version and report back. The Release Notes have already been made available on the web site. Significant changes noted are the option to change how names are displayed and improvements in information related to in-transit items. Five name fields will now be available can be configured as desired, or we can opt for no change in how names are stored and displayed; ASC will determine if/how new fields will be used/configured. If Symphony 3.3 testing is successful and the upgrade is approved, the production system will be upgraded during the break.

4. Updates

The switch to netid's in Unicorn has been made and the consensus is that staff find it is working well and they like it, very few problems have been reported. Several staff noted the perception that they have had to register more new users at the beginning of the semester than in prior years, but this could be due to new users not loading until they registered for a netid. Only user records containing a netid load in the weekly patron file.

The list of students enrolled in the UMD joint programs is available on all three campuses. A list of faculty/staff, to be provided by UMD is forthcoming. The list, formerly only for the NB campus, is now effective for all three campuses as these users are no longer restricted to just the NB campus. They now have full library privileges including delivery, ILL and remote access. All of this information has been updated on the borrower's chart.

Staff reported that the new format of the borrower's chart is an improvement and is easier to use.

Gift books - The policy for patrons wanting to donate books was clarified. If a patron appears in person at a circulation desk with books to donate, and a selector is available, they should be referred to the selector. If no selector is available, the Access Services staff member should fill out the Book Donation Receipt form (available online) to accompany the donated materials and refer the donated items to a selector. A receipt should be given to the donor only if requested. The receipt form is available at: (Link removed when removed from site)

Barcode problems - Approximately 800+ user records have duplicate barcodes. C. Sterback has edited these records so that cannot be used or edited.

Information Sharing

D. Voorhees - reported that RU Express card readers have been installed on copy machines at Alexander and LSM.

G. Sandberg - ILL doesn't accept replacement copies and does not negotiate the bill. Fines can be collected at any desk and ILL should be notified of any fines paid.

R. Barbalace - reported that not as many work-study students have reported for work this semester and reduced voucher funding means potentially less coverage; lightning tours of the libraries and puzzles are two projects of the Marketing Team; the online student employment application has been approved for use and needs to be implemented.

M. Tokar - reported on the lightning tours and that the night shift voucher position has been filled. She participated at a welcome event for 80+ new faculty at the Douglass Student Center. The LSM DTS staff have now moved to Alexander and plans will be made for the newly available space.

J. Teichmann - The carpeting project has been completed and new furniture (i.e desks, chairs) is being ordered for the stacks areas.

T. Meyer - work-study students are being hired/trained for the Systems Dept. It is not anticipated that there will be full coverage for all hours the libraries are open, but we will have partial coverage during the weeknights and weekend hours.

P. Weniger - The walkway repairs have been completed and the front door is again open. Weeding projects have resulted in 116 boxes of books sent to Better World Books and another 120 to be sent soon. Forty new work-study students have reported for work and are being trained, the majority are new this semester. The reserves group reports that library users with disabilities are eligible for longer reserve loan periods. The next reserves group meeting will include a workshop on Sakai, conducted by A. Ruggiero.

A. Martinez - DTS will switch to a single CS user for charges for ALEX and LSM. Inventories at Physics and LSM Folio collection are almost complete. There are weeding projects at MATH and ALEX. Hours at Chemistry and Physics have been reduced this semester.

B. Lipinski - The carpet project has been completed. The computer lab is very busy and new furniture is being ordered.

D. Meister - A recon project is underway and many duplicates are being withdrawn.

J. Reinhart - The Fordham Lab is reopening for the fall semester with expanded hours on Monday through Thursday.

K. Dandurand -- group has developed a new book band for off-campus delivery.

M. Harris-Clark - reports that 14 work-study students have reported for work and that e-reserves has been very busy.

Y. Ishii - a shifting project and an inventory pilot project are underway at Dana.

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