Minutes of October 29, 2009 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Krista Dandurand, Eric Fizur, Judy Gardner (chair), Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart, Jeff Teichmann (recorder), Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger.
Glenn Sandberg


  1. Adoption of Sept. minutes
  2. Ethnographic Study
  3. Privacy Audit-draft
  4. Testing Symphony 3.3 upgrade
  5. Misc. updates: gift drop-off policy, unique internal user IDs in Unicorn, Charges & Fee schedule, off-campus pickup sites, goals, etc.
  6. Information Sharing

1) Adoption of September 2009 minutes

The minutes for the September 2009 meeting were accepted with minor changes.

2) Ethnographic Study

The committee had looked over the comments from the ethnographic study relating to circulation and ILL. Two central themes emerged – changes to the website and comments on services.

a) Website comments

i) Floor plans for each library and possibly a clickable “find the book” in the stacks link in IRIS for each book record.

ii) Single login for My Account and remote access. (NETID login for all functions is coming)

iii) Portals for UGRAD, GRAD and Fac/Staff users.

iv) Posted time frames for delivery of items clearly listed for each type of material requests.

b) Service comments

i) Paging of books for same library pick up.

ii) Extension of reserve loan period. (this was discussed and it was agreed to keep the loan period at 2 hrs unless a professor requests a different loan period)

iii) Notices before due date. The circ group will look at the text of all the notices and make recommendations.

The group discussed these user comments. Judy will compile our recommendations/answers to the comments and forward to Jeanne Boyle

3) Privacy Audit

Judy informed the committee that the latest draft of Circ/ILL concerns for the privacy audit will be posted on Alex’s T:Common in a folder called “"Access Services Privacy Audit Draft.” The committee members are to review the draft and make changes/corrections in a different color font.

4) Testing Symphony 3.3 upgrade

a) The Symphony 3.3 has been loaded into the test system, but systems staff needs to update individual workstations prior to staff having access to the test system.

b) One new feature is that the user name is now housed in up to 5 fields: Last, First, Middle and Preferred Names, and lastly Suffix. This 5 field names arrangement will be necessary for future upgrades.

c) Judy has posted the test assignments by functional group on the ASC Sakai site resources folder.

d) ASC Sign-off date is 12/10/09

5) Misc. updates

a) Gift drop-off policy – The new gift book drop-off forms are available on the RUL Collection Development page: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/collection_dev/policies/gifts_policy.shtml

Donors are to be directed to the subject selector (if available) with donations. In the event the selector is unavailable, the form should be completed and the books and form forward to the individual selector. Staff have been asked to also forward a copy of the form to Bob Sewell; Judy will review this request with librarians.

b) Unique internal user IDs in Unicorn – The last of the user records have been converted from SSNs/RUIDs. Those records that could not receive NETID or barcode have received unique numbers in the system with the letters RU followed by consecutive numbering.

c) Charges & Fee schedule: charges and fees were examined. Microfiche sheets and microfilm reels replacement costs have increased. The new schedule will become effective January 2010.

d) Off-campus pickup sites request – Alexander Library received a request for off-campus pickup at an office site on Rte 1 in Princeton. The group discussed the issued and Judy will investigate further.

e) Goals 2009-10 – the ASC goals for this year are posted on the ASC Sakai site.

6) Information sharing

a) T. Meyer – Systems is interviewing for the Director of Information Technology position. While most off-hours are covered with part-time employees, there are some hours not covered. If there is a systems problem and there is no answer, please use the pager number.

b) R. Barbalace – Co-chairing RUL Rutgers Day committee with Stephanie Bartz. Has been asked to be a trainer for the NJ Train-the-Trainer program in March. The online application for RUL part-time employment is ready to go and will be launched in January.

c) A. Martinez – Kristi Conover has completed training and is working at Chang and Math libraries. The Mark Item Used wizard is being used at the branches. There is an LRC subgroup examining the RUL last copy policy.

d) J. Reinhart – busy with the upcoming move of Media Services to the Douglass Library; reserve viewing stations will remain/be installed at Kilmer and Alexander libraries. Courses with over 30 students will be asked to place materials on reserve at the Media Center in Douglass. Streaming video reserves may start in Fall of 2010.

e) D. Meister – Did not get enough FWS students this year. Working on transfers from numerous locations. The Annex labels were revised, so please let Dean know if you have questions or see a problem with the new labels.

f) D. Voorhees – Imaging Services will launch a binding service in February. Watch for details.

g) E. Fizur – The weeding of the collection and the filling of the compact shelving continues, but the end is in sight. Robeson may be able to un-shadow and become part of RDS again soon!

h) M. Harris-Clark, Y. Ishii – Dana is interviewing candidates for the Access Service librarian position. They have lots of FWS students. Shifting of the collection should eb done in about 2 weeks.

i) P. Weniger – The East Room move has been completed and now a weeding project is being planned for the end of the circulating collection.

j) M. Tokar – PC Res installed on 6 public workstations – 2 are reserved for UMDNJ users (they get extended time). The UMDNJ Media library closed and it is possible the materials may come to LSM. The circ group has been sent the duplicate user record list and is working on it.

k) K. Dandurand – The RDS group discussed an AAL request from an online student for book delivery by mail. A spirited discussion was had at their meeting! The group feels the numbers of requested materials are up, but did not check actual numbers for verification.

l) B. Lipinski – Kilmer library will have no heat for the next 5 days as the last parts of the new HVAC are installed. Livingston campus is slated for major construction over the next few years. A campus construction meeting was held and a new dining hall, dormitories, hotel and business school building will be built. Kilmer’s exit counts are up since the new carpeting.

m) J. Gardner – Dan Iddings from PALCI will be meeting with Judy, Chris S. and Grace about the PALCI upgrade.

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