Minutes of April 8, 2010 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Glenn Sandberg, Tracey Meyer, Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Krista Dandurand, Rose Barbalace, Jan Reinhart, Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees, Michele Tokar (minutes)
Dana Library: Maggie Harris-Clark and Yoshiko Ishii
Camden Library: Eric Fizur


  1. Statistics: Recommended Collection Practices, other.
  2. Access Services Information Services Training.
  3. Updates: EQUIP and NETBOOK item types; Patron Purge; Holds pickup sampling; Borrowers Chart revised entries; new courtesy notices; Relais; Self-Check; Privacy audit.
  4. Updates from Ivies+ and ILLiad users conferences. Barry & Glenn.
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

1) Recommendations from the "The Lightening Task Force"

Judy reported on the recommendations from the ‘The Lightening Task Force,’ a committee designed to analyze statistics the libraries keep on the RUL website. The committee determined that the following statistics would remain on the RUL website: Circulation, Reserve, Exit Counts, Hours open, RSG, and ILL. The committee determined that Imaging Services statistics would no longer be recorded on the RUL website. Darryl said he would keep track of these statistics locally.

Members from the ASC group suggested that the following statistics would be of interest: Items placed on reserve per semester (these could be estimated from the item removed report Chris Sterback runs at the end of each semester), Mark Item used, and Head Counts for the libraries at opening and closing.

2) Access Services Information Services Training

Judy reported on the Access Services Information Services Training. A dry-run of this training was held for a small audience of access services staff at the Alexander Library during Spring Break 2010. The training group members are: Paul Young, Holly Muller, Stephanie Mikitish, and Judy Gardner. The training consisted of a review of the customer services standards from four years ago, new skits, and scenarios. The new skits and scenarios were built upon how to better answer questions about our services. The response from participants via Survey Monkey was positive. Judy and the group plan to conduct more training during intercession. Dana Library staff said they would also like more training on public service and billing at the front desk.

3) Updates

A) EQUIP and NETBOOK item types

The lending of Equipment and Netbooks for in library use only will begin in the near future. Netbook lending is a pilot project at the Art Library. Equipment lending will take place at Art, Alex, Media, and LSM.

The following fine and replacement fees have been revised for Equipment and NetBooks.
Equipment: Overdue fines: $1.00/ hour up to 25 hours. Replacement fine: $50.00
Netbook: Overdue fines: $10.00/ hour up to 10 hours. Replacement fine: $400.00

The first overdue notice will be emailed /mailed to the patron on the next day and a replacement notice will be mailed on the 3rd day.

B) Patron Purge

Tracey reported that 17,831 records were purged.

C) Hold Pick Up Sampling

Chris Sterback has created a new report that will extract the following information about holds:

D) Borrower’s Chart Revisions:

The Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) distributed new RU Alumni Cards to approximately 330,000 alumni worldwide in April 2010. The new cards have the graduate’s name and an Alumni ID number. We do not use the Alumni ID number in WorkFlows. When registering a new alumnus, make sure to request a photo ID along with an alumni card and duplicate the barcode in the alt Id Field.

Distance Learners:
A new category has been added to the borrower’s chart for distance learners. There is a cross reference under Online Students. If a Distance Learner requests to register with the libraries and they have not loaded yet, they must provide a NET ID to register. Register them with a 1 month expiration date.

Joint Programs. UMDNJ-Rutgers:
The following new contact information has been added to this category: "If there are any questions about an individual’s status, RUL Access Services’ local UMD contact (Christine Duffy, Jeff Teichmann, Eric Fizur, and Ann Watkins) may get in touch with Dianne Hamlette <hamlette@umdnj.edu>, our UMD library contact for verification."

E) New Courtesy Notices

Emeritus Professors will get a notice letting them know their privileges will expire soon and how to renew them. These notices will go out mid May.

Not Barred May Graduating Students with Checkouts will receive a friendly reminder to return items.


The roll out date for Relais is August 2010. Judy and Chris Sterback worked on a configuration guide. They are waiting to see if PALCI and RDS will be combined in one report. Chris and Glenn will attend the PALCI User's Group on June 10th and June 11th.

G) Self Checkout

A Self Checkout machine will be installed at the Alexander Library.

H) Privacy Audit

Judy, Barry, Dean and Michele met in March to review the paper forms on the libraries website and how long they are kept after they are filled out.

4) Updates from Ivies+ and ILLiad users conferences

Barry attended the Ivies+ symposium at Harvard in March 2010. At the symposium, Barry spoke with colleagues and prompted group discussions about the future of reserves at academic libraries. From his research for the Organizational Review Committee, Barry noted that nearly all libraries are providing reserves in conjunction with course management systems. No libraries in the Ivies+ have stopped processing electronic reserves. Yale has discussed the matter and has taken an interim step of having e-reserves posted directly into course management by library staff and not duplicated in the library catalog. The University of Arizona (not a member of Ivies+) has eliminated their e-reserves operation. Faculty, there are responsible for putting documents into their course management system. Other topics discussed at the Ivies+ symposium were E-Books and Netbook lending. The key note speaker was John Palfrey of Harvard who discussed the recent reorganization of the Harvard Law Library. Barry said that Rutgers is progressive in terms of how its staff is talented and flexible. Barry said that there was palpable anxiety at the Ivies because of budget cuts to the libraries.

Glenn attended the Illiad user's conference at Virginia Beach in March 2010. Glenn and Paul Doty from St. Lawrence University gave a presentation to 135 people. The presentation was called: 'Wondering A'loud: Visioning the Future of Resource Sharing and Delivery’. The discussion centered around how to expand services, keep ILL relevant, and "how planning to anticipate Google Books, using new discovery tools, introducing DIY systems (i.e. course management software), and applying emerging technologies will become the framework for articulating library collections. "Glenn said that Tina Baich from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis gave an excellent presentation called: 'Free for All: Interlibrary Loan and Open Access.'

5) Information Sharing

Everyone discussed their concern over the proposed 74% budget cuts to NJ state libraries.











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