Minutes of May 13, 2010 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Glenn Sandberg, Tracey Meyer, Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Krista Dandurand, Rose Barbalace, Jan Reinhardt, Michele Tokar, Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger (recorder), Stacey Carton (guest)
Dana Library: Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii
Camden Library: Eric Fizur


  1. Stacey Carton, guest, will discuss equipment and software in the Fordham Lab and how it can be used to develop library resources and training tools.
  2. Circulation of Music CDs to UGRADS.
  3. Holds Pickup Study, preliminary results.
  4. Relais update and testing checklist.
  5. Misc.: Rutgers Alumni Card, Print publications (Borrowing Privileges, Alumni and Community), Information Services training, Academic Holds for students with overdue E-ZBorrow and ILL items.
  6. Announcements and Information Sharing

1) Stacey Carton shared with the group an overview of what's available to staff in the Fordham lab and extended an invitation to come and visit. There are many resources available for staff use as well as assistance and guidance with project set-ups, and formulating training programs. Stacey also noted that the demo posted on YouTube regarding Rutgers University Libraries was created in the lab. The demo serves as an example of the sophisticated yet user friendly potential that exist within the lab and the available resources. To review the demo follow the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7rmBewBxO0

2) The circulation of Music CDs and DVDs to UGRADS is under consideration by the Music Librarian and Music faculty. The new Music/Performing Arts Librarian, Michelle Oswell, would like to see more open availability to undergraduates by allowing CDs to circulate for 3 days, but with no renewals and no holds. Billing fees are being reviewed with a possible recommendation to increase. As well, the billing notification schedule is being reviewed and will possibly be revised considering input from the ASC group. In terms of the notices a 4 day overdue and a 7 day bill is possible. ASC's role needs to be clear on the billing issues. The materials are mostly classical and are of most interest to music students. Some items will not circulate, just miscellaneous CDs and DVDs, however no VCR's cassettes will circulate. It was also noted that the materials can be returned to any RU library, but can only be picked up from Music because they will not be eligible for RDS and delivery. Jan and Michelle will look system wide at what other libraries are doing, e.g. contact Au at Dana Media, as there is a need to be consistent across libraries if possible. All the procedures will be reviewed with an eye towards standardization across RUL and the selectors need to address what can and cannot circulate. The hope is to start in the fall but collaboration is necessary prior to inception.

3) The group reviewed the Holds Pickup Study handout. The preliminary handout noted 12 varying statistical points regarding items being held at the units for patron pickup. Discussion ensued regarding the numbers the statistics provided and highlighted the potential information that could be gleaned from the study, such as:

The group concluded that it would be beneficial to have this type of report run in Sept, Oct. and Nov. to allow for continued review of the service.

4) Symphony Support staff in IIS (Systems) have received preliminary NCIP server system administration training in Symphony. Glenn Sandberg and Chris Sterback will receive Relais training next month

After this, staff training will be reviewed. The group reviewed the timeline for migration from URSA to Relais documentation and Judy asked for any additional items that may need to be included. The group suggested:

At this point of the meeting an item was introduced that was not noted on the agenda. The last topic under discussion segues nicely into a paging proposal submitted by Krista Dandurand, Coordinator of the Resource Sharing group. The following was discussed regarding the proposal.

The group reviewed the paging proposal document. Judy is looking for endorsement and will take the results to USC for their review. The issue of cuts to the work-study work force may impact on the workflow of the department, however, it was noted that the biggest cut was for summer work-study. The issue needs to be considered if the work force will be reduced in the fall. It was noted that the Resource Sharing group endorses paging and overall the ASC group agreed that the service would be a benefit to our users and it is hoped that the service can commence this summer.

5) Miscellaneous

6) Announcements and Information Sharing

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