Minutes of July 8, 2010 Meeting

Rose Barbalace (recorder), Krista Dandurand, Eric Fizur, Judy Gardner (chair), Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann , Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees
Andy Martinez, Penny Weniger


  1. Review status of ASC Activities for 2009-2010
  2. Discuss Activities for 2010-2011
  3. Review draft of ASC 2010-2011 calendar
  4. Summer patron load
  5. Training needs
  6. Proposed new use and scheduling of the Libraries’ due diligence delinquent accounts letter

1) Review status of ASC Activities for 2009-2010

Identify item records, patron records, and old delinquent accounts in the Unicorn database to cleanup in preparation for migrating to a new open source (OLE) library system; define core patron data needed for a shared VALE catalog and resource sharing.

Ongoing and will continue for next year.

Form an Electronic Reserves Task Force to explore ways to move ereserve files and links into course management systems where faculty use them.

This work is being fast tracked into the Reserve working group.

Participate with librarians and staff to identify and eliminate duplication among the LSM, Chemistry, and Physics library collections and system-wide; determine shelving and space needs for a merged collection.

Librarians and staff have been working on identifying duplicates to weed before merging the collection. Bob Sewell is heading the group. Andy and Penny representing for Access Services.

Participate with PALCI libraries and staff to implement the new E-ZBorrow system, Relais, at Rutgers during spring semester 2010.

New PALCI system implementation postponed to August.

Implement an online part-time employee application form for system wide use.

Due to recommendations from the Privacy Task Force changes were made to the final plan for the online application form. We are not able to maintain a secure server to house the employee information transmitted on the online application form. The project will instead post the PDF of the current paper application form for downloading. Prospective employees would still need to drop off the completed form to the libraries.

Form an access services training group, plan and conduct training for access services staff: effective communication and collaboration, re-fresher of customer service, how to teach and explain basic access services available to patrons; and new procedures as they arise (e.g. privacy, billing, Relais, etc.)

Customer service training is currently being accomplished through workshops over the summer.

2) Discuss Activities for 2010-2011

Group will continue to work on activities from 2009-2010 that are ongoing.

3) Review draft of ASC 2010-2011

Access Services and Systems department calendar has been posted to Sakai. Group members will review draft of calendar on their own time this week and report any changes or suggestions to Judy

4) Summer patron load

Systems department created a solution to complete the summer patron load for those patrons without a NET ID. A unique identifier was created and used in the ALT ID field that identifies the patron as a summer student. These records have the same expiration date as other students loading with their NET ID.

5) Training needs

The current Access Services customer service training sessions are going very well. Last two sessions are planned in the next couple of weeks. Judy asked the group to send suggestions or ideas for upcoming training needs at their units.

6) Proposed new use and scheduling of the Libraries’ due diligence delinquent accounts letter

Nita and Judy met with university delinquent accounts contact in June. May consider using the current delinquent accounts letter for ILL and PALCI overdue items. Group discussed the current use of the letter and agreed we may be waiting too long to contact patrons after they leave the university. Group agreed on the use of the letter to contact October/May graduates in the fall that still had overdue books and did not respond to any overdue notices sent over the summer.

7) Announcements & Information Sharing

Glenn and Chris attended PALCI user meeting. Temple will pair with us for testing. Test link was supposed to be available by the end of July. Due to vacations and the time in which we will have access to the test system we will plan for brief and concentrated staff training on the new system between Aug 15th-Aug 31st. Currently brief records and title level holds not supported in Relais. Some benefits and streamlining of workflow include printing of bands locally with transaction assigned barcode.

Judy – ASC meeting in August canceled. Would like to plan a large all staff meeting the last week in August similar to last year. Group coordinator meeting next week. New Brunswick libraries are cutting hours for the fall. Closing Chemistry and Physics on Saturday and Sunday. Other branches are closed on Saturday and open later on Sunday. We will be maintaining extended hours at Kilmer, Alexander, Douglass and LSM. Hours at Media and the Fordham lab will be maintained. SCI diversity intern starting in early August and will begin his rotation in Access Services.

Barry – Large number of incoming freshman and transfer students attending the New Student Orientation at the Livingston Student Center. Several access services staff have been involved assisting Jeris to staff an information Kiosk at the student center. These sessions are expected to go through August. Construction is heavy around the library as they continue building the new dining hall. The university continues to plant trees and shrubs around parking lots and the new fountain. The Incident/Emergency Report form has been updated on the RUL Staff Resources Human Resources web page. The form is also available on the Security and Facilities Group web page and on local T-drives in the folder Incident Report.

Jeff – Billing group has not met. Alex has had a number of facility issues. Carpet replacement in Government Documents has been planned. Windows in the old wing that were not replaced with the last project are scheduled to be replaced . New outlets are being installed in Gov Docs. With limited student staffing and no summer work study program full time staff have been doing collection management and covering the welcome desk this summer. Alex staff is also covering the Art Library with staff there out on medical leave. New self checkout installed at Alexander, currently keeping a list of things that have some glitches. Net books arrived and will begin circulating at Art library soon.

Jan- Ongoing facility issues at Douglass as well. Problem with chillers and regulating building temperature. Power was also out. New electrical outlets also being installed. Lighting project has been completed.

Dean – Format conversion of PER-Y to PER-N at Annex completed. Over 78,980 records were updated. Due to construction and diesel fume smells in close proximity to the building, air handlers are turned off at certain times of the day. Also the stacks are extremely noisy due to the construction.

Michele – Lighting project at LSM also completed. Expecting new outlets and wireless upgrade. 3rd floor redesign being planned for old DTS offices. The 3rd floor will be the quiet zone and study rooms will be built if money is available.

Eric – Changes in Reference area. Reference librarians are moving to the 1st floor. Folio shelving taken down to make space for new Reference area. Also weeding Reference. Recent power outage affected compact shelving. Getting rid of duplicate fiche. Adrian, Libby and Sandy retired. Looking at resumes for Libby’s position. Theresa now taking on Adrian’s responsibilities in the evening.

Maggie/Yoshi – New carpeting installed in Circulation and Admin. Lower level, lobby and reference will be completed in a couple of weeks. Access Services now in charge of collection management. ILL and RDS services still under Public Services.

Tracey – Graduating student notices were sent out. Bad addresses are starting to come back. No student help at system for the summer. New AC being installed in machine room, now the room should be able to accommodate additional servers.

Krista – New lighting caused problems with overhead scanner, which then needed to be recalibrated. Scanner may move to 3rd floor stacks area. Resource Sharing Group meeting every other month. Palci passwords have been changed.

Rose – Student group also has not met yet this summer but planning a July meeting. Group members are managing with staffing units with no work study students but have been forced to use more voucher funds. All EAFs for work study students will be electronic. New procedures on how we’ve been handling paperwork may need to be considered.

Glenn – ILS intern Ryan Nowlin will go to LSM and then Alexander to work in RDS with Meghan.

Darryl – Five public scanners to be installed this fall with duel NET ID login. Guests will be charged with copy card. Scanners to be installed at Dana, Robeson, LSM, Alexander and possibly Art.

Judy – State librarian webinar reported that Jersey CAT and ILL will be funded. Not sure if state grant funds will be restored. Consolidating the cooperative regions into one, INFO Link will remain. EBSCO host databases will also be funded.

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