Minutes of September 9, 2010 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Eric Fizur, Judy Gardner (chair), Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii, Barry Lipinski (recorder), Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Gideon Thompson (guest), Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Rose Barbalace, Krista Dandurand, Glenn Sandberg, Darryl Voorhees


  1. Review of Access Services Policy Memos
  2. Working Group Reorganization
  3. Media Circulation
  4. Updates: PALCI’s Relais implementation, self-check, netbook lending, same library/same campus holds, privacy audit, NetID uploads
  5. Information Sharing

Judy Gardner began the meeting by welcoming Vibiana Cvetkovic, Gideon Thompson, Eddie Suarez, and Paul Young.

1) Review of Access Services Policy Memos

User Services Council recently completed a review of its policy memos. The ASC will now review its policy memos. Judy will continue to tweak the memos with updates; she asks the group to send her any suggestions for changing the descriptive titles or the information in the memos.

2) Working Group Reorganization

Two new groups have been formed: Circulation and Public Services Group (Barry Lipinski, coordinator) and Training Group (Jeff Teichmann and Michele Tokar, co-coordinators). One of the first projects for the Circulation and Public Services Group will be to update the web pages. Judy will meet with the Training Group to examine priorities. There are two new group coordinators: Eddie Suarez (Collection Management Group) and Paul Young (Resource Sharing Group).

3) Media Circulation

Jan Reinhart provided an overview of new circulation policies for CDs and Music DVDs. As of September 5, 2010 the libraries have changed the circulation rules to permit undergraduates to check out CDs (both at Dana and in the Music Library) and Music DVDs. Michelle Oswell and Ka-Neng Au worked together to make these policy changes. Previously, these materials did not circulate to undergraduates. Students must come to the library that holds the materials to check them out. No bookings are allowed for CDs and DVDs to undergraduates. The loan period is three days; no renewals. Jan pointed out that newly created overdue notices and bills for these items should encourage students to return them promptly. Payment for any of these materials (including videos) that are lost may be handled at any RUL circulation desk. Jan asked that he be contacted at the Media Center to confirm actual replacement prices.

4) Updates

a. PALCI’s Relais implementation: PALCI Executive Director Dan Iddings reports that testing is proceeding but not yet available for libraries with Sirsi/Dynix ILSs. He expects that training should be underway before the November 18-19th Fall Membership Meeting.

b. self-check: Jeff said that patrons at Alexander Library are using it. There have been some problems where users have set off the exit game alarm due to the device’s failure to desensitize the books. In the first two months of operation, self-check has accounted for 20 percent of all checkouts.

c. netbook lending: the 5 netbooks available at the Art Library are being used frequently.

d. public scanners: Kilmer and LSM have now joined Alexander and the Fordham Lab in Douglass in offering a public scanner. Currently, users may save to a USB drive. Soon, the software will be turned on to enable users to save to their email accounts. The service is free for all users with a NetID and 10 cents per scan for guests.

e. same library/same campus holds: Responding to what many users asked for in RUL user surveys, the libraries now will provide same library/same campus holds. Average turnaround times have not changed, i.e., a user who places a hold on an LSM book from an Alexander PC should not expect that their request will be available for pickup an hour later. Staff will be going to the stacks with pull lists just as before to satisfy requests. The typical turnaround time for books will continue to be 2 to 5 days. Vibiana commented that the timing of the service’s implementation was excellent for Robeson. With the library deprived of air conditioning for much of the first week of the semester, users at least were spared the need to go to the hot stack areas to find books.

f. privacy audit: Nancy Kranich and Judy visited the Annex, Imaging Services, the Fordham Lab, and Media Center to gather information for the privacy audit. Next stop will be Shipping and Receiving.

g. NetID uploads: Tracey announced that NetIDs are uploaded once a week. Users who need to be registered as new users—no record in WorkFlows; record needs to be created—will need to use their barcode and PIN, instead of NetID and password, at first until their records with the NetID are uploaded.

h. PINs: Barry relayed to the ASC Priscilla Lee’s question regarding PINs: Are they still needed for students, faculty, and staff? Judy said that the PINs are still needed for certain users—Visiting Scholars, Emeritus, Rowan/Camden County, Vale, Research Assistants, new users whose NetIDs have not been loaded into the patron file, but are not needed by students, faculty, and staff who can now use their NetID and password for library services.

5) Information Sharing

Jeff – Antoinette Peteet will be retiring after 39 years of service to Rutgers University on January 1, 2011. She will be at Alexander Library until the last week of October 2010.

Penny – Budget woes have caused some reductions in hours at the Physics and Chemistry libraries. The Reserve Group is working on a proposal for a redesign of reserve services.

Eddie – The EAL Collection at Alexander Library has been reorganized. Water leaks have been recurring in areas of the third floor stacks. Discovered some difficulty in handling Media item types housed in locations other than the Media Center.

Gideon – Happy to be at RUL and attending the ASC meeting. Found the receipt printer at LSM that is used for printing hold shelf slips for users very helpful.

Maggie – Shawn Rogers will be out for a while. New light fixtures have been installed at Dana; restrooms have been remodeled; new carpeting has been installed; work is being done on the roof. At Dana, collection management is now a part of the circulation department; Maggie is now a supervisor of collection management and reports to Haipeng Li.

Yoshiko– Carolyn Foote has noted that an increasing number of belly bands are being torn from PALCI books.

Vibiana – Now the Librarian Head of Access Services at Robeson. Moving to developing job-sharing of functions for the staff.

Eric – RDS will resume at Robeson now that the air conditioning has been fixed.

Dean – Eighteen staff and librarians came to the Annex in two separate tours. Recently obtained 30 shelves of microcards.

Michele – Krista Dandurand has given birth to healthy twins (Milo and Zora). New public scanner has been placed on the third floor of LSM. Participated in new RU Faculty Orientation. Surrogate borrower application has been removed from the web because it asked for a social security number; form will need to be revised.

Andy – New electrical outlets have been installed on the ravine and ground levels of Douglass. The lighting project still has some problems to be fixed. Douglass has been busy.

Paul – The roll out of same library/same campus holds has gone smoothly; staff rose to the occasion well.

Barry – Kilmer has been busy from opening day. Campus is bustling with students and with construction. New dining hall is rising rapidly. Two additional group study rooms are now available on the lower level, increasing Kilmer’s total of group study rooms to eight. New public scanner has been placed on the first floor, next to the photocopiers and microform machine.

Next meeting: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010, Robeson Library, 10:00 am

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