Minutes of February 10, 2011 Meeting

G.Sandberg, B. Lipinski, D. Meister, J.Gardner, T.Meyer, M.Tokar, P. Weniger, J. Teichmann, A.Martinez, M.Harris-Clark, E. Fizur, E. Suarez, R. Barbalace, K. Haviland,V. Cvetkovic, J. Reinhart, D. Voorhees, Y. Ishii

1. Update on the new Relais EZB

The Relais Implementation Team conducted one training session in New Brunswick for about 10 staff, covering how to print book bands, ship (fill) requests, set requests to unfilled, and query requests. We are still unable to Receive, Return, and Complete requests. Until we can test these functions, training for the IDS/UPS site libraries will not be re-scheduled. IIS is working on new NetID and password login to EZB. ILS staff is looking at ways to continue to convert ILLs to EZBs on the patron's behalf. PALCI 's current go live date is the week of Feb. 14th but it will undoubtedly be postponed again.

2. Revised EZB webpage

The group made suggestions for the webpage. Judy will incorporate additional changes and post another revised version on sakai.

3. Proposed new UMDNJ courtesy notices

The notices are similar to what we send to Emeritus and Community borrowers when their annual privileges are about to expire. They are useful reminder. 8 notices have been created for faculty/staff and students with or without remote access and with or without checkts.

4. Plastic Guest Borrower cards

It's time to order a new supply of plastic Guest borrower cards. The group reviewed the current design and made suggestions for name, status, and barcode labels, and recommended we use one plastic card for guests and occasional primary borrowers. Judy will draft a re-design and ask for further input.

5. Information Sharing

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_11_02_10.shtml
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