Minutes of September 8, 2011 Meeting

J. Gardner, G. Sandberg, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, D. Meister, T. Meyer, M. Harris-Clark, E. Fizur, J. Teichmann, E. Suarez (Recording), J. Locascio, R. Barbalace, K. Haviland, A. Martinez

1) Housekeeping

2) Revised Notices Text

3) Preservation and DTS Tickets Draft Document

4) Draft Goals, 2011-2012

5) Creating temporary manual Workflows records for New Rutgers students, faculty, and staff-DRAFT revision

6) Symphony 3.4: Release notes, plan for testing, sign-off Nov 10th

7) Information Sharing

Tracey Meyer (Library Systems/IIS)

Glenn Sandberg (Interlibrary Loan Services)

Eddie Suarez (Collection Management)

Dean Meister (Annex)

Yoshi Ishii, Maggie Harris-Clark (Dana Library)

Michele Tokar (Library of Science and Medicine)

Jill Locascio (Reserves)

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander Library)

Barry (Kilmer Library)


URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_11_09_08.shtml
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