Minutes of November 10, 2011 Meeting

Dana: Keir Reavie (guest), Judy Gardner (chair), Dean Meister, Barry Lipinski, Rosalba Barbalace, Jeff Teichmann, Orla Mejia (guest) , Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii
Camden: Vibiana Bowman, Eric Fizur
Alexander: Krista Haviland, Tracey Meyer, Chris Sterback (guest), Eddie Suarez, Andy Martinez, Darryl Vorhees, Jill Locascio, Michele Tokar (recorder)

1. Bill Notice Schedules

The Notices Working Group, comprised of Krista, Jill and Judy, requested feedback on changing the schedules of the Bill for Replacement notice and Overdue Recall notice. The language for many notices had already been approved at the last meeting.

Bill for Replacement notice: The working group suggested the Bill for Replacement notice should go out at 90 days instead of 180 days. This schedule would coincide with the semester schedule which is roughly 3 months. The Access Services group discussed the effects this change would have. The biggest change would be the following: titles would be marked "LOST-ASSUM," and shadowed in the catalog at 90 days instead of at 180 days. The group decided shadowing the book sooner was OK because library users could then use PALCI or ILL to request an item that was potentially lost. The following would remain the same: users would still be barred at 40 days, and items would be removed from the system 2 years after they were lost. The general consensus of the group was to adapt the new billing schedule. Chris Sterback said he would try to implement these changes prior to the upgrade to Workflows. 3.4. Chris said he will need to run a "catch-up report" for people with items that are between 90-180 days overdue.

Overdue Recall Bill: The working group suggested the Overdue Recall Bill should be sent 25 days after the recall due date instead of 56 days. The general consensus of the Access Services group was that this was a good idea. If the bill were sent out at 25 days after the overdue recall notice then the hold on the recalled item would be removed sooner, therefore letting the user who requested the item know they could try to order the item through PALCI or ILL. This change will affect staff at the circulation desk who will need to check PUB notes carefully for documentation to support Recall bills.

2. Symphony 3.4 testing

Staff should have Test Workflows installed on their PC’s in the next week. Staff should begin testing as soon as possible and report back to Judy and Chris within a month. Chris Sterback has worked with IIS colleague Ed Smith to streamline the entire installation process. Previously, when we upgraded the test system, someone had to manually install test Workflows on each tester's workstation. In the future, IIS will be able to install the new software remotely. Everyone was encouraged to look at the release notes. Judy has created a folder on the Access Services Sakai site under Resources called: Symphony Upgrades-Testing Information with links to the release notes, test user records and staff test logins, and testing checklists.

There are two major enhancements in this release: Onshelf Items wizard to display contents of the hold item database ("This wizard imitates the functionality of the ListOnshelf Items with Holds (Pullonshelfhld) report, but it can be configured to update in real-time as holds are placed, cancelled, suspended, or unsuspended manually throughout the day, allowing administrators to update the hold item list interactively" ), and new right-click menu options for Circulation wizards( "these right-click menus are "popup" menus that contain commands and options that can be performed against a selected record or group of records.").

There are also several other features that we may or may not use. Staff will be able to search for users by the last load date, and also send messages to users using the Request wizards.

Chris said it was important for staff using the test system to create new transactions since it has been dormant for a while. The Annex needs a test login. Chris also mentioned that, since we do not have a test environment for our self-checkout station nor the connection to NCIP by Relais E- ZBorrow, we won't be able to test these areas prior to the upgrade. The timeframe for the upgrade to the production system will be discussed at the LIS meeting.

3. Connections to Relais new Data Center

Relais is moving the E-ZBorrow server to a new data center on November 16. All 51 workstations at Rutgers that run the Relais Windows apps needed to be prepped for the move to insure they can continue to connect to the server after the move. The URL that staff use to process PALCI requests will change on November 16. The patron URL also changes slightly but is a behind-the-scenes change that IIS needs to make to our custom E-ZBorrow login page.

4. Information Services Standards-revised draft

Kristen Ko, Michele, and Judy revised the Information Services standards document. New links were added for Quiet Zones, Group Study Rooms, and PC Reservation. These have not been posted to the web yet. The intent of these service standards is to provide written guidelines for the knowledge and information Access Services staff strive to obtain. This document is not all comprehensive and it is important to remember that different campuses at Rutgers have different cultures. Some of the language in the document may be changed to reflect this. Judy would like to re-introduce this document to staff. The Access Services training group will look at creative ways to do this.

5. Procedures Review: bookings checkout at circ desks, patron file extracts for proxy, other

6. Information Sharing

Barry: Netbook lending began at Kilmer. There are posters up in the library to advertise Netbook lending. They had a peak of 9 checked out in 1 day. The audio feature is has not been working on the laptops. Anne Butman will look into this. Exit counts are way up in the library. Hopefully, the new, expanded Kilmer Library student computing lab up and running for the beginning of the Spring Semester. The lab will be comprised of a combination of roomy, wooden table work stations and a series of hexagonal work stations. All the computers, three printers, and swipe station will be located to your right when entering the building. Kilmer is looking forward to this. They know students will love the new lab.

Orla: preparing for the Relais upgrade

Rose: The student coordinators group is filming information/customer service tutorials for student workers. They are about 1-minute long scripts using a cartoon program, and actual students. The tutorials will have catchy names such as "Chatty Cathy." The student coordinators group is also working on standardizing warning letters for students. There are still many problems signing off with Time Trak. The new shift differential process may help with voucher budget savings.

Yoshi: Keir Reavie is the new Associate Director at Dana. Dana Library is completing an inventory of the QE section and also doing some shifting.

Jeff: Irina Radeva was recently hired at the Alexander Library for a collection Management position. Her schedule is Sunday through Thursday. Alexander has started Netbook lending, and bike rentals. The bike rentals are very busy.

Dean: The Annex is working in a new RECON project and they are handling a big collection of Microprints from the Alexander Library.

Eric: Camden still has no Current Periodical Shelves. Camden will resume article delivery at the end of winter break. Many of the staff attended Directors Station training.

Krista: The RDS group is preparing for the upgrade to Relias. Several branch libraries have reported receiving UPS deliveries of E-Z borrow requests directly from other Universities.

Michele: LSM has new benches outside in the front of the library. The upgrades to the "Special Collections" room are nearly finished. The copy card vending machine was moved to the first floor. The LSM building committee is looking to move most equipment to the first floor. The new Group Study Room signup is beginning to work well.

SERC: The people counter is not working. Student staff are still taking manual counts.

Math: An electrical outlet burned. They are still waiting for an electrician to come and fix this. For the time being, they have no PC for Guest users.

Physics: Had some chairs reupholstered.

Jill: The reserve group is looking how other university libraries use scanning services to create reserves. The reserve group is also looking at e-books for reserve. Twitter is working well at Kilmer to let students know when high demand reserve books become available. Jill is willing to work with any other libraries that want to try Twitter.

Tracey: Courtesy Notices are scheduled to go out November 16 for users that expire 12/31/2011. Tracey is co-conducting Director Station Training with Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick. There will be Director Station Training for new users in the spring. The new version of Zimbra was uploaded and seems to be running smoothly.

Eddie: Standardizing floor maps for all units. The Collection Management Group is looking into how to display floor maps electronically in the Library Catalog. Joseph Deodato, Digital User Services Librarian, was a guest at the last Collection Management Group meeting.

Andy: Construction is ongoing with the Librarian’s offices. The Media car was vandalized.

Darryl: Patches were applied to scan stations across New Brunswick. Getting ready to set up scanners at Robeson and then Dana. The scan stations are very popular. Darryl has noticed a trend in students using scan station to share notes from class.

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