Minutes of January 12, 2012 Meeting

R. Barbalace, E. Fizur, J. Gardner (Chair), M. Harris-Clark, K. Haviland, B. Lipinski, J. Locasio, A. Martinez, D. Meister, T. Meyer, K. Reavie, G. Sandberg, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann (recorder), M. Tokar.
V. Cvetkovic, Y. Ishii, J. Reinhart, D.Voorhees


  1. Symphony 3.4 upgrade
  2. Status of new and evolving services: e-books and Reserves, media clipping for faculty, streaming audio & visual Reserves
  3. E-ZBorrow and Relais issues: terminating staff sessions, other
  4. Review status of ASC 2011-2012 goals/activities
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

Due to Eddie Suarez needing to attend another meeting, he reported on the activities of the Collection Management Group

1) Symphony 3.4 upgrade

3) E-ZBorrow and Relais issues:

4) Review status of ASC 2011-2012 goals/activities:

  1. Develop and implement a scanning service for faculty.
    • The Reserve group has completed compiling data and researching other institutions current practices and services. They are now examining each and preparing their recommendations.
  2. Develop streaming media reserve.
    • This is progressing nicely and will possibly be implemented in the Spring 2012 semester.
  3. Identify item records, patron records, and old delinquent accounts in the Unicorn database to cleanup in preparation for migrating to a new open source (OLE) library system; define core patron data needed for a shared VALE catalog and resource sharing.
    • A sub-group of the Circulation and Public Services group (CPSG) will be formed to begin this process.
  4. Standardize library stack guide maps and make them available on the web; investigate a dynamic call number locator with virtual floor plans integrated in the Library Catalog.
    • The collection management group is working with Joseph Deodato (Digital User Services Librarian) on this project. It is hoped that a prototype of a small library will be available before year's end.
  5. Investigate capabilities for sending text message Notices to users in the LIS.
    • This is available in Symphony 3.4.1 as an added capability. It is unclear at this time whether this would be an added cost and what the capabilities are. It was agreed this should be monitored and investigated at a later date.
  6. Update Access Services' Information Service Standards; review revised standards with staff.
    • The updates have been done and posted. The Training group is looking at possible ways to roll out to Access Services staff.
  7. Deliver in-person Customer Service training to part-time employees; create instructional videos on basic WorkFlows circulation tasks.
    • This is in progress with the Student coordinator's and the Training group.

2) Status of new and evolving services:

5) Announcements and Information Sharing

J. Gardner Reporting reference transaction statistics at the circulation desks is still pending.

B. Lipinski CPSG new webpage is a combination and revamp of the old Circulation, Billing and Security & Maintenance Groups pages. It is up and running and Barry passed around copies of the page. Kilmer library OIT lab expansion delayed as things are awaiting the bid process. The front doors (problematic for the last upteem years will finally, finally be replaced. It is possible the front patio (sorely in need of work) will also be renovated. The DeChavez Room is now open!

M. Tokar LSM Reference weeding project is underway. The space gained will be used to create a vending machine and designated eating area. Chemistry and Physics libraries have expanded their hours for the spring semester, now having hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

J. Teichmann Alexander lobby floor tile replacement project delayed until either spring break or May intersession.

T. Meyer Please answer request for Reserve desk hours verification. Even if hours are correct, Tracey needs verification for the files. IIS staff is working on training for Director's station a refresher course and also a course for new users.

A. Martinez Construction at Douglass is continuous with a new Music seminar room and librarian offices being constructed. The old librarian offices will become group study rooms. Kristi Conover is now splitting time between Chang and Douglass. Jane Sloan is on sabbatical until July and Stacey Carton is out on maternity leave.

M. Harris-Clark and K. Reavie The cooling tower on the roof of the Dana library is being replaced. This has necessitated re-routing the entrance/exit to the library as a crane is positioned directly outside the library.

E. Fizur Compact shelving being added to the basement in preparation for the new Camden County library branch moving in to part of the space. Gary Golden returns Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

D. Meister Many Government Documents transfers from Alexander in response to a fire code violation (books to close to the sprinkler heads).

R. Barbalace The student coordinator group is looking at standardizing termination practices and filming customer service tutorials. There are new type 4 employee procedures and the University has instituted a new employee type Type 3.

K. Haviland the Resource Sharing group has not met.

G. Sandberg ILS is status quo.

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