Minutes of March 8, 2012 Meeting

R. Barbalace, E. Fizur, J. Gardner (Chair), M. Harris-Clark, K. Haviland, Y. Ishii, B. Lipinski, J. Locascio, D. Meister, T. Meyer, K. Reavie, G. Sandberg, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann, D.Voorhees (recorder).
V. Cvetkovic, A. Martinez , J. Reinhart, M. Tokar.


  1. E-ZBorrow/Ugrad/Guest Loan Periods
  2. Report from the Recall Study Group
  3. New Emeritus List
  4. Daily User Creation Reports
  5. Updates and Information Sharing

#2 Report from the Recall Study Group

#1 E-ZBorrow/Ugrad/Guest Loan Periods

#3 New Emeritus List

#4 Daily User Creation Reports

#5 Announcements and Information Sharing

J. Gardner

B. Lipinski

R. Barbalace

T. Meyer

E. Suarez

K. Haviland

J. Locascio


M. Harris-Clark

E. Fizur

J. Teichmann

D. Meister

G. Sandberg

M.Tokar (via J.Gardner)

April 12th Access Services Committee is CANCELLED.
The Committee will meet again on May 10, 2012.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_12_03_08.shtml
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