Minutes of May 10, 2012 Meeting

Rose Barbalace (recorder), Judy Gardner (chair), Maggie Harris-Clark, Krista Haviland, Yoshii Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Jill Locascio, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Tracy Meyer, Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees
Eric Fizur


  1. Proposal to remove old user records with bills
  2. EZB button in the library catalog
  3. Undergraduate loan period
  4. Reference statistics at circulation desks
  5. Laptop and netbook lending
  6. Ivies+ Symposium. AM and BVL
  7. Updates and Information Sharing

1. Proposal to remove old user records with bills

The Billing Subgroup (Judy, Barry, Nita and Gill) wrote a proposal presented last week to USC. The proposal outlines the process going forward to forgive bills and academic holds older than 10yrs, which would be rare to collect at this time. The removal of these outstanding bills and holds will result in a large patron purge of expired user records. Considering the difficultly in tracking down patrons with older outstanding bills the subgroup has also proposed polices to currently rectify bills that are 2-3yrs old and to start the collections phase earlier than in the past.

In moving forward the 2012 Amnesty may be processed 3 different ways for academic holds-- billing staff could manually remove holds, we could ask the Delinquent Accounts staff to work from a list given date parameters for removal, or we could ask Student Financial Services to do a batch removal for Delinquent Accounts. Workflow records could also be removed in batch after the bills and holds are removed. The group is still working out logistics to figure out which of the three processes to clear 10yr old holds would be the most accurate and least time consuming.

2. EZBorrow button in library catalog

The new EZBorrow button has been tested in the test catalog and is ready to be added to the live catalog. Judy asks the group to take a look and see how it will work and appear in the catalog. Bob Warwick posted criteria (when the button appears on records in the catalog) to ASC’s sakai site discussion.

3. Undergraduate loan period

Starting May 15th the undergraduate loan period will change from 28 days to six weeks (42 days). Changes will need to be made on the web and to some desk handouts. There is currently no set time frame or additional information on EZBorrow/PACLI requests moving to six week loans.

4. Reference statistics and circulation desks

Reference stats are now being taken at all circulation desks, previously only Douglass routinely took daily stats. NB libraries stats currently showing increase in reference related questions in early morning and evening hours when the reference desks are closed. As we moved closer to finals the stats dropped drastically. At Kilmer questions relating to EZBorrow and Reserve modules are most prevalent.

Examples of reference vs. directional questions were taken directly from official ACRL definitions. Jeff created additional examples with questions to clarify reference questions at Alexander, he will share with other supervisors. USC looking at definitions for various levels of reference questions (READ Scale) and will also look at standards.

Possible subject of summer training could be to incorporate these examples into new information services training.

5. Laptop and Netbook lending

Group reviewed current netbook and laptop lending policies and replacement/bill notices. Language will be clarified on billing notices relating to payments of fines and privileges being restored. Updates to webpage will be made to specify different charges for netbook vs. laptop.

Bibliographic records will be important in finding lending stats. New item type can be created so all records are listed together. Circulation policy will be the same and records can be moved over time. In some cases the time limits for checkouts can be made different.

6. Ivies+ Symposium Report. (Andy and Barry)

Symposium grouped sessions in the program into three tracks: Rethinking Resource Sharing, Redesigning Library Spaces and Reimagining Services. Keynote speaker was Jeremy York, Hathi Trust Project Librarian. Both Andy and Barry reported that the breakout session were excellent and well thought out. One noticeable improvement at the University of Chicago Library was updates to all signs to remove negative language.

7. Updates and information sharing

Upcoming meeting dates: June 14th meeting will be held in the afternoon, July 12th meeting has been canceled, August 9th meeting has no changes, September 13th meeting has been canceled and October 11th meeting has no changes.

Judy G. - A-team responsibilities to move to Access Services starting July 1st. The holds/recall sub group will work on the transition. A-team currently receives all special requests made in the catalog. The requests either move on to other units to be filled or are canceled and patrons notified. The transition subgroup will review procedures and update replies. ASC group also discussed the possibility of allowing all reference books to circulate to all campuses for a brief period of time. Judy will bring up this new policy change suggestion to USC and reference librarians.

Glenn S. - EZBorrow loan levels back to normal. ILL staff does not want to be a dead end when a patron is looking for a book and the item is not available through ILL. In some cases when ILL has had to cancel requests, due to patrons requesting text books, staff have made suggestions/referrals to online rental sites for text books. ILL has had some issues with items coming in multi volumes or pieces. For example, discs, maps, dress patterns, etc. May look into using "number of pieces" or "associated items" available in Workflows, different color bands, extended notes in records or barcode each item.

Dean M. - Facilities is continuing to work on heat issues at the Annex. New sensors were placed in the elevators to stop doors from closing quickly on staff trying to push a truck of books into elevator. Digital Preservation team met, discussed copyright issues and policies.

Eddie S. - Hold Maintenance group continues to work on bound periodical consolidation project. A-AA title test run has been compiled; selectors need to decide where they would like the items to go. The Collection Management group is currently working on drafting library format for digital maps and floors with standard icons. Training video for missing books is in the works.

Jeff T. - OIT printing installed at Art Library, two large capacity printers and print release stations have been hugely popular. Alexander was extremely busy during finals week. Scarlet Late café closed for the summer. Bedbugs returned in library books coming from library mail. All boxes were destroyed and thrown away. All affected and potentially affected library books were double bagged and isolated until an exterminator can treat the books.

Andy M. - Carpet project continues in the basement level/lower level of Douglass Library. Replacing network switches for PCs, no phones or computers from 9am-2:30pm. You can contact Media or Fordham Lab during this downtime since they will not be affected by new switches. Mable Smith Douglass Room will be designated as a food friendly zone.

Michele T. - During finals reference started a pilot and offered free coffee to students studying. The pilot was hugely popular and the coffee went very quickly. In the future may have students provide their own mugs. Study rooms were also very busy during finals week. A new coffee vending machine will be installed at LSM.

Tracy M. – Reserve desk hours switched to new summer hours. Courtesy notices for any guest category expiring 6/30 will be going out as well as Emeritus records.

Maggie H. and Yoshi I. – No current issues at Dana Library. Helen is retiring in August, looking to cover evening hours and Saturday.

Eric F. via email – Robeson finished with compact shelving construction on lower floor. All collections except reference, periodicals and special collections are now located on the bottom floor. Current periodical section has new shelving. New Camden Public Library is complete, located in Robeson but with its own entrance. A full inventory project will begin soon, which includes cleaning and scanning every book owned at Robeson.

Jill L. – Reserve group working with copyright issues, creating proper documentation.

Darryl V. – New software installed for public scanners with improvements and better interface. Same login for OIT and can now print directly to a campus lab. Download scans directly to phone or tablet. Attended Associated College and University Printing (ACUP) conference, noticed that Rutgers may be far ahead of other institutions in relation to self scanning and printing options. Year end fund approved for new equipment. Dissertation binding service very popular. Rapid software upgrade caused some problems that we are still working around.

Jan R. – New digital video services now available for faculty. Able to offer clips streaming of less than 10% of video. There are still some copyright issues with clipping and Media staff are being very careful to work within those guidelines. In order for the clips to work the disc will need to be placed on course reserve.

Krista H. – Resource Sharing Group will be reviewing and updating content on staff resource page.

Rose B. – Student Coordinator Group will continue summer projects to update job descriptions and pay rate scales. Also, plan to film and complete editing on customer service tutorials to be used in the fall.

Barry L. – 73 diploma holds were placed in New Brunswick, 18 for Newark and 10 for Camden. The new OIT lab at Kilmer has been extremely successful. Kilmer Library exit stats were up from last year. Over 56,000 patrons visited in the month of April, a 33% increase from this time last year.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 14th, 1:30pm.

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