Minutes of January 10, 2013 Meeting

Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Rose Barbalace, Krista Haviland, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez (Recorder), Dean Meister, Tracey Meyers, Glenn Sandberg, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Paul Young, Keir Reavie (at Dana Library), Yoshiko Ishii (at Dana Library)


  1. Debrief: Customer Service webinar from this morning
  2. Debrief: stress relieving activities during exams in NB
  3. Midyear review of FY13 Goals/Activities
  4. Scanner upgrade
  5. Revised documents: IIS/Access Services Calling Chain, Fines Schedule, RUL Services – Authentication
  6. Announcements and Information Sharing

Debrief: Customer Service Webinar from this Morning

LibraryLink offered a customer service webinar during the morning of Thursday, 1/10/13. All in attendance agreed that it was a worthwhile webinar and presented good ideas to take away and implement into our customer service work. The words to use vs. the words to lose section should be reviewed in terms of our work with the public.

Some comments from those who attended:

A link to the archived information for the webinar is below: http://librarylinknj.org/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=1043&qid=75728

Debrief: Stress Relieving Activities During Exams in NB

The group discussed the various stress relieving activities that Access Services sponsored during the Fall/2012 Exam Period. This included Pet-A-Puppy and Stressbuster Back Rubs events at the Alexander Library, Douglass Library, Kilmer Library, and LSM (one session of Stressbuster Back Rubs at the Dana Library) and a Free Coffee Giveaway at LSM.

Announcements over the PA system were made at the units when the club members arrived for the activities. All units expressed that there was a good deal of participation from our users for each activity and positive feedback from our users.

The Pet-A-Puppy activity was organized through the Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club. Club members would bring one or two “puppies” (sometimes up to a year old) to the libraries for up to two hours to allow our users to pet and socialize with them.

The Stressbuster Back Rubs activity was provided by Stressbusters, a club through Rutgers University. Club members were able to provide a gentle touch back rub lasting 5-8 minutes on average to our users.

All group members at the units where the activities were provided agreed that it was a positive experience and we should do this again during the Spring/2013 Exam Period. Additional stress-relieving ideas for the future include a Free Coffee Giveaway for the four main units (LSM did this during the Fall/2012 Exam Period) and other University sponsored events.

Midyear Review of FY13 Goals/Activities

The group reviewed the Access Services Action Plan/Goals & Activities 2012-2013 document in terms of what work has been completed, what is still in-process towards completion, and what activities still need work.

Some goals/activities that are in progress and/or have been completed include:

Some goals/activities that still need work include:

Scanner Upgrade

Darryl discussed the upcoming changes to the self-service scanning service for the libraries. Starting in the Spring/13 semester, our users will be able to scan to a smartphone or tablet via QR code, scan to Fax using a library copy card, or scan directly to a computer lab using a print allowance (where applicable).

This is in addition to the continued ability to scan to email, scan to a USB device, scan to Google Docs, and scan to print with a copy card.

These changes are based directly on requests from our users and should be a beneficial upgrade to the services that we offer.

Revised Documents: Iis/Access Services Calling Chain, Fines Schedule, RUL Services – Authentication

A new Access Services Calling Chain was reviewed by the group. Phone numbers and contacts were reviewed and approved. While not used frequently, it is beneficial to periodically review contacts in case of a network outage.

The Charges and Fees Schedule was reviewed by the group. Due to the increased use of the Equipment item type by different sites, a discussion was held in regards to average replacement charges for the different types of equipment we have. This equipment includes audio voice recorders, video cameras, hard drives, etc.

One possible solution for equipment that has a cost above $50 would be to record the price of the item in the item record (user CIRC- NOTE and PUB-NOTE) and to remind the user of this possible cost upon checkout of the item. The Charges and Fees Schedule would be update to contain information that replacement charges will vary according to the equipment type.

Announcements and Information Sharing

Tracey M.: Unicorn Workflows will be upgraded on Saturday, 1/12/13. Tracey asked that all sites that have not been able to confirm the reserve desk hours for the Spring/13 semester to please do so (completed). Shared Workflows logins and Override passwords will be changing soon.

Darryl V.: Darryl stated that the new Imaging Services staff person, David Williams, will be starting on 1/10/13.

Dean M.: Dean reported that the carpets in the public areas of the Libraries Annex were steam cleaned. Two projects at the Libraries Annex, a recon using the shelf list from TAS and a withdrawal projects for Annex duplicates, continue.

Eddie S.: Eddie reported that shelf hooks are available to any RUL unit. Please email him with the quantity you need and he will process your request. Work continues on the Serial Consolidation Project with Collection Management staff pulling items and shipping them to DTS. They are also working on maximizing space in our periodical collections.

Rose B.: Rose reported that the Student Coordinators Group attended a LibGuide workshop in December. Work continues on the training video project.

Barry L.: Barry reported that the Kilmer Library was recently inspected for the possibility of compact shelving. A new Access Services staff for the Kilmer Library, Grace McGarty, will start work on Monday, 1/14/13. Kim Kaiser will be leaving her position with Access Services to become the new PC Coordinator for the Kilmer Library.

Jeff T.: Jeff reported that the Alexander Undergraduate computer lab will be closed for a couple of days for renovations. The Art Library is in the process of installing compact shelving and parts of the collection will be unavailable for public browsing. Books can be ordered through resource sharing for daily pulling by staff. Jeff reported that the Training Group hosted a customer service webinar and has been working on LibGuide training for staff.

Michele T.: Michele reported that Mark Forster has retired. She is working with Access Services staff to cover staff absences at LSM, the Chemistry Library, and the Physics Library. LSM has been scheduled for repainting of all public spaces.

Krista H.: Krista reported that she is covering document delivery during staff absences at LSM.

Keir (Dana): Keir reported that the freight elevator in the Dana Library has been fixed.

General Announcement:

Next Meeting

Thursday, 2/14/13
University Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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