Minutes of the August 8, 2013 Meeting

J. Gardner (chair), G. Sandberg (recording), M. Jusino, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, D. Meister, B. Warwick, M. Harris-Clark, E. Suarez, R. Barbalace, D. Voorhees, D. Hamlette, Y. Zhu, D. Grauer, K. Reivie, P. Young, K. Haviland
A. Martinez, B. Lipinski, J. Reinhart, E. Fizur, V. Cvetkovic

1) Patron File

Health Sciences and RU patron files and load schedules – Bob Warwick

Warwick called attention to the new schedule for patron loads due to separate Health Sciences feeds. The Health Sciences feeds come from the Banner system, and there is one feed for Faculty/Staff and one for Students. “Fresh” files are received six days a week although we currently load a new file once a week. An additional file for Health Sciences Volunteer faculty is updated and received monthly. Warwick advised committee members to leave the A or G number in the Alt ID field when registering volunteer faculty at circulation desks. It’s their unique identifier and needed for matching in subsequent loads. Gardner advised everyone to see the revised Borrower Chart entry for Health Sciences Volunteer Faculty for instructions, and to work through and with staff at Smith and RWJ libraries in handling these records.

Borrower Chart updates: DUAL users, How to Register FACSTF, GRAD, UGRAD and GUEST instructions

Warwick said the new DUAL demographic status is used for patrons coming into the system from both Health Sciences and Rutgers data feeds. The total number of these patrons is about 840-850. The DUAL status avoids the creation of duplicate patron records. The data load retains the higher profile record (FACSTF over GRAD, for example), or the Rutgers record if the profile is the same in both files. Wrinkles may persist until patrons come in only one file.

Gardner mentioned new instructions for How To Register FACSTF, GRADs, and UGRADs, and How To Register GUEST patrons posted at the beginning of the Borrower Chart on the Staff Resources pages.

Removal of UMDF/S and UMDSTU Profiles

Warwick said UMDF/S and UMDSTU profiles are going away; they will be mapped to FACSTF and GRAD. A Staff Note will be added indicating the origin of the record, i.e. library, profile, demographic, date, IIS/API. Staff Note Example: LSM, UMDF/S, JOINT 8/5/13 IIS/API


Hamlette and Gardner discussed the status of RWJ University Hospital staff pharmacists; these have been manually entered as Volunteers based on a list provided by the Rutgers School of Pharmacy.

Warwick told the group to be aware of the difference between RUL-ONLINE and UMD-ONLINE records and to be sure ‘Register New User’ wizard Properties default to your home local Library when creating manual records. Gardner also alerted committee members to be aware of different last Load dates on patron records now that we are loading multiple files.

Zhu asked for clarification on JOINT status. Warwick mentioned outdated JOINT Borrowers Chart entry, and Gardner recognized that work still need to be done in this area. Going forward, we will use the JOINT Demographic Status when registering faculty and students in NJIT federated departments.

Barbalace asked for standardized notes/instructions to users who use Barcode and PIN log-in to UMD databases.

2) Introduction

Gardner introduced Diversity Intern Manuel Jusino to the committee.

3) FY 13-14 Review

Access Services system wide committees: review of propose statements, rosters, goals

Gardner invited Zhu and Hamlette to ask their staff to consider participating in the various Access Services groups. Gardner reviewed for the committee the following: a) purpose statements of the Access Services groups, b) group rosters, and c) goals of the Access Services groups. Meister said he and Barry Lipinski (Kilmer Library) are eager to have a representative from both Smith Library and RWJ Library join the Circulation and Public Services Group. Bill Bejarano from the Alcohol Studies Library will also be invited to join this group.

Gardner described the work of each Access Services group for Hamlette and Zhu to inform their decision on which staff to participate in a particular group. Gardner also discussed the future participation of Health Sciences libraries staff on listservs, primarily circ_sub.

Gardner suggested possible ASC goals for FY 13-14 and asked the committee to bring others for a goals discussion at our next meeting:

Access Services & IIS Calendar, FY 13-14

Gardner asked committee members to review the Access Services and IIS Draft calendar for FY 13-14 and send her corrections. The list of contacts also needs to be reviewed and updated.

4) E-Z Borrow – Smith and RWJ participation

Health Sciences libraries staff will be attending E-Z Borrow training at Alexander Library on Thursday, August 22nd. Chris Sterback has been in touch with the PALCI system representative regarding the addition of Smith and RWJ as E-Z Borrow pickup locations and to configure their collections for EZB requests. We anticipate Smith and RWJ will begin participating on or around August 26th.

It was noted that in their first full month as full partners in processing Document Delivery article requests, Smith and RWJ have done an excellent job. RWJ filled 59 requests and Smith filled 130!

5) CIC Resource Sharing Update

Hamlette is delighted with full participation of RWJ Library in resource sharing with CIC/Big Ten libraries in Docline. The ease of access and reciprocal (no fee) borrowing is a great aid to RWJ patrons. The ILS office at Alexander has also implemented CIC reciprocal borrowing and lending in ILLiad.

Gardner updated the committee on discussions about adding the U Borrow platform, specifically system implementation, the discovery module, the user experience, staff processing which is done in ILLiad not Relais, and delivery times. Relais recently convened conference calls with representatives of research libraries that are members of two Relais consortium (Penn, Penn State, UChicago, potentially Rutgers) and is exploring options for providing a single user interface and request experience, and alternative staff processing options. Sandberg discussed his contacts with Penn State, which uses both E-Z Borrow and U Borrow.

6) Chemistry Library

The Chemistry Library will be closing on Friday, August 30. A new Chemistry building is pending, so the Chemistry Library space will become office space for the Chemistry Department. The Chemistry Library collection will be moved to the Libraries Annex. All Chemistry items will become Annex Stacks in the catalog (including reference and bound periodicals) and will circulate and be ‘requestable.’ The collection will then be reviewed and items added to the Annex, transferred to another library, or de-accessioned. The Chemistry Department will pay for outside movers to transport the collection. Forma announcements to patrons and staff will be forthcoming.

7) Fordham Lab and Fordham Commons

The Fordham Lab at the Douglass and Laurie Library is expanding. The Music Department will be using the original lab space for instruction (Music Technology classes, e.g.) and bringing in additional software. Old software has been moved to the Fordham Commons, a multimedia collaboration space located in Douglass’ former technical services area. Staffing of Fordham Lab and Commons and work study student assignments still need to be worked out.

8) Net ID Authentication for E-Reserves

IIS is working on requiring Net ID authentication for access to E-Reserves. LDAP will be looking at the class roster to grant or deny access. There is no work-around for this, only those registered for the class will have access to e-documents on reserve. The Copyright Librarian Janice Pilch and University Counsel have initiated this policy change.

9) Announcements and Information Sharing

Judy Gardner (Chair)
An updated directory of library addresses has been posted to the RSG Staff Resources web page. We should all be using campus mail addresses for shipping materials back and forth to Smith and RWJ Libraries. Please be sure to use the full name and address and indicate ‘campus mail’ on envelopes and boxes. Gardner will be on vacation 15-30 August.

Dianne Hamlette (RWJ)
It has been a busy month but things are working out well.

Edward Suarez (Library of Science and Medicine)
The Collection management is exploring training opportunities. A shift is underway in LSM Reference in preparation for addition of Chemistry Ref materials.

Paul Young (Kilmer)
The Reserve Group recommends that the maximum fine for an outstanding reserve item be $50. The committee agreed. The hourly overdue reserve fine will continue to be $1. The Reserve forms have been converted to Drupal 7. Young is handling the Unbar list in Lipinski’s absence.

Bob Warwick (IIS)
The Health Sciences Academic Resource Center in Piscataway is being added to the system as a new library. This is a Reserve-Only collection requiring swipe card access and self-checkout. There will be no upgrade for Symphony this year. There will be Director Station training this fall.

Yini Zhu (George F. Smith Library)
It has been a busy month at Smith, but things are going well. NJMS students start classes August 12, and NJDS students on August 26. Therefore, four Flash classes on library policies and procedures will be offered. These new students will be issued temporary ID cards without library bar codes. Zhu asked Gardner how and where to order additional patron bar codes. Smith’s Media/Computer Center will be busy with wireless configuration for laptops and mobile devices.

Maggie Harris-Clark (Dana Library)
There is a new employee at Dana – Amber Judkins. Amber will be working evenings.

Krista Haviland (Library of Science and Medicine)
The Resource Sharing Group is updating and checking their documentation. The E-Z Borrow documents will be ready later today. Haviland has been impressed by the enthusiasm of Health Sciences library staff.

Rose Barbalace (Alexander Library)
The Student Coordinators Group is getting ready for September. New videos for customer service training and tools are being explored, as well as LibGuides.

Dean Meister (Libraries Annex)
The transfer of Physics’ mold remediated items from Annex to the Physics Library has been completed. There were over 2700 items contaminated by mold.

Michele Tokar (Library of Science and Medicine)
The training sessions at the Health Sciences libraries were beneficial and enjoyable. The new employee at LSM is Anthony Timek. Asbestos abatement of floor tiles is taking place. Routing difficulties associated with scanners have been referred to OIT. The interior of the Physics Library has been remediated. The front security gate at the Math Library has been removed and a new counter installed.

Darryl Voorhees (Imaging Services)
Microform scanners have been installed at Alexander Library. The public photocopying service has been declining at 10-15% per year. However, the public scanning service is growing. Duplication overall has reached the 1 million mark.

Next meeting

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Thursday, October 10, 2013 – Dana Library, Newark Campus

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