Minutes of the September 12, 2013 Meeting

J. Gardner (chair), G. Sandberg, M. Jusino, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, D. Meister, M. Harris-Clark, E. Suarez (Recording), R. Barbalace, D. Voorhees, D. Hamlette, Y. Zhu, D. Grauer, K. Reivie, P. Young, K. Haviland, A. Martinez, B. Lipinski, E. Fizur, V. Cvetkovic, C. Sterback, R. Barbalace, J. Teichmann
J. Reinhart

1) IIS Report - Chris Sterback

2) Authentication with NetID and by class roster for e-Reserves

3) Joint Programs and NJIT Federated Departments-Borrower Chart Entries

4) Chemistry Reference books: 7-day circulation

5) McNaughton Plan books and Kilmer's Rec Reading Room

6) Goals, group rosters for FY14

7) Announcements and Information Sharing

Judy Gardner (Chair)
The new mailing labels for the Smith Library were shown to the group. Smith Library books will be transported by campus mail. Alexander will test using Velocity instead of campus mail.

Barry Lipinski (Kilmer)
Color printing is unavailable at Kilmer from the time being. Students are asked to use the local computer lab for color printing. New doors were installed at the beginning of the semester, but a gouge at the top of the door frame has created some issues. Kilmer hours have expanded for the fall semester - closing Sunday through Thursday at 2am and Friday and Saturday at Midnight.

Darryl Voorhees (Imaging Services)
The Imaging Services staff has been moving equipment from Chemistry to LSM. This included a black and white copy machine to replace LSM's older copier. Free scanning for guest users is moving to a charge system to cut down on the amount of time guest patrons were using the scanners for. No solid date was given for the changeover.

Rose Barbalace (Alexander Library)
The student coordinator group is meeting to review other university staff training videos and discuss imbedding videos onto the libguides. The student employment task force prepared an employment page on the Libraries' website cataloguing all the student and part time job descriptions. A PDF job application is also available on the site for anyone to fill out and turn in at their library of choice.

Dean Meister (Libraries Annex)
Continuing to work on the Chemistry Library transfer as detailed above.

Yini Zhu (George F. Smith Library)
The Smith library will be hiring a new employee to work in circulation. A review of resumes will take place next week. Circulation is taking a sample of the reserve item use. Yini thanked the ILL department for helping set up an UPS account for Palcis.

Krista Haviland (Library of Science and Medicine)
Is keeping track of Smith Library books in the system, to see how long it takes to ship and receive items there.

Dianne Hamlette (RWJ)
Dianne reported that the staff is growing more accustomed to Rutgers EZ-Borrow delivery methods. The staff recently lent out their first EZ-Borrow book.

Eric Fizur (Camden)
The lab and lounge area on the second floor is under construction. The first floor has been turned into a study area. Due to login issues on the public computers, staff has been giving login Ids to non-Rutgers patrons.

Yoshiko Ishii (Dana)
Yoshiko reported a successful start to the semester.

Michele Tokar (Library of Science and Medicine)
Anthony Timek the new library associate at LSM started in August. His responsibilities involve collection management.
Eddie and Anthony shelf read the chemistry library in preparation for the move to Annex. There were issues with mold found on chemistry books. The moving company will examine the items for mold as they transit it to the Annex.
Physics suffered a regrowth of mold. The mold remediation company that serviced the collection examined the library and returned notes on how to prevent regrowth. The collection management group may look into examining the data loggers in the library for humidity trends.
A new carpet is being installed on the first floor of LSM to go with the new tiles installed in the eating area in August.

Paul Young (Kilmer)
Paul reiterated that the reserves group will look into the linking issues around reserve items.

Andy Martinez (Douglass)
The Douglass reference desk has moved to the bottom floor and is no longer connected with the circulation desk on the first floor. They are looking into their options on what to do with the extra space at circulation.
The Fordham common area has opened. The old equipment in the room has been moved to the former DTS office. The old lab is now a classroom and is open to the public and the music department.
Circulating laptops will be available within the week at Douglass.

Edward Suarez (Library of Science and Medicine)
Eddie reported that the chemistry reference collection will be eventually moved to LSM's reference room. The collection will first be moved to Annex and then sent to LSM to temporary shelving on the third floor. On the third floor, the books will be relabeled by collection management staff. The books will then be incorporated to the LSM REF collection when it is shifted.

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander)
The Training group met with reference assistants to discuss Access Services.
As the process for a hiring a new Library Associate at the Art Library moves forward, Alexander access staff has been filling at Art to cover its shifts.
Alexander has been very busy at the start of the semester with increase in use of the student computer labs.

Next meeting

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - Dana Library, Newark Campus, 10AM

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