Minutes of the October 10, 2013 Meeting

In Camden: V. Cvetkovic, E. Fizur.
In Newark: M. Harris-Clark, J. Gardner (Chair), Y. Ishii, B. Lipinski, A. Martinez, Y. Zhu, K. Reavie
In New Brunswick: R. Barbalace, D. Hamlette, K. Haviland, M. Jusino, R. Krack, T. Meyer, J. Reinhart, J. Teichmann (recorder), M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, P. Young.
D. Meister, G. Sandberg
C. Sterback, IIS


  1. Text Messaging.
  2. Authentication with NetID and by class roster for e-reserves: Update.
  3. Scheduled Access Services Reports: review distribution of Clear Hold Shelf, In-Transit, Missing, Outstanding RU-Req, and Reserves Still Charged Reports.
  4. Final goals, group rosters for FY14
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

Before beginning the agenda, Judy welcomed Rob Krack, new Co-coordinator of the Collection Management Group. She bid farewell and offered thanks on behalf of ASC to Eddie Suarez, outgoing coordinator of the Collection Management group.

1. Text Messaging

This is a goal of the ASC. A sub-group has been meeting to discuss how RUL can implement text messaging. The group consists of Zohreh Bonianian and Gill Newton from Alexander and Grace McGarty and Barry Lipinski from Kilmer, all members of the Circ & Public Services Group. Chris Sterback and Judy Gardner are ad hoc members.

The group researched other institutions to see how text messaging was being used and how users signed up for the service.

Notice list was examined and 4 notices were chosen to be used for text notification: Hold Available notifications and Recall notices. The 3-day reminder notices for each category will also be sent via text. The notices would need to be truncated due to a 160 character limit. Email notices will also be generated in addition to the text message on their usual nightly schedule.

The group tested the text messaging using different people and carriers and it worked as expected.

If a user opts in – they get all 4 types of notices. The types will be listed as part of the sign up agreement. Messages will be sent for each individual item becoming available on hold.

There will be a new field in the user records – under address 1 & 2 after the email line – one that will be TXT MESSAGE. Chris is checking to be sure this field will not be overwritten in the next data load.

Open issues / Questions

Barry Lipinski will share our discussion and recommendations with the Circulation & Public Service subgroup, and will ask the group to draft a Text Message opt-in Request form and disclaimer statement, and written policy guidelines for discussion at the November ASC meeting.

2. Authentication with NetID and by class roster for e-reserves: Update


3. Scheduled Access Services Reports: review distribution of Clear Hold Shelf, In-Transit, Missing, Outstanding RU-Req, and Reserves Still Charged Reports

All reports are currently used and distribution lists are correct.

4. Final goals, group rosters for FY14

5. Announcements and Information Sharing

J. Gardner – Health Sciences RU ID cards for legacy UMDNJ people will be distributed beginning December 2nd. New people are getting cards slowly.
– U-Borrow will be a separate option for requesting materials and may even begin this term. Requests for RUL materials will be done through ILLIAD. For RUL users, U-Borrow will be listed under ‘FIND’ on the website and will not show up as an individual button in the Library Catalog as does EZ-Borrow. ILS staff will decide between U and EZ-Borrow, for requests that are received as interlibrary loan requests.

B. Lipinski – Discussed the recent flooding due to an HVAC line breaking. The rapid response to the water emergency by all Rutgers parties--RUPD, EMS, Facilities, and Custodial Services--was excellent. Insurance Restoration Specialists (IRS) handled the situation wonderfully. A pumpkin decorating stress relief event is planned for October 23rd. Also discussed the recent surge protector recall.

M. Tokar – The LSM elevator needs replacing – breaking down very often. Manuel Jusino is working at LSM until October 18th. Mike Mansouri is going to Chemistry library daily to fill user requests for materials.

J. Teichmann – Alexander and Art have been very busy right from Day 1 of the semester. Art library Branch Manager position interviews are ongoing.

T. Meyer – Bob Warwick noticed that the Health Sciences libraries holdings in OCLC have now switched to the Rutgers code, NJR for Rutgers. There is a Zimbra upgrade scheduled for October 19th. Date was chosen by RU OIT and the new version does not differ vastly from the current version. There should not be any issues. She will have a table at the State of the Libraries to discuss the new version and answer questions.

A. Martinez – Douglass is also very busy this semester.

M. Harris-Clark and K. Reavie – The number of E-reserves is up this semester. Maggie will be out 11/1 through 12/16 on medical leave.

V. Cvetkovic and E. Fizur – The construction on the 2nd floor etc. is making for some crazy times in the library, but they are making it through.

R. Krack – The Collection Management group is getting back on track with 3 projects: online stacks maps, space management programs, and inventories.

R. Barbalace – Student Coordinator group is reviewing videos produced and also some form other University libraries that may be utilized. Some should be ready for use this spring semester. The group is hosting a table at the State of the Libraries this year – topic is student employee appreciation and retention.

K. Haviland – the Resource Sharing group has not met this past month. Document delivery requests are down at LSM due to the load leveling with RWJ and Smith on board.

D. Hamlette – Staff are still working at explaining the new system to the RWJ hospital staff and the HS faculty, Staff and students. Hospital staffs are now coming in to the library to use the e-resources.

Paul Young – The entire Kilmer library is now reopen after the flooding, although Room #10 is still not available.

D. Voorhees – Imaging services is working at replacing outdated equipment across the libraries.

Y. Zhu – Smith is getting OIT printing in the library. Circ and Media Services staff will monitor and service. The public has found the Smith library – they had an incident where a member of the public was arrested. An open position is almost filled.

Upcoming meetings

November 14, 2013
December 12, 2013 – annual holiday gathering at Judy’s house.

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