Minutes of the November 14, 2013 Meeting

J. Gardner (chair), Hamlette, Dianne, B. Lipinski, J. Teichmann, G. Sandberg, R. Barbalace, M. Tokar ( minutes), R. Bronson Fitzpatrick ( for Yini Zhu ), J. Reinhart, D. Voorhees, D. Meister, P. Young, A. Martinez, T. Meyer, K. Haviland, R. Krack, M. Jusino, E. Fizur, Y. Ishii, K. Reivie,
M. Harris-Clark, V. Cvetkovic,
C. Sterback, Z. Bonianian, G. Newton, and G. McGarty


  1. Text Messaging. Gill Newton, Zohreh Bonianian, Grace McGarty, and Christopher Sterback.
  2. SirsiDynix upgrade. Christopher Sterback
  3. RUL Access & Authentication flowchart updates: streaming media reserves, e-reserves, UBorrow.
  4. Registering with the Libraries instructions and online form. Are they needed anymore? Should they be replaced with different online help/instructions?
  5. circ_sub list. Move to an @rulmail.rutgers.edu email address. Tracey Meyer
  6. Updates and Information Sharing.

1. Text Messaging

The Text Messaging sub-group comprised of members from the Circulation and Public Services Group including Zohreh Bonianian, Gill Newton, Grace McGarty, and Barry Lipinski, along with ad hoc members Chris Sterback and Judy Gardner, presented their findings and recommendations for implementing text messaging for library holds and recall notices.

2. SirsiDynix Upgrade

The server that runs Workflows and the Library Catalog is reaching the end of its life and will be replaced this winter break. As part of the replacement the server will migrate to the Linux platform and the Symphony system will be converted to Unicode (an international coding standard that can handle text expressed in most of the world's writing systems including non-Latin Characters). These upgrades will provide the following benefits. Symphony will run on a new state-of-the-art server that will run reports and other jobs faster than our current server. Unicode will allow us to 1) store and display bibliographic records in Non-Latin scripts, 2) be more compatible with systems we exchange records with and 3) position better for the migration to OLE.

During the migration Workflows circulation wizards will be available via a SirsiDynix product called Symphony Bridge. Symphony Bridge is a product that allows a site to capture circulation transaction in an online mode while connected to the circulation system on our old server. Since it is connected to our current system Symphony Bridge can allow or deny transactions that would normally occur in WorkFlows (i.e. not allowing a checkout to a Barred patron).

It is more preferable and contains more functionality than Standalone or Workflows Offline Circulation. While circulation wizards will be available, no other wizards will be. The following is a list of what will be up and functioning during the migration and what will be down during the migration with the support of Symphony Bridge



Listed below are the dates of the migration including testing and preparation:

11/18-11/27 Prepare server
12/2-12/20 Test migration
12/17-12/19 Consulting calls
1/6-1/9 Live migration of the production system
1/10 Go live
1/10-1/24 Test system migration

Every module ( Access services, cataloging, Acquisitions etc…) will do testing prior to the migration. Chris Sterback will send out connection instructions once the new server is ready for testing.

3. RUL Access & Authentication flowchart updates

A new document called “Access and Authentication Policies” will be added to the staff resource page. The document contains a flow chart of the credentials necessary to gain access to various library services. The document is restricted to full time library employees-- netid login will be required from off- and on- campus.

4. Registering with the Libraries instructions and online form

The ASC group agreed unanimously that registering with the libraries online (https://www2.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/forms/reg_pin.shtml) was no longer necessary since all resources were now accessible through NET ID and Password. A barcode would only necessary for primary (loaded) user to check out books. This could be done in person, on the spot. Any other category of primary users that would log into restricted resources and my library account with barcode and PIN, would need to register in person (i.e. Visiting Scholars) or Emeritus could do so over the phone or via Ask a Librarian.

5) circ_sub list. Move to an @rulmail.rutgers.edu email address.

The circ_sub email list serv will be converted to an RUL mail domain. This gives us an opportunity to change the name from circ_sub. A suggested new name was Access_Services @ rulmail.rutgers.edu.

6) Announcements and Information Sharing

J.Gardner (Chair)

UBorrow has been rolled out. There may be a conflict with dues dates. We currently have an 8 week loan policy and 8 week renewal policy while other CIC libraries have a 12 week loan policy and a 4 week renewal policy. CIC libraries currently use ILLIAD to process book requests. We create brief records through SirsiDynix .The first few days we became members, we were slammed with requests. The load has since been leveled. As of 11/13, we have borrowed 23 items from CIC. Remember to suggest E-ZBorrow first to patrons, then UBorrow. All UBorrow requests will be processed through central ILL at the Alexander Library.

New ID cards will be distributed to former UMDNJ Faculty staff and Students starting January 13, 2014.

The annual ASC Holiday party will be held at Judy’s house on December 12th from 10am-12pm.

D. Hamlette (RWJ)

Judy Gardner recently visited the RWJ Library. She reviewed DOCLINE with Dianne. Some new employees now have Rutgers ID’s but without a barcode on the back. Computer labs in the library are being booked for proctored exams.

B.Lipinski (Kilmer)

Kilmer had an all-time high exit count of 72204 in October 2014. There has been a wave of thefts in the library. RUPD is working on the case and in the meantime Barry has placed table tents with warning signs on tables and carrels. The Bike rental program will start at the Kilmer Library this spring; Joe Asaro, Paul Young, and Barry are helping to coordinate this. Barry is co-chairing a committee regarding the Swank Digital Campus proposal--a video streaming program.

D.Meister (Libraries Annex)

The Chemistry Library project has been completed. Three large dumpsters filled with moldy books have been taken away. There was a great effort by many staff to help complete the project. The remaining chemistry collection has been reduced significantly and has been sent to Rapid Refile for remediation.

J. Teichmann (Alexander)

Business as usual . Jacquelyn Ridzy (Jackie) has been hired for the vacant position at the Art Library. She will start on November 25th.

R.Barbalace (Alexander Library)

Presented a poster session at the State of the Libraries with some other members of the student coordinator group. The poster session focused student appreciation. Rose will be meeting with libraries human resources to look into funding for future student events such as student appreciation week.

D. Voorhees (Imaging Services)

Imaging services and IIS are working together to fix network printing issues. Darryl will be attending The New Jersey State Library Leadership Academy Development Program from November to June.

G. Sandberg (Alexander)

Everything is running smoothly. No news

M. Tokar (LSM)

Everything is running smoothly. No news.

R. Bronson Fitzpatrick (George F. Smith Library)

The Smith library is in the process of hiring new employees. They have had problems with theft. The most recent theft was apprehended by the police. Questions regarding private patient documentation on laptops came into question due to the HIPPA law. A writing center in the library is being run as a pilot project.

J. Reinhart (Media)

Jane Sloan is working on a project to display the evolution of video materials. This display will be in the Tapestry room at the Douglass Library. Eric Legrand is working with faculty member Deborah Shuford in the media lab.

P.Young (Kilmer)

The reserve group is working on ironing out the wrinkles with the new NET ID course reserve authentication. The NET ID reserve authentication will start this spring. Yini Zhu and some other staff from Smith got an introduction to reserves with Zohreh at the Alexander Library.

E. Fizur (Camden)

Construction is still ongoing in the library. Old microfilm cartridges are being weeded from the collection since the new microfilm machine cannot read the older style cartridges.

K. Reivie (Dana)

The computer lab on the main level of the library is going to expand around the reference desk and reference collection. Some stacks will need to be moved. This project will start on December 29th.

A. Martinez (Douglass)

The reserve music desk is closing. All reserves will be Reserve Douglass or Reserve Media. Eventually all reserve collections will be Reserve Douglass.

T.Meyer (Library Systems/IIS)

The IIS department is conducting Directors Station training over the next two months including some training sessions at the Smith Library. There is a feature in Zimbra that allows you to write an email , save it, and then set it to be sent out at a date in the future. Courtesy notices were sent out to Emeritus and Alumni.

K.Haviland (LSM/ILL)

The new universal hold slip that has the Smith and RWJ libraries on it is available on the staff resources page.

R. Krack (Alexander)

The Collection Management group has set up a prototype for a space management database. This database can help analyze space in each library’s collection for shifting and weeding.

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