Minutes of the March 13, 2014 Meeting

Natalie Wadley (chair), Rose Barbalace, Eric Fizur, Dianne Hamlette, Yoshi Ishii, Rob Krack, Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Paul Young (minutes).

NET-ID Access for Electronic Reserves

Collection Management – Floor Maps

Rob K. - Collection Management Group is proposing a project to create maps that would be displayed through the library website to help patrons locate books in each of the Rutgers libraries.

Barry L. brought up issues of practicality, as stacks are being weeded and reduced. And users who are familiar with the stacks already know how to browse on-site.

The problem is not the map itself – static maps are available now. The technology, such as applications that can link to tablets and phones, is the difficulty.

Security concerns were discussed.

It was agreed that Rob may refer to the Web Board for discussion, as well as RUPD (Lt. Brian Emmett) regarding security issues. The initiative may eventually be included as an item on the Strategic Plan.

Texbook Inquiry from Student Organization

A student representative from Rutgers Student Assembly, Academic Affairs Committee, wrote to Ask-a-Librarian on 3/5/14. He is proposing ideas such as hosting a textbook drive or textbook donation to generate books on Reserve for the libraries.

Other comments:

Natalie W. will respond to the student.

Final Exam Stress Busters

The time is nearly upon us for stress relievers. Past examples are:

Question arose whether it would be limited to University groups only, rather than outside organizations.

Other topics

Barry L. – Educational Opportunity Funding (EOF) summer students will be on Livingston campus this summer. EOF students have a NET-ID, RU Connection card, and library privileges to 8/31, but do not tape-load. Those who become Rutgers undergraduates will be in the patron load in the Fall.

Natalie W. received an e-mail from Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) regarding RUL books sent via Off-Campus Delivery. Where on RVCC are they received? Question for Resource Sharing group.

Glenn S. will attend DOCLINE meeting at Smith Library in Newark on March 27th

VALE Roundtable is Friday 3/14 at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).

Michele T. - The contact / calling chain lists need revisions, specifically to add RWJ and Smith. She would like to streamline the format to use less text on each form.

Tracey M. - Courtesy notices will be going out for graduating students with bills. About 162 in total.

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