Minutes of the April 21, 2016 Meeting

J. Croft (chair), G. Sandberg (recording), M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, D. Meister, M. Harris-Clark, R. Barbalace, D. Voorhees, D. Hamlette, Y. Zhu, P. Young, K. Haviland, B. Lipinski, E. Fizur, J. Teichmann, C. Sterback, T. Meyer, V. Cvetkovic

1) Proctoring in the Libraries - Policy

This topic was tabled until the next meeting in May.

2) Media Reserves Group Janet Croft, Jan Reinhart

Janet Croft introduced this topic to the committee. The coordinator of this new sub-group will be Jan Reinhart. Their charge is to deal with technological and copyright issues relating specifically to media reserves. Other proposed members of this sub-group are John Rake (NBL), Krista White (Dana), Mark Papianni (Dana), and Bonnie Paz (Dana). Jan Reinhart shared that the sub-group would be about capturing documentation, but not necessarily concerned with the patron interface. During a recent switch of platforms, the proxy script disappeared, which led to some miscommunication. The sub-group will also consider procedures and practices relating to Media reserves.

3) SIRSI Blue Cloud Chris Sterback

Chris Sterback discussed the upcoming transition from Symphony to BLUEcloud.

SirsiDynix's next generation library system is called the BLUEcloud Campus Library Services Platform (LSP. SirsiDynix is rebuilding this system to operate at a cloud level with openness and connectivity in mind. BLUEcloud enables a best-of-breed approach allowing sites to choose the best module or tool to fit the job and then providing the behind-the-scenes connectivity to work more seamlessly with these products or modules, whether it's from SirsiDynix, another vendor, or open-source. BLUEcloud Circulation, Reserves, and Acquisitions are in a testing phase and BLUEcloud Serials and Bookings are in a design phase. Director's Station has been replaced with a BLUEcloud product called BLUEcloud Analytics (BCA). It is very different from Director's Station and all existing users will need to be trained before they get logins and can start using it. IIS is developing a workshop to train all 130 existing Director's Station users to learn the new reporting system. Once existing Director's Station users have been trained, LIS and IIS will begin training new users, most likely starting in January 2017. The tentative schedule to migrate to BCA, develop a workshop, and train all existing users is as follows:

May 2016 -- LIS and IIS take BLUEcloud Analytics training from SirsiDynix

June - July 2016 -- LIS and IIS develop workshop to train users on BLUEcloud Analytics and to determine how to migrate existing report templates from Director's Station to BCA

August - December 2016 -- LIS and IIS hosts training workshops on BLUEcloud Analytics for existing Director's Station users

Discussion followed. Will Blue Cloud allow the importing of associated data sets? What are the capabilities for mobile circulation services and rolling statistics?

4) Waiving and Accepting Fine Payments Janet Croft

Janet discussed the formation of a new University committee on the handling of fine payments and its potential impact on the Libraries. The focus of this new committee is auditing standards, and RUL has been tasked to consider segregation of duties in this area of activity. The Libraries have been asked to develop procedures so the same employees cannot both accept payment and waive fines. However, SIRSI cannot support this. An attached problem is we do not have sufficient staff at all times in order to comply. Potential solutions include personal override codes so all payments and waivers can be traced to the person who handled them, and reviewing and double- initialing waiver transactions. Janet will report to the ASC on the first meeting of this new University committee, which takes place on May 5.

5) Reserves and ADA Compliance Paul Young

University Web Policy 70.1.5 was changed on March 18. Also, the Office of Disability Services and the Disability Advisory Committee have acted on several prior electronic access complaints:

Joe Abraham is the Libraries' Chair of the Disability Advisory Committee. The concern of the Reserves Working Group is that some of our patrons may get "squeezed out" by this new University policy. The group is considering a standard message for unacceptable materials from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Compliance with this new policy presents practical complications. It is terribly time-consuming. The findings so far indicate that a significant number of photocopied documents randomly tested have failed. Our testing procedures (at Alexander Library) have been verified as correct. Reserves staff will most likely not be able to assist instructors in obtaining better photocopies. Instead, photocopied articles would be returned to the instructor. Implementation of this policy could take place in Fall 2017 to allow faculty to adjust and to show our own compliance.

Discussion followed. Would we consider ending E-Reserves altogether? Instructors might have no way of knowing whether a document is in compliance or not. Our volume of rejected materials may become too large. Could the Libraries ever be 100% compliant? To what standard will RUL be held?

6) Announcements and Information Sharing

Eric Fizur (Robeson Library)
The retirement party for Jean Madden is coming up.

Yoshi Ishii and Maggie Clark (Dana Library)
The library is preparing for extended hours during the reading period and exams. Barry Lipinski informed Yoshi and Maggie that 27 users based on the Newark campus have diploma holds.

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander Library)
Business as usual. There has been more foot traffic in the library during both daytime and night hours.

Rose Barbalace (Student Coordinators Group)
The group will conduct a workshop on navigating the Libraries website. They are also revamping the customer service workshop for student employees. 450 gifts were distributed to part-time employees. The Spotlight series on the website is being maintained. Stress Busters coming up for the reading and exam period include pet therapy, coloring, food, and coffee.

Yini Zhu (Smith Library)
RBHS has submitted termination lists to Smith Library. These lists comprise residents who have completed their studies, so they must be removed from the circulation system. Smith Library staff conduct e-mail follow-up with these residents regarding outstanding checkouts and associated circulation issues. The Access Services Outreach Project is still underway.

Tracey Meyer (IIS)
Bounced-back missing notices for overdue term loans are being worked on. Reserve desk hours will be changing for finals. The libraries are currently scheduled to be migrated to Rutgers Connect, the university's the new central email, calendar, and cloud services system during Phase 2 of the migration period, currently slated for June through August. The domain name will be @libraries.rutgers.edu and faculty and staff from Camden, Newark, New Brunswick and RBHS will be migrated to the new system which runs on the Microsoft Cloud using Office 365. Training webinars, tutorials and documentation are already available at: http://rutgers.cpxportal.com/ Retirees with active RULMail accounts will be migrated to ScarletMail, as will all future retirees. Kim Kaiser had her baby.

Michele Tokar (Library of Science & Medicine)
The LSM doors are malfunctioning. Stress Busters at LSM will include Dog Days (pet therapy dogs) and food shopping.

Barry Lipinski (Kilmer Library)
177 graduating students were barred. So far 19 have complied with the instructions attached to the barred notice. There are 845 graduating students with outstanding checkouts. This list of 845 students will be shared with Eric (Robeson) and Maggie (Dana). Only one lap top has been stolen from a library on the New Brunswick-Piscataway this academic year. There will be "Pop-Up" sessions at Alexander, Kilmer, Douglass, and LSM, moving to student centers for discussion groups. Kilmer rest rooms are being refurbished. Kilmer will be holding New Student Orientation sessions.

Darryl Voorhees (Imaging Services)
New public scanners will have connectivity to One Drive. The administrative copiers will be gone over the summer. Old public scanners will be phased out gradually.

Dianne Hamlette (RWJ Library)
Kerry O'Rourke has retired. New ceiling tiles and new carpeting are on the way.

Dean Meister (Libraries Annex)
The Annex is not completely full. Distributed Technical Services knows they can now transfer materials to the Annex.

Paul Young (Reserves Working Group)
Paul expressed gratitude to the other members of the Reserves Working Group for their hard work recently.

Jan Reinhart (Media Services)
The Rutgers community now has access to the Swank website, which features a wide variety of Hollywood films. The Swank website has been recently expanded.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 19, 2016 2:30 pm

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