Minutes of the May 5, 2016 Meeting

J. Croft (chair), E. Fizur, M. Harris-Clark, R. Krack, B. Lipinski, T. Meyer, J. Reinhart, G. Sandberg J. Teichmann (recording), M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, Y. Zhu
R. Barbalace, A. Martinez, D. Meister
V. Cvetkovic, D. Hamlette, K. Haviland, Y. Ishii, P. Young

Approval of April 2016 minutes - The minutes were approved with minor corrections. The posting of the committee minutes was raised. Minutes have not been sent to RUL_Everyone or posted in some time. Croft will see that this is done.

1. Proctoring in the Libraries Policy

The document was approved with minor corrections. Janet will set reminder to review yearly due to specific information (phone numbers and links) listed from other RU units.

2. Guidelines for requests to film

The group discussed this document. It was mentioned that this policy is designed for application to professional photographer, news media, and students in journalism classes. It is not designed for use with tours/visitors taking casual photos or library staff photographing library events (although the photo release procedure still applies). Visitors should be reminded not to disturb users as applicable. There were questions on some of the wording in the guidelines. Janet will follow up with Jessica.

3. Media Reserves Group

The role of this group was discussed in relation to Access Services Committee, RUL/ASC Reserve Group, and the RUL Media Team. This group has specialized & separate issues regarding media reserve that sets them apart from the RUL/ASC Reserve Group. The group will also serve as a bridge between the ASC groups and the RUL Media Group.

4. Waiving and Accepting Fine Payments Task Force

RU policies on cash handling request separation of duties (i.e. creating bills, collecting money and reconciliation of funds) as much as possible. Access Services supervisors have been meeting with Janet, Abbey DiPaolo, and Chris Sterback to discuss our current practices and how they can be adjusted to be more in line with RU policies. To date the group has agreed upon content for a daily fines journal report emailed to each supervisor detailing bills paid (waived, canceled, cash etc.) in each unit library. It has been recommended that the Billing Wizards will require an override to create and pay bills. Each Access staff person will have their own override code. Abbey is meeting with the library directors to discuss recommendations. It is stressed that this entire process is to attempt to be in better compliance with RU policy and also to create and maintain a better audit trail in case we are ever audited in regards to fines collection.

As an offshoot from this discussion, we will be discussing the circulation of the different types of equipment. The fines journals have been full of waivers for late returns of dry erase markers, surge protectors and laptops, etc. We need to somehow get the waiver totals to a more manageable level (why charge a fine if you don't plan on collecting it?).

5. Reserves and ADA Compliance

There is a new RU policy World Wide Web Accessibility Policy which requires all materials hosted on RU websites be compatible with ADA software, i.e. screen reading programs for the visually impaired. In addition to the entire RUL website, this also includes e-reserves.

The Reserve group has been meeting with the RUL disabilities coordinator (Joe Abraham) to discuss the policy and compliance. Reserve staffs have checked random files for compatibility. There was a 100% failure rate - meaning some files were read by the software with 5% error rate, some with 100% error rate. Sometimes the errors were graphics, pictures, tables etc., but some were strictly text. We are checking with the RU Office of Disabilities Services (ODS) staff to see if there is a standard acceptable error rate percentage. Checking is a time consuming process - a typical semester we have ~2000 e-reserve files with an average of 25 pages each. This translates out to 50,000 pages of materials to check.

Joe Abraham has mentioned that there is a possibility of having 3 years to comply with the policy. The University is asking for all outward facing webpages to be compatible first. The group also feels a liaison to the ODS would be helpful for better communication and service between the departments and better service for the users.

6. Announcements and Information Sharing

Active Shooter Training in Alexander: There will be two workshops on what to do in the case of an active shooter on campus / in the library (5/25 and 6/9). On 6/16 Alexander library will be the setting for a live action drill. The library will be closed to the public until 1pm. Dana library has hosted two similar drills in the past year.

Summer hours increased at Art and Douglass: Art will remain open until 6pm Monday to Thursday. Douglass library will have study hall hours this summer, remaining open until 8pm Monday to Thursday. (in addition to Alexander library).

Glenn Sandberg (ILS)
A reminder to all Access staff - Please do not accept replacement copies for ILL and EZ-Borrow items. RUL policy is not to accept replacement copies, but exceptions are possible on occasion. Refer any requests for exceptions to this policy to Glenn.

Michele Tokar (Library of Science & Medicine)
The LSM doors are malfunctioning. Twenty-five new chairs have been ordered for the OIT lab. Stressbusters programs at LSM went well.

Rob Krack (Collection Management Group)
RWJ maps are now online.

Barry Lipinski (Kilmer Library)
Stressbuster events at Kilmer went well. Kilmer will be holding 20 New Student Orientation sessions this summer from 6/20 - 8/18. Diploma holds - 87 placed (down from 101 last year); 57 in New Brunswick (24 remain), 23 Newark and 7 in Camden. Going forward we will be getting information on October & January graduates for placing diploma holds for these grads also as needed.

Tracey Meyer (IIS)
Courtesy notices sent out for those users with a 6/30 expiry date. Summer reserve desk hours have been set. No real update on the e-mail migration to RU Connect using Microsoft 365. It is still anticipated for RUL to move over during this summer. RBHS as an entity is on a different schedule, so the HS locations will follow that schedule.

Jan Reinhart (Media Services)
RUL received a donation of ~2000 videodiscs a few years ago and as they are on browseable shelves they are actually getting some use.

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander Library)
Finals this year were crazier than usual with furniture being moved between floors at will. Stressbusters went well and the students were very appreciative. Club Alex happened again on 5/12 - again a big hit with tickets selling out in minutes. 40 study and side tables / footstools have been sent out for refinishing - some rooms are pretty empty of furniture.

Yini Zhu (Smith Library)
CIrc staff doing some stressbuster programs with the RBHS students - one popular is making stressballs. Just returned from MLA in Toronto where Access and Reference staff presented two programs - 1. Community Health Services - Resources and Education for the community. 2. Library Outreach to the new students and faculty

Maggie Harris-Clark (Dana Library)
Dana doing fine and everyone is glad the 24 hour period is over.

Darryl Voorhees (Imaging Services)
SPCOL/UA asked about an overhead scanner and IS was able to obtain one on a trial basis. A permanent one will be coming with the new copiers/scanners later this year.

Eric Fizur (Robeson Library)
Stacks inventory is ongoing. Entering data into the space management database for Robeson is done. Robeson will be able to have part-time employee help over the summer.

Dean Meister (Libraries Annex)
We've hired a new student for the summer. She started training this week and is doing very well. One of our summer projects will be to reassign newly cataloged Govt pubs serial titles to double shelving. These candidates are available full text for RUL and will be relocated behind an existing shelf of materials at the Annex. Some of our 15" shelving will allow us to do this freeing up space for new transfers.

Tao set up a meeting/tour with the Iron Mountain on 5/18. It went well and we're looking at visiting one of their storage warehouses in Somerset in the near future. They had some suggestions about our problems with the grated decking on the upper two floors. They've worked with a company that will come and install plexiglass type sheets down on the aisles to facilitate moving materials on the upper floors. Iron Mountain will be providing us with the vendor information.

EOF-textbook program. All of the Reserve control records for the books have been removed. EOF-Kilmer books records have been converted to shadowed Bib records for EOF-ALEX use. One title has been withdrawn and is being replaced by a new edition. . The Summer EOF program will be ordering the new edition as well as 300 copies of a dictionary that will be required for a writing course. TAS staff will be receiving and processing the new books and Dean will coordinate with them as needed.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 19, 2016 2:30 pm

Next Meetings:
June 16, 2:30, Pane Room (with teleconferencing to Smith, Dana, Robeson)
July 21, 2:30, Pane Room (with teleconferencing to Smith, Dana, Robeson)
August 18, 2:30, Pane Room (with teleconferencing to Smith, Dana, Robeson)

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