Minutes of January 14, 1999 meeting

J.Gardner, A.Montanaro, B.Lipinski, E.McElroy, A.Snowman, G.Sandberg, T.Hamer
  1. Unicorn Issues.

    Enhancement Requests.
    Truncation, Recall Due Date.
    New Release Testing Checklist.
    Workflows training sessions, documentation.

    Term Loan Renewals. Judy distributed results of Unicorn report results which indicate 64% of fall term loans still need to be renewed. A box with reminder will appear on RUL's front web page next week when faculty and grad students return. We will continue to run reports and monitor users' progress renewing their term loans. A.Montanaro suggested a reminder to the RUL faculty list too. The fall term loan due date is Jan. 22.

    Public Services Administrative Memo Updates.

    Copies of updated PSAM #13, "Library Service During Adverse Weather Conditions" were distributed (copies of attachments, from Univ. Regs, were not included, if needed request from Janie or a SACOPS).

    Copies of revised Appendix 1, "Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program Procedures" to PSAM #14, " ," were distributed. Please note text of PSAM#14 itself is out of date, revision of Appendix 1 is a first step.

    Requests Turnaround Sampling.

    Judy shared results of RRS turnaround sampling for December.

  2. Circulation Subcommittee/LIS IMP membership, contact lists. A.Snowman will review and update for NB.
  3. CCC, Copyright Clearance Center.
  4. Authentication.

    Ann M. described the authentication program which is currently running to verify users who are not coming into the system from our registered IP addresses, for example AOL. Users are informed they must authenticate and then are asked for their User ID (barcode) and PIN number. This information is then checked against an extract of faculty, staff and student records from our circulation database (user file). The extract is scheduled to run daily. We discussed implications this has for circulation staff to assign barcodes and give out PINs to Rutgers users, especially those who are not in the library borrowing books. We agreed a change of policy is needed in order to distribute barcodes and PINs to remote users via phone and email. We have confidence in the data we are now getting with data loads from Administrative Computing, which is official university data. We agreed that if a user is in the database we will verify by asking for them to give (recite) their SS#, and then issue barcodes and give out PINs. We also agreed we will do this on the telephone and via email (Ask a Librarian), a major change in current policy. We also need to inform users that they must wait 24 hours to use their barcodes and PINs to log into the system (for the extract to run and grab new data). We will follow up a phone or email conversation with a form letter. Procedures and a form letter will be drafted for review by the entire group.

  5. Missing books, correcting bad addresses. Missing Books Procedures (4/98) are accurate and copies were distributedfor review. We composed "Guidelines for Correcting Bad Addresses on Returned Library Notices" and a draft will be distributed to the entire group for review.
  6. RRS Brochure, Self Services flier. A copy of the new, detailed Rutgers Request Service tri-fold brochure was distributed. It will be printed with blue ink on white paper, text will also replace/update the web Services page. Janie will arrange for copies, please let her know how many you need. The "New IRIS Access Innovations/How to Use the Rutgers Request Service" publication may be used less, but the RRS brochure is not intended to replace it. Draft of a Self Services handout was distributed and discussed. Judy will incorporate suggestions, and "answers" to questions posed on the flier which members present agreed to submit to her.


Systems is recruiting for open lines, 1 full-time PC Coordinator to work on installation and repair, and 2 full-time voucher microcomputer positions.

We expect user data loads to become routine (weekly) this spring.

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