Minutes of March 11, 1999 meeting

  1. We formally adopted a new name, "Access Services Committee" (ASC), statement of responsibility, and current membership roster. Staff changes in NB were reviewed and Ann S. agreed to post to circ_sub.
  2. Unicorn Implementation.
    • Release 98.4. Results of Release 98.4 testing and observations were forwarded to Systems. Sirsi corrected problems with No Recall Holds and with Reserve displays in Webcat. Release 98.4 will be implemented Monday, March 15 beginning at 6 p.m.
    • Trap Holds. Discussed a new wizard, Trap Holds, available in Workflows. If we decide to implement it, the RRS Filling library will no longer need to Charge items to other libraries's RRS-LIB users. When the RRS Filling library places a No Recall Hold for the user, the message "In transit for Hold" will display in Webcat, and materials can then be shipped. The RRS Receiving library must scan barcodes of RRS items using the Trap Holds wizard (not the Discharge wizard). The message "On hold for " displays, the availability message is sent to the user's Self Services file. What happens if the RRS Receiving library accidently uses Discharge instead of Trap Holds on RRS items with No Recall Holds? Answer: a "No Discharges" message displays and the item would need to be investigated. We will need to be extra careful about shipping and labeling items for RRS (Trap Holds) and CIRC (Discharge). [A review of acceptable mailing/shipping addresses was requested.]. The Trap Holds wizard does not effect Standard or Rush Recalls, which are holds placed on items in circulation. When Recalled items are returned and Discharged, the "On Hold for " message displays. ASC recommends the use of the Trap Holds wizards and requests the Workflows Training Team test further (how does it effect Reserve, ILL items, for example), and incorporate into training.
    • Workflows Training. The first sessions (logging in, customizing screens and toolbars, and basic circulation wizards) are scheduled and sign-ups in progress. A second session is planned for advanced wizards. Workflows will be implemented after all the second sessions are completed, probably late April.
  3. Requests.
    • Pickup/Delivery options. Pickup/Delivery sites on RRS and ILL online forms were reviewed. Music Library will be eliminated (Douglass is doing RRS and ILL for Music patrons now), "Atlantic Cape Community College-Atlantic City" and "Atlantic Cape Community College-Mays Landing" are new off-campus sites, the phrase "*RESIDENT PERSONNEL ONLY" will be added to the cooperative extension and research stations entries, and Ecocomplex will be eliminated (not a current site according to Cooperative Extension Office). Judy will distribute a revised list of sites, with Unicorn abbreviations, and alert staff when Systems is ready to implement changes. Should RRS staff specially flag items mailed to ILS offices for shipment to off-campus sites? (referred to ILL Comm. for discussion).
    • Requests for law library materials. ASC agrees we should provide Rutgers users with an online request service for materials at Camden and Newark Law Libraries, and a record of their requests and availability messages in Self Services. Using our online ILL form is the logical way. Potential impact on RRS and ILS workflow was discussed. Referred to the ILL Comm. for further discussion and planning.
    • Other RRS items.
    • The NB functional RRS team is concerned about errors in RRS processing (holds not placed, holds placed on wrong items, items not checked out correctly) and has started a formal review of procedures and proficiencies. Processing RRS items for other libraries's Reserve operations is especially confusing and error-prone. Often these items are charged to RRS-LIB (not RESV-LIB), too many charges/discharges occur, items are showing up on in-transit lists. The NB RRS Team recommends we charge all RRS materials to the RRS-LIB user, and reserve staff would then be responsible for charging items to their Desks as part of their processing. [We will delay changing any procedures until the Trap Holds wizard is studied and introduced.] -Sending items to off-campus sites is becoming more routine. Do we send reference books to off-campus sites? Noncirculating items are sent among the three major campuses for 3 days, in-library use, however, we will not send noncirculating items on loan to individuals at off-campus sites. Libraries may wish to consider unique situations on a case-by-case basis (check with your reference staff).
  4. Misc. user issues.
    • Authentication Review. Ask-A-Librarian is used on a regular basis by remote users requesting barcodes and PINs.
    • User data loads, addresses, expiration dates.
    • Problem with Address 2s in last data load has been corrected. Numerous reports from known, responsible users at various libraries that 1st Recall Notices were not received via email for items recalled around Feb. 15 and coming due around Mar. 1. Aside from the Unicorn log which indicates these notices were produced, we have no way to verify notices are received. Ann M. will look into this particular situation since it was widespread and involved credible users.
    • NEVER in the "dateprivexp" field indicates the student is non-matriculated. Judy and Kalaivani will work with the new User Database Maintenance Team (formerly known as "Bad Address Contacts") on a plan to test and delete old user records.
    • RUconnection cards. Robeson reported 3 cases of the same barcode assigned to two different RUconnection card holders. The RUconnection Office is merging their campus data files within the next two weeks and barcodes will then be assigned centrally which should prevent this from happening in future. Our scanning test of sample cards and barcodes is still in process at various units. The RUconnection Office has produced additional sample cards with smaller barcodes and legible numbers for us to test as well.
  5. Systems Update.

    Mark Witteman has resigned, his last day will be April 9. Chris Barrow is new microcomputer support staff, he will start on March 22. Staff reported not getting Missing Book Reports, Ann M. will check. Please remind missing book staff to contact Kalaivani when reports do not arrive on schedule.

  6. Announcements, Information Sharing.
    • Technical Services has estimated a new book processing fee of $42.18 for a risk management report. We will ask for a review of other fees-- book replacement and elimination of the routine binding fee. Jane M. noted a $50.00 processing fee is not unusual at other institutions, based on bills we've received for lost ILL items.
    • List of Oct. and Jan. graduates has been received, and will be distributed for diploma holds.
    • Camden County students continue to register at Robeson
    • The Reserve Services webpage, based on the green brochure, is now available under "Services" on RUL's page. NB reserve staff is advertising it to faculty, the Reserve Request form follows the text and can be printed from offices, home, etc. Roger has collected reserve desk hours for all NB libraries and will update with Systems. Athena has provided instructions to remove all items from a course with global edit command. Reserve staff have noticed a slow down of time it takes TS to order and process new books for Reserve.
    • Penny announced a tentative date for the water damage demo, May 26, in the Pane Room. NB Collection Maintenance webpage is almost done. Shifting will take place at LSM, 2nd floor.
    • Math Library is looking for new shelving.
    • Douglass Library staff will start processing RRS for Music on March 15th.
    • Barry has observed that when academic holds are placed, students generally return books within the same week and sometimes the same day. We're not sure why, if there are patterns within the semester or students are responding to their barred status in IRIS. We can continue to place academic holds on alumni, but certain names may not be in the Delinquent Accounts database. Barry discussed this with DA staff and they will bounce these back to Barry for special handling.
    • Jane reported the ILL request form's introductory page has a new look with red triangle alert graphic. Ana Herrera is new staff in the ILS/Alex office, will work an evening schedule when trained.
    • There are faculty at Dana who insist on circulation staff renewing their books for them. When this happens, it's an opportunity-- to educate users, demonstrate and show users how to renew books themselves, talk about other positive features of Self Services.
    • Eugene has noticed more missing journals recently, SMLR has no security system.
    • Glenn moves to LSM and assumes new responsibilities next Monday. Please be patient with, and help out, voucher students covering at Music in the interim.
    • Treadwell commented on Thursday night network downtime in NB. [Ann M. noted Harriette Hemmasi sent a memo to RUCS expressing RUL's concern about RUCS using this time for scheduled maintenance, and asking for a more accurate message when system is likely to come up.] Shirley Lewis is new circulation staff at Alexander with Mon.-Thurs. 10-6 and Fri. 1:30-9:30 schedule.
    • Mary is getting books at Chemistry which should be going to Criminal Justice (CRIMJ).
    • Sothy will be on vacation March 22-31.
    • Terry warned us to expect a slowdown and backlog of RRS books and photocopies from Criminal Justice, due to illness and staff shortages.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, April, 8, 1999, 9:30 a.m., SMLR, Ryders Lane, Cook Campus

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