Minutes of April 8, 1999 meeting

  1. Unicorn Implementation.

    a) Ann and Liza presented a proposed Workflows Circulation Desk Toolbar, from the Workflows Training Team and drafted by Nita, which can be created and saved at desk workstations. The toolbar is a recommended standard for all circulation desks (small, medium and large libraries), but it can also be customized to meet local needs. The training group also recommends we use the function keys already mapped to the toolbar and delivered by Sirsi, and that we use command mapping to set function keys for Reserve wizards when they become available. ASC agreed. Requested the Display Item wizard be placed directly on the toolbar, and eliminate the Item Maintenance group icon. Wizards and commands removed from Sirsi's circ toolbar can still be accessed in the pull-down Command menu.

    b) We agreed on May 24, 1999, as the Workflows implementation date for all Circulation Desks and access services operations. Training for student workers can then take place over the summer and in fall.

    c) Workflows Circ 2 training sessions have been scheduled and sign-ups are in process. It may not be possible to train on the Trap Holds wizard, which is still not working properly (a call to Sirsi's Help Desk has been placed). However, we are still committed to using Trap Holds, and will revise procedures when it becomes available. We will also delay changing the procedures for charging RRS items to RESV-LIB users until Trap Holds is available.

    d) We looked at screen prints illustrating two proposed new circulation statuses (Current Locations) in test Webcat. The first will display "Recalled" (in red) following the Current Location CHECKEDOUT as soon as a recall Hold is placed on an item. The second will display "In transit for Hold" (in red) following the Current Location IN LIBRARY as soon as a no recall Hold is placed on an item requested on RRS. The statuses appear in Webcat only-- not InfoView/Workflows. ASC endorsed the proposed changes and recommends they be presented to SACOPS and implemented as soon as possible.

  2. Shipping Addresses, review of draft. We reviewed, revised and agreed upon "Shipping Addresses for Library Materials." A revised version will be distributed.
  3. Lost IDs. We discussed what to do when students have lost their RUconnection cards or university IDs and need to check out library materials. We should encourage students to get replacement ID cards. What if this is not possible on weekends, or for reserve materials, or when students have had their picture taken but not yet received their Ruconnection cards in the mail? We discussed charging out materials on a verifiable (by SSN) RU-ONLINE user record without requiring a card (at least *once* and then adding a note with date student was told to replace their university ID). Also, the possible use of a temporary Guest user record, which some libraries use for Reserve materials. We really need to move away from issuing plastic library cards, and encourage staff and students to recognize that there is one universal campus card now.
  4. Speakers & headsets on public access terminals. SACOPS has recommended that sound cards be placed in PCs in electronic classrooms and two public access machines in each library, for use with Internet and instructional resources with sound. Headsets will need to be provided, and we agreed that checking them out online as reserve items for 2-hours in-library use is the most efficient way. A question about hygiene (will the headsets need to be sprayed with disinfectant after every use?) and suggestion to sell dollar headsets for $2, the way we currently sell disks, were discussed. Systems is looking into the sounds cards and will recommend a headset model, so we have some time to plan.
  5. Draft, procedures for requesting law library materials on ILL forms.

    We reviewed a draft and agreed to new guidelines. Changes will be discussed with law libraries staff next. We plan to make the switch July 1, 1999. Brochures and library services webpages will also need to be revised.

  6. User Database update, RUconnection card update.

    We purged over 1700 user records last weekend, with privileges expired and no activity since 1/1/98. The User Database Maintenance Team is communicating by email and has worked on a couple of projects– testing samples for the purge, and removing duplicate records. A meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss bad address guidelines and other issues.

    Judy and Anne Butman met with Carolyn Golojuch at the RUconnection office to review the results of our scanning tests. In the meantime Carolyn has produced cards with a smaller barcode and legible numbers which scan very well. Also, if you ever have problems scanning, drop the card (barcode) on a flat surface and scan– works every time!

    The RUconnection Office is verifying and issuing cards with barcodes to Type 7s (part-time lecturers), Type 9s (post doctoral fellows, Type 1s (post doctoral associates, and Type 4s (hourly voucher with a letter from their department). In addition, when requested by departments, RUconnection cards with Guest status and expiration date of 1 year, or date on the letter, are issued (for example, visiting scholars, visiting scientists, visiting consultants, IEEE staff, Thomas Edison Project staff, PIRG, etc.). We agreed to honor these RUconnection cards at our circulation desks and create user records, without requiring additional validation from the user. Since we have had problems trying to keep up with the proliferation of unique borrower statuses (see Borrowing Charts) we will ask Systems for a generic RUGUEST stat for the Demographic Info stat field on our Unicorn user record, and perhaps eventually consolidate or eliminate some of the statuses currently in use.

    The RUconnection Office is planning to offer NB returning graduate students an opportunity to get their cards, April 12-May 17, at the Busch Student Center Office. During the summer, current ugrads and grads may drop in for cards, and all new ugrads and grads will be given RUconnection cards. All students will be given an expiration 5 yrs out. Validation stickers will be mailed one more (last) year, with expiration Nov. 1, 2000. At Camden, all new students, faculty and staff are getting RUconnection cards and one RU database is in use, eliminating the problem with duplicate barcodes. Newark campus has not yet started to issue RUconnection cards. Kalaivani will be giving Carolyn a file of our current student borrowers SSNs & barcodes which will be printed on their RUconnection cards when issued. [Judy will ask if NB summer session students/programs will get RUconnection cards].

  7. Systems Update.

    Mark's last day is tomorrow, he's been conducting intensive training sessions for other staff. Kalaivani and Bob are taking on some system administrator responsibilities, and Kalaivani is the open calls contact for the Sirsi Help Desk. Mark's position will be posted next Monday and is posted on the Sirsi user list.

  8. Misc. Items and Information Sharing
    • Glenn is working to involve reference staff and selectors at LSM with access services lstpd/ missing lists and weeding projects.
    • RRS and ILL hold shelves for Music and Douglass have been merged.
    • Terry described a directory of Rutgers alumni on CD, a reference item acquired at Dana, which we may wish to evaluate and consider for purchase.
    • Refresher is needed on procedures for dealing with the In-transit list and Missing books lists.
    • Carolyn is still getting RRS items with no holds, no charges, or sent to wrong pickup location. We decided to count incoming problem RRSs for a month, Bill will design the form.
    • Systems tries to fill requests for student logins in 2 days.
    • Penny is working on plans to move collections within Douglass.
    • Barry asked when Sirsi will re-instate the ‘remove barcode' functionality. It will be in Release 99.2, scheduled for May though we won't have it that soon. In the meantime, there are 4 ways to remove barcodes: home icon or function key, search icon or function key, bunny in top hat icon, and eraser icon.
    • Any increased average replacement fees and increased processing fee must be approved by Cabinet. If changes are to be made, July 1 is projected date.
    • Alcohol Studies has embarked on a database cleanup project, will have a webpage soon. Pat keeps getting RRS books charged to AlchNJ.
    • Mary noted that the network was down in some buildings on Busch last week, effecting Physics and Chemistry Libraries. RRS increased at Chemistry last month.
    • Chang is at full staff with Sun-Thurs, 4-midnight staff member, and Dean described moving a fiche collection from Douglass to Chang (environment fiche).
    • Bill noted it's been a big month for RRS, ingoing and outgoing. NB functional group is working on a competency manual.
    • Jane reported that next Monday, Alex-ILS office will be staffed until 8 p.m. Mon-Thurs. and on Sun. when classes are in session. ILS is sending more materials to offcampus sites. Email or call with ILL problems, staff wants to work closely with circulation desks.
    • Robeson may be cutting back on government depository items, shifting the collection.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, May 13, 9:30 a.m. -- Room 385, Serrin Physics Bldg.
Sothy will send out parking passes about a week before the meeting.

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