Minutes of May 13, 1999 meeting

  1. Unicorn Implementation.
    • Workflows implementation. May 24th Remember to install the Workflows icon on circulation desk and office PCs Monday, May 24, and configure it for the production system. You can remove the Infoview icon from desktops (Systems staff will remove the program from PCs later this summer). Modify and save appropriate toolbars. Based on experience training, the Workflows Training Team recommends the "Create Item" command icon be added to the generic CIRCDESK toolbar. All log-ins remain the same. Call Systems to report any problems with Workflows implementation. A follow up training or Q-A session may be planned after we've gained experience with Workflows in production.
    • New overrides. We decided on three new overrides which will go into effect May 24. ASC will share with other staff. Please contact a member of ASC Committee or call the Systems Office if you need the new overrides. For security reasons we will probably be asked to change overrides every 6 months.
    • Training Documentation. We need to remove inaccurate training documentation from the Staff Resources web pages. ASC agreed to rewrite training documentation as operational documentation, a summer project. Judy will provide a working outline at next meeting, and in the meantime identify repetitive training documentation to be removed.
  2. Billing.
    • Recommended fee changes. Reviewed draft of recommended fee changes, to be discussed by Cabinet. ASC thinks the charge for RRS photocopies in NB should be higher, especially if staff time is a consideration.
    • Text of notices. Proposed revised text of overdue notices was distributed. First notice should also state there is no fine (or average replacement fee) if books are returned or renewed. ASC will forward additional comments to Judy. Any changes in fees and notices will take effect July 1, 1999.
    • Deleting bib records for billed/fined items. We can not delete bibliographic records without removing attached bills. A.Snowman, B.Lipinski, B.Warwick, J.Gardner are discussing old holds, recalls, fines and will have a proposal for dealing with these soon.
    • Diploma Holds. Barry coordinated diploma holds in NB this year, all of which were successfully placed by the deadline: 54 Alex, 22 Kilmer, 18 LSM, 11 Douglass. Most students are hand-carrying remove hold forms to ASB, to receive confirmation. Remember to annotate online when you remove holds for other library's materials.
  3. User Records Data Load, RUconnection. Updates.
    • Two changes are pending in user data loads. First, the Lst Attd date field will change from MMYY to YYMM format, for example from 0199, 0799, 0999 to 9901, 9907, 9909. . . .0001, 0007, 0009, etc.; this will facilitate sorting by a range when running reports. Second, we will stop using graduation year for expiration date. Ruconnection Card Office gives ugrads and grads a five year expiration, and we will ask for the same date in our data loads, currently 1/11/2004 for new students. Staff will be alerted before these changes appear in user records.
  4. RRS.
    • Statistic form.
      A revised, draft RRS statistics form was distributed for comments and suggestions.
    • Cash transmittals.
      Money collected for RRS articles in NB will be deposited in a Copy Center fund beginning July 1. New account number will be shared at next meeting.
    • Problem sampling.
      Remember to send the results of "problem sampling" to Judy after May 19.
  5. Misc.
    • RRS materials from CrimJ are currently mailed directly to pickup libraries by CrimJ staff, who then fax the original request forms to Dana where Dana staff perform the online work (create hold and charge to pickup library). Most of the time things are in sync, but sometimes not. To streamline the process, we agreed that receiving libraries will treat CrimJ materials differently and start to place the hold and charge-discharge beginning July 1, 1999. Bill McNelis volunteered the NB RRS Team to draft procedures for review at next meeting.
    • Brief records for nonbarcoded items sent via RRS (bound volumes, microfilm) should be Shadowed. When returned and discharged at owning library, watch for the Route to Tech Serv message which can be misleading.
    • Decided not to use SERC-RRS as a Shipping address, SERC and SERC-RESV are OK.
  6. E-reserves.
    • Message was sent to RUL faculty and staff lists describing introduction of limited e-reserve service this summer. We will begin by scanning course related materials. A system wide reserve staff meeting is scheduled next week to review new procedures.
  7. Systems Report.
    • Send requests to identify an individual who last returned a damaged book to Judy. Systems staff does not routinely provide this information. -Requests for student and new staff logins and passwords must be "in writing" (email OK), and please call Systems if someone is terminated or leaves so that logins and passwords can be removed immediately.
  8. Announcements & Information Sharing.
    • Revised IRIS Calling Chain distributed, send corrections to Judy.
    • Barry shared new forms--Incident/Emergency Report and Facilities Maintenance Log Sheet-- from the NB Building and Security Team. Both are available on TSB's t drive, common file.
    • Please remember to remove old notes whenever a problem is resolved or cleared.
    • Reminder to use the due date on belly bands when charging out ILL materials. Encourage users to use the "additional info" field on the online ILL form, when RUL materials are missing or recalled, for example. Libraries can return unpicked up photocopies to the Alex ILS Office after two months, be sure they are clearly labeled.
    • Policy Review: we do not give damaged books to users who pay replacement fees. Materials remain the property of RUL.
    • LSM arranged for a disabled patron to have photocopies made by LSM Copy Center staff. LSM plans to begin circulating maps soon (with a new form), and proposing a shift of the circulating collection on 2nd floor.
    • Should government documents which circulate be sent to TS for cataloging when returned?
    • Outstanding RRS requests have almost all been cleaned up.
    • Policy Review: disabled patrons pay for photocopies, no special policy, though we do make special arrangements to have photocopying done for them.
    • NB is close to 100% staffing, interviewing for Annex Manager and LA2 for Music.
    • Systems's plan for equipment maintenance over the summer includes cleaning up menus and scripts, replacing mouse pads.
    • Policy Review: we do not give refunds after six months.
    • Kathleen Kavanagh is new access services staff member at Douglass, working on billing and collection maintenance.
  9. Next meeting: Thursday, June 10, 1999 9:30 a.m.
    Alexander Library, 3rd floor Conference Room

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