Minutes of July 8, 1999 meeting

  1. Access Services Policy Memos.
    Revised Access Services Policy Memos #1-#5 were distributed in campus mail.
  2. Borrower Charges, Remote Access Eligibility. A revised set of Borrower Charts is in the works. Only current Rutgers students, faculty and staff are eligible for remote access to our licensed databases. We reviewed User Profile/Status combinations and remote access eligibility.
  3. RRS Problem Sampling.
    System wide totals for the RRS Problem Sampling period, April 19-May 19, 1999 where shared: 88 No Hold Placed, 68 Not Charged, 13 Hold Placed Incorrectly, and 40 Other (including, for example-- no processing, charged to ALCHNJ, uncataloged book sent, sent to wrong library, user blocked, 2 slips sent & dup not canceled online, online Request not updated, incorrect book sent). Each library's results were distributed, and will be mailed to libraries not represented at the meeting. A few patterns emergedľ some libraries only had problems placing holds for ILL, CrimJ books arriving without processing, errors appeared to be proportionate to volume of RRS activity and reliance on student workers. Trap Holds wizard (coming with 99.2), a revision of processing instructions, and keeping CrimJ materials and request forms together were suggested.
  4. E-reserve Update.
    6 documents have been scanned for summer, 28 for fall. Donna Cyran's message to the access services list serv highlighted the biggest problem we've encountered-- assigning accurate file names. Instructions do work, and reserve staff are reminded to test links immediately, then follow up with the Copy Center if there are problems. Copy Center is accepting material for fall semester, and will also begin to accept articles. The Minolta scanner has arrived at LSM. The scanner will be used for Ariel transmission of ILL and RRS articles, and e-reserves.
  5. Old Holds Update.
    ASC accepted the Old Holds group's proposal to process a daily list of failed recalls, update the original charge transaction with a new Current Location (LATERECALL), and notify users who placed the original Request. A different Current Location (OVD-RECALL?) was suggested. We will introduce the new Current Location at the same time as we add the "Recalled" notation next to the CHECKEDOUT Current Location of books that have been recalled in WebCat.
  6. Systems Update.
    Karen Oster has accepted the position of Unicorn Systems Administrator. She is coming from Carnegie Mellon and her first day is August 9th. The next Unicorn release, 99.2, has not yet arrived. Systems has purchased new virus checking software that will update automatically and should be in place on all PCs by September. [When entering a partial new user record and then attempting to make more changes, staff described how the new user record disappears.]
  7. Miscellaneous.
    • We reviewed instructions for filling out a Request for Payment (refund) form, copies will be distributed to libraries not represented at the meeting.
    • Offered suggestions for the handout drafted by M.Forster and G.Sandburg: eliminate the how to find a book, journal, reserve sections since those are covered by IRIS instructions from the LIS OPAC group. Concentrate on Self Services, more details about how to check on the status of Holds, include graphics and aim for bookmark size. ASC will review 2nd draft, text then goes to PSC.
    • Brainstormed a series of questions to be answered by access services help documentation in the following areas: Charge/Discharge/Renew, Collection Management/Maintenance, and Reserves Lists will be compiled and distributed for additional input.
    • Systems will begin to run regular monthly reports to gather automated reserve transaction statistics beginning July 1, 1999. A test run of the report in June showed some discrepancies with libraries' counts. Libraries should continue to report manual reserve transactions (like we report manual circulation transactions now) but can stop counting automated reserve check outs beginning July 1.
  8. Updates, Information Sharing.
    • Physics staff line is open, Ghislaine from SERC is helping out. Physics is sending ILL lending requests directly to ILS/LSM beginning July 1.
    • Chemistry isalso processing ILL requests, improved user space around public workstations.
    • At Alex, Nita has been out on jury duty, Antoinette's 40 day overdue list is gigantic following spring term loans going 40 days overdue.
    • Systems has an open line, for Unix administrator.
    • Dana is shifting in the Reference area. A new librarian, formerly at Newark Public, has arrived. Academic Foundations summer program is using Web assignments for library instruction.
    • The NB Billing group will do a systematic clean up of the 029 report during the summer. Camden and Newark are also participating by working on their campus school codes. Email notices have no letterhead, or indication of where notices come from. Official, professional looking stationary for print notices is also needed, letterhead may fit at the bottom
    • Scanner installed at LSM; science branches are filling ILL requests; ILS now processing requests for law library material; a desk in moderate condition may be available.
    • LSM 2/3 done with shifting on 2nd floor, rearranging furniture in access services office area, Glenn will participate in new student orientation.
    • Dana's Ariel's scanner is not working, Systems is checking it out
    • NB RRS functional group meets next Thursday. Place Hold command operates differently in Workflows.
    • NB has 3 open lines. Will stop stamping the due date in books in July, and inform Acquisitions date due slips are no longer needed in new books. Camden and Dana will communicate with colleagues for agreement to do same.
    • Robeson is withdrawing some government documents.

Next Meeting: August 12, 1999, 9:30 a.m., Admin Conference Room, Alexander

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