Minutes of September 13, 1999 meeting

  1. Unicorn & Workflows. Staff discussed Unicorn with Karen Oster, new Unicorn Systems Administrator:
    • Transfer of book and patron barcodes is a problem (to be fixed in Release 99.2).
    • We experienced loss of newly created user records, as if they didn't "take" but it now appears this might be a look-up error.
    • Would like email to be sent to users when Request and Hold Replies are updated.
    • Is the Group ID an option for Research Assistants, or possibly use Carnegie Mellon's model and ask faculty to give RAs proxy privileges and use of their barcode/PINs, etc. so that all charges appear on a single record?
    • When placing Holds and looking up a user, rather than just checking status, the user's entire record is accessed, which can take a long time for users with lots of charges. This may be addressed by reconfiguring Place Hold wizard properties at the desktop.
    • Printing takes a long time and we can't always print what we want, e.g. info in glossaries
    • Is there an easier way to make in-transit charges go away? we place holds, then charge.
    • To remove Holds that are never picked up from Holds Shelves we charge items to users, then discharge. Can we set policies to allow "available" Holds to be removed?
    • Should we be using Reports to process Reserves?

    Relabel User proposal.
    We discussed the proposal to create real-time location for books to be relabeled. A Relabel User with Home Location TECHSER was suggested as way for larger libraries to manage this subset of items sent to Technical Services for processing. We also need to review all Bindery and Tech Services users, and how they are used, and will continue discussion at the next meeting.

    Planning for Testing and Training on Release 99.2.
    The Cataloging and Authorities Training Team will offer 7 training sessions during the last two weeks of October (including one in Camden & Newark) for Access Services staff on cataloging wizards. The sessions are entitled ‘Wizards Core Training," and will include adding wizards to the toolbar, re-setting preferences, defining defaults, keyboard equivalents, title maintenance and adding titles. This training is essential for all access services staff so be sure to sign up.

    Test Unicorn with 99.2 has been installed on staff PCs for testing. Staff will need to set properties for some wizards before they can be used (Karen will demonstrate at end of meeting). To log on to the test system, use User ID: tsbstaff and PIN: TSBSTAFF, capitalization is required in the PIN field. Override in the test system is "megacirc."

    We reviewed our old "Unicorn New Release Testing Checklist of Circulation, Reserves, Requests." The checklist refers to commands rather than some of the wizards we are currently using, but the functions we need to test are there. We divided the checklist as follows:

    1. Create and Edit User Records: Glenn and LSM staff; Sothy, Pat, Mary
    2. Charge & Discharge: Treadwell & Alex staff; Robeson staff
    3. Create/Delete Brief Bib Records for Circulation: this will be tested and trained by the Cataloging and Authorities Team (yea!)
    4. Renew: Jane and ILL staff; Ann S.
    5. Display and Edit Transaction Data for an Individual Item or User: Ann S.
    6. Holds and Recalls (including new Trap Holds wizard): Bill and NB's RRS Team
    7. Billing: Barry and NB billing Team
    8. Reserves: Roger, Judy, Karen, Dean (will also determine if training sessions are needed for new Reserve wizards)
    9. User functions in WebCat: Maggie, Carolyn and Dana staff.

    Deadline for sending test results to the Systems Office in OCTOBER 1, 1999!!! Please email your experiences and observations to both Karen (karenayn@rci) and Judy (jgardner@rci).

  2. RRS requests for CrimJ materials. Reviewed procedures for ILS to begin processing NB and Camden requests for CrimJ materials. Band identifying items as RRS-CRIMJ will be a different color. Libraries must return CrimJ items to ILS, like ILL and Rutgers law library materials; do not return CrimJ materials directly to CrimJ. The fax machine at CrimJ is a problem sometimes. Judy will discuss new procedures with CrimJ staff. We will begin October 1, 1999, this is an interim change until CrimJ starts to use Unicorn.
  3. Guidelines for pricing replacement costs. We discussed use of BIP amazon, bookfinder, and the average replacement cost and agreed we would only use BIP and amazon for price look ups. Bookfinder does not always give the user a better price than our average replacement, the uncertain physical condition of out-of-print books if they were, theoretically, to be purchased is problematic. Please routinely use the average replacement cost for out-of-print books.
  4. Publications lists (active & retired). Active and retired publications lists were distributed. Four titles on the active list are still in production: The Basics of Searching IRIS; Explore, Discover, Learn; Interlibrary Loan Services: Borrowing Procedures & Fee Schedule for Libraries, and Off-Campus Support. A packet with sample of each active publication will be distributed at the next meeting. Harry Glazer, Communications Officer, is working on a new Bookmark series for current awareness. Projected topis are UnCover Reveal, Using email, Using Self Services, and Recalls. Glenn distributed a 2nd draft of Self Services bookmark from LSM with graphics which Judy will take to Harry.
  5. Copyright Update, ILL recalls. Reviewed changes in Copyright Law which require the actual copyright statement be copied and accompany single copies we make for RRS and ILS. ILS has started place recalls on Unicorn for ILL materials recalled by the lending institution. Money collected for overdue ILL recalls can be placed in your regular library accounts.
  6. Updates & Information Sharing.
    • Updates from the RRS/ILS/A Team meeting in August: (a) holdings information for the CDROM periodicals at Kilmer are up to date and accurate, holding statements for Douglass Library's CDROMs are still being worked on, (b) replacement copies of the most recent "A Team Replies" were distributed, (c) extra copyright stamps are available if needed.
    • Registering New Borrowers. Please continue to report sightings of the duplicate barcode ending in "... 000004" to Judy who is in touch with RUconnection. Ann S. entered a dummy user for that barcode. Please continue to report SSNs of users with incorrect Profiles to Kalaivani; the next data load will correct most of these. For international students, be sure to search under various name formats and temporary SSNs.
    • NB's RRS Team has a web page now.
    • Athena is leaving for a librarian position at Piscataway Public Library. Alex did 571 e-reserves in August and has hired a voucher for Reserves.
    • The 029 Report summer clean up is complete! and reduced the number of pages.
    • ILS started using new software, Ameritech's Resource Sharing System (RSS), for some lending last Tuesday, and are part of the first group of NJ libraries participating in the State Library's online ILL system. ILS staff will visit Dana on Wed. and train staff on filling ILL requests on OCLC and RLIN and borrowing on OCLC.
    • The collection at Chemistry continues to be shifted as more periodicals are transferred to the Annex. New doors were installed leading into the library. Barry will share with Mary info about security and transportation available for employees working late. At first we thought we could append weekly lecture notes to the same scanned e-reserve file for Chem, thereby eliminating the need to create a new brief record every week, but file size is a problem.
    • Construction on the 2nd floor of Smithers is completed. A voucher has been hired for Alcohol.
    • Systems has three open positions: Armen's, UNIX administrator, and VALE systems administrator (1 year appointment). A new Y2K compliant payroll systems is due to be installed by Nov. 15, Armen is returning from RUCs to help with this project.
    • Construction of the librarian's office at Chang is completed. Half of work study students have returned, half are new.
    • Carolyn has new RRS students at Dana.
    • Dana has received in-transit lists to search from Alex, Terry and Maggie will check with Wilma.
    • NB Access Services has a web page. 2 positions are open at Alex, Sup. 2 and Assoc. 3.
  7. Demonstration of Release 99.2. Karen described a useful 115 page Training Guide available online on the Staff Resources webpage (in classic RUL, under Libraries, Staff Resources, Unicorn Training, Training Guide). She demonstrated how to right click on a wizard for properties and how to set properties, which we will need to do for testing.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 14, 1999, 9:30 a.m., Admin Conference Room, Alex.

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