Minutes of the November 16, 2010 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Stacey Carton, Eric Fizur (Teleconference from Camden), Priscilla Lee, Stephanie Mikitish, Chaiki Mills, Holly Muller, Rich Sandler, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar (minutes), Paul Young
Kristen Ko
Joyce Watson



The group members introduced themselves to one another, their name, location, and training background. Many members of the group had attended the “Train the Trainer “Program, or they had previous training and or technical experience within RUL. Jeff and Michele will operate as Co- Coordinators of the training group, Judy Gardner will provide training topics as they arise, and Marilyn Wilt will act as ex-officio. The training group will work in concert with the other working groups of Access Services.

Purpose of the Training Group

The group reviewed the purpose statement of the training group.

"The Training Group, a subgroup of the Access Services Committee, works closely with the other access services functional groups and with ASC to identify staff training and learning needs. The group designs and delivers training to large & small groups, designs self-paced tutorials, assists the functional groups with documentation, participates in training new employees, and regularly assesses its work."


Group members were given several "How do I" choices to work with. Examples of these were: How do I Check out a book. How do I register a new student, or How do I write an incident report.

Stacey Carton, said she would be happy to help group members learn the program. Tutorials are available online. Stacey said she would follow up with Andrew Ruggiero about reinstalling Workflws on the computers that have Camtasia. The computers with Camtasia were moved to a public area in the library and for security reasons Workflows was removed from them. It was suggested that group members become familiar with Test Workflows for this project. Rich Sandler said he would like to experiment with his videos and add music and perhaps other types of video enhancements. The due date for drafts of these projects is December and January.

Fordham Lab tour

Stacey took the group on a tour of the Fordham lab and reviewed all the technology available in the lab.

The group will not meet in December. The next meeting is scheduled tentatively for January 18th 2011.

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