Minutes of October 25, 2007 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Judy Gardner, Valeda Dent, Tim Corlis, Kevin Mulcahy, Myoung Wilson, Jeff Teichmann and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack


Françoise started with a brief introduction and asked each committee member to write down five ideas that they believed could improve the appearance and functionality of the reference room and lobby.

The following suggestions were noted for the lobby:

The following suggestions were noted for the Reference Room:

Handouts were distributed to the committee members on related topics and several books were available for members to check out. Everyone was asked to give thought to the future of reference, not only what our current needs are but what our needs may be in five or ten years.

Some sub-groups were formed on the following topics:

Françoise stated that Julia Zapcic, Director of Development, was seeking funds for this project but the exact amount of funding could not yet be determined. Also proposed were "field trips" to other academic libraries to garner insight as to how other institutions utilize their space. The idea to consult with architectural firms who specialize in libraries was also mentioned.

Next meeting - TBA - probably in early-mid December.

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