Minutes of July 10, 2008 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Judy Gardner, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack, Mary Beth Weber, Jeff Teichmann, Tim Corlis and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Invited guests: Reference Team members - attending: Mary Fetzer, Stephanie Bartz, Karen Hartman, Tom Glynn, Joe Abraham, Tao Yang and Gracemary Smulewitz.
Myoung Wilson and Valeda Dent


Françoise opened the meeting by thanking the members of the Reference Team for their appearance.

Card Catalogue - MBW

Disposition of the card catalog and microfilm availability was discussed. Fifty-nine titles were researched - twenty-nine were found and thirty were not. Microfilm will continue to be researched and compared to data in card catalog. Joe Abraham has been working on improving the microfilm reading machines but noted that some of the microfilm has water damage.

Reference Collection

A target figure of reducing the reference collection by 50% was mentioned. The weeding cannot start until room becomes available. Judy noted that some space might be available at the Annex. Other possible locations mentioned were: the empty stacks used for sorting on the 3rd floor, old wing. In this same general area the space where the "Zs" are located was also proposed. Kevin stated that we have approximately 30,000 volumes and it may make more sense to relocate rather than withdraw them. He also thought splitting the collection between two locations may not be ideal. Gracemary stated that when the periodicals are consolidated there might be room in the Microfilm Reading Room. She also mentioned that a weeding project may be undertaken in January 2009 and this could be performed with Reference in mind.

Ryan stated that the backruns of journals which are available on-line might be sent to the Annex. Kevin and Gracemary both thought that the microfilm collection might be weeded and Jeff stated that a reference collection that would circulate could be placed in Current Periodicals. Françoise was concerned that the flow of collections should always be clear to our users.

1st Floor - 24 Hours

Sub-committee has not yet met

ALA Info & Slides

Various slides were shown to group from Françoise's travels to California.

The Santa Monica Library was a "Gold Certified Leeds Building" with unique lighting and signage. It had plenty of group study space; a café; a fountain which used recycled water and a Reference Desk with 3 stations.

The Cerritos Public Library cost $40 million to build and is a "Destination Library." Interesting special features include a 15,000-gallon aquarium, a dynamic children's room and 100 computers for public use.


Françoise met with V.P. Blimling and Joe Charette of Dining Services to discuss the proposed installation of a café. Dining Services would handle the daily operations of the café. The group discussed many sites within Alexander as possible locations. Current Periodicals was not deemed suitable as it was too far from the loading dock. The front of Bound Periodicals near the atrium was proposed, as it is close to water, electricity and rest rooms. Gracemary proposed the "sleep area" as a possible location; other sites mentioned were Undergrad Reserves and the current Circulation Desk area. Tim wanted to note his objection to the project citing possible vermin infestations and the proximity to Special Collections and Archives.

NOTE: subsequent to this meeting, a PRF (Project Request Form) was submitted to University Facilities and Capital Planning for the installation of a café. The requested site is in the Reference Reading Room in the space currently occupied by the card catalogs, as this space meets most of the requirements.

Pay Phones

Francoise was contacted by Verizon and informed of their desire to remove all pay phones inside Alexander. She requested they leave one phone on the first floor but has not yet received a response. Verizon explained that a pay phone must yield a minimum of $20 per month to be viable and the phones at Alexander do not meet that criterion. If they choose not to allow this one phone to remain as a courtesy, Alexander would have to pay $100 per month ($1,200 annual) in order to keep it on site.

Rental Rooms

The rental of additional space at Alexander will be discussed between Françoise and VP for Information Services and University Librarian Marianne Gaunt. In addition to the SCC rooms that have always been rented out, consideration will be given to renting out the Pane Room, Hughes Room, and the Heyer Room. Concern was expressed with regards to limited space and time for classroom instruction. It was pointed out that the IHLs (primary location for classroom instruction) have always been rented out in the past without major conflict.

Faculty Study Rooms

The use of the Faculty Study Rooms was raised with an eye towards the possible conversion of some of the existing space to Group Study Rooms. Also mentioned was whether it may be advisable to advertise the availability of these rooms so as to increase usage.

Wireless Internet Connectivity in Libraries

Françoise will continue to meet with Anne Butman to discuss wireless capabilities in all library buildings.

Next meeting

TBA - some time during Fall semester

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 PM

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