Minutes of October 30, 2008 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Judy Gardner, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack, Elizabeth Leister, Jeff Teichmann, Myoung Wilson, Valeda Dent (via phone conference) and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Tim Corlis



Françoise opened the meeting by asking the committee members to review the carpet samples displayed on the floor. The committee preferred the samples that integrated the blues and greens rather than the solid green alone. Additional carpet samples will be requested adding a rust color to the mix.

Furniture - Donations - Reference Desk

Francoise informed the committee that V.P. Furmanski designated $210,500 for new furniture that will replace the worn furniture in the stacks. Because of the amount of money involved, Françoise must send this out for bids.

The Class of 1950 donated $50,000 some of which will be used by the committee toward the new Reference Desk and related expenses.

It was noted that perhaps some of the existing furniture could be used in the new design of the Reference Desk. Electrical costs can be prohibitive and if using wireless connections, the laptop should be removed when unattended for security reasons. Kevin Mulcahy will speak with Tom Glynn and the Reference Team to get their feedback on what form the Ref Desk should take. Harvey Dessel may be consulted when deciding on how best to use the space behind the current Reference Desk.

The design of the Electronic Resource Room was also discussed and some options under consideration are to reduce the wall height, remove the walls all together or turn the space into Group Study Rooms. The location of the Ref Desk may depend on the exact location of the café and an acoustical study may be necessary as well.

Weeding of Stacks

Kevin reported that he started preliminary checking in stacks on levels 2A, 2B & 3 but he still has to tabulate feedback from his reference colleagues. He thought the GK Hall catalogs in Reference could possibly move to the Annex as they have the room. Kevin will refine his list and forward to Gracemary Smulewitz (DTS) and Judy Gardner (Access Services). Myoung Wilson mentioned that SCILS should be consulted and Kevin stated that he would contact Marie Radford to discuss with her.

The idea of having stacks at half the current height was mentioned, but it was pointed out that the existing stacks cannot be reduced in height and new stacks would have to be purchased to accomplish this. It was estimated that the collection would have to be reduced by approximately 75% in order to use half-stacks.

Card Catalogue

Elizabeth Leister was welcomed to the group and is taking the place of Mary Beth Weber. She will advise on research that Mary Beth started and will give update at next meeting. It was noted that the card catalog might not have been updated since 1993. It was suggested that part of the card catalog (U.S. portion) could be removed for safekeeping.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

Next meeting

Thursday, December 4, 2008 @ 9:30 AM in McDonnell Room

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