Minutes of December 4, 2008 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Judy Gardner, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack, Elizabeth Leister, Tim Corlis, Myoung Wilson, Valeda Dent and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Jeff Teichmann


Card Catalog

Elizabeth explained that a random sampling of searches was performed from one drawer of a card catalog and twenty out of fifty-nine were not found. It was agreed that the catalog has not been updated in years and cards have not been added since the operation moved to TAS on January 1, 1990.

The committee agreed to eliminate the card catalog with the possibility of saving certain drawers pertaining to government documents. Elizabeth and Françoise will discuss with Mary Fetzer. It was also mentioned that Gracemary Smulewitz (DTS) might be doing an inventory of circulating books in 2009.

Plans for Lobby

Judy explained that the lobby sub-committee hadn't met yet and needed further direction to carry out their charge. Françoise stated that a new welcome desk and its location would be of primary concern. Also the use of the existing space, as well as the directory, displays and possible other uses for Gallery 50. It was mentioned that the current use of Gallery 50 is somewhat awkward and perhaps the display cases would be better suited near the stairs in the Reference Room leading down to SC/UA.

A new multi-media directory, which could have the capability of getting feeds from RSS, was thought worthy. With technology rapidly changing, any multi-media directory must be proven to be cost effective. Schematics of the lobby were requested and Bill was assigned the task of getting them copied and given to the lobby sub-committee. (Note: 11 x 17 copies were given to Jeff Teichmann on 12/8/08.)

Update on Reference Collection

Kevin explained that the weeding would have to be done in three stages. The first stage would involve approx. 3,000 folios (approx. 10% of volumes) that would be sent to the Annex. The weeding team was scheduled to meet in the near future. The second stage involved print indexes (replaced by on-line data) that need to be identified and moved to the Annex as well. The third stage, which is more problematic, involves having subject specialists weeding their areas. These should be sent to the stacks, which are already overcrowded. In addition they would have to identify back-runs, which should also go to the Annex. Françoise reminded the committee that new carpets were to be installed in the Reference Room in mid-May. Kevin stated that with help from Access Services and DTS he'll push the weeding process. He'll have a better of idea of the number of stacks that can be removed after stage two is completed but he's guessing that a reduction of 20% may be possible.

Plans for Reference Desk

It was agreed that the Reference Desk should be small and portable, with phone and pc. The location would depend on the location of a café, should that come to fruition. Possibly two desks would be needed, one for the librarian and one for the reference assistant. If small enough, it's conceivable that they could be locked away when not in use. A discussion ensued about possible uses for the Reference Room including: better use of the Media Room; new furniture utilizing a blend of study tables and easy chairs; project rooms; group study rooms; redesigning the stacks to break up the study space and better use of the area behind the existing Reference Desk.

Carpeting, Café & Furniture

Françoise brought a carpet sample of the preferred pattern and updated the group about the ongoing meetings with various carpet vendors. She also explained that a meeting had taken place with Gail Schmidt (Procurement furniture buyer) to discuss the needs for new furniture (in stacks) that will be going out for bids. Gail will ask for samples of carrels from seven manufacturers, which can be reviewed by our staff before purchasing.

Françoise explained that the cost for the proposed café in the Reference Room would be approximately $600,000. Other locations are under consideration, such as the atrium, back area of the atrium and Bound Periodicals.

At this time the committee did a walk-through in the lobby, Reference Room and atrium area.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

Next meeting

Thursday, February 5, 2009 @ 9:30 AM in McDonnell Room

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