Annex Construction Implementation Committee: Charge

July 18, 2000

To:	Ron Becker
	Mary Fetzer
	Helen Hoffman
	Francoise Puniello
	Farideh Tehrani
	Robert Sewell, Chair

From:	Marianne Gaunt

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Annex Construction Implementation Committee. Now that we have secured support through the Capital Renovation Funds for the completion of the back bay of the Annex and the upgrade of the HVAC, we need to quickly plan for the most effective use of the space given the many worthy demands from various sectors of the Libraries. To that end, I would like the committee to make recommendations in the following areas, consulting constituents in Camden and Newark as well as New Brunswick, as appropriate:

  1. Allocation of space
    Please consider such factors as the physical growth of the collections based on inflation costs, funding, and the move to digital resources; the need for the Annex to be a repository of materials that may not be heavily used and or rare in light of their accessibility elsewhere; and other factors the committee deems important. Your recommendations for a day-one collection should include a rationale for the allocation of space.
  1. Long-term viability
    Considering the factors above, please suggest the long-term viability of the Annex to support the collection growth of the Libraries, i.e. how long can we depend on the Annex before additional space is needed there or elsewhere.
  1. Accession System
    There have been concerns that the current accession system does not function well. Please review how this system supports our needs to manage the collection as well as provide data for management and collections analysis. Make recommendations, as appropriate, for another system and/or modifications in the current system.
  1. Phasing
    If any recommendation results in a collection move, de-acquisition, etc. please prepare a phasing plan, time estimates, and cost.

I would like your recommendations on item one by August 15, and your final report by November 1, 2000. If you have any questions concerning this, I will be happy to meet with the committee at any time.

cc: Cabinet

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