Approval Plan Evaluation Task Force: Charge

Veronica Calderhead
Helen Hoffman
Triveni Kuchi
Kevin Mulcahy
Jim Nettleman
Mary Page

From: Bob Sewell, Associate University Librarian
Date: September 11, 2003
Subject: Approval Plan Evaluation Task Force

I would like you to serve on a task force to evaluate Rutgers University Libraries' monographic approval plan. Specifically, the task force is to examine the current New Brunswick book approval plan for the humanities and social sciences, and the slip approval plans on all campuses. Mary Page will serve as chair.

The goal of this evaluation is to ensure that RUL is getting the best available approval plan services at the best price. You should consider all potential vendors and evaluate their products, services, and support.

Some criteria that should be part of your review are:

These criteria will be used in developing an evaluation scoring sheet and as your starting point for developing your own evaluation tools.

The evaluation process should include open vendor demonstrations to which all interested faculty and staff are invited. You should consult widely within RUL, contacting all individuals and departments who are involved with approval services (selectors, cataloging, systems, acquisitions, public service librarians). While the substance of your deliberations should remain confidential until the end, the progress of the task force should be publicized at regular intervals. Members of the RUL community should be encouraged to provide input and have ample opportunity to do so.

I would like to have your final report and recommendations by February 16th, 2004. The task force's recommendations will be reviewed by Cabinet. If approved, they will take effect in fiscal year 2005.

I will serve as an ex-officio member of the Approval Plan Evaluation Task Force, and I am available to consult with you at any time during the process. The Task Force will also work with University Procurement and Contracting in the development of an RFP. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that may arise. Thank you for contributing your expertise to this critical evaluation for the Rutgers University Libraries.


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