Minutes of the June 7, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Farideh Tehrani, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau
  1. A new spreadsheet which compares the 98/99 database use statistics with the 99/00 projected yearly use statistics was reviewed. While no further improvement to the data compilation was suggested by the group, it was again pointed out that use numbers for different databases in this comparison do not represent same things. We hope there is at least consistency in the type of use statistics reported within, if not yet across, the databases.
  1. Addie shared with the group the results of additional analyses of the users' survey she had done. These results reflect relationship between "field of study" and "current RU status." They also reflect "ease of use" of electronic resources relationship (Internet, IRIS, online indexes & abstracts, e-journals, online guides) to "field of study" and "current RU status."
  1. The group reviewed a number of documents which outline some current assessment-related efforts/discussions in the States and other countries. While national assessment standards are being suggested and established, especially standardized usage measures for electronic information resources, many individual institutions, e.g. Texas A&M, and various library groups and associations, e.g. ARL, have done or will do in the near future pilot projects in this area to develop acceptable measures.
  1. The key findings of the Utah University Libraries' faculty awareness of databases survey suggest that we all need to work harder to publicize the available electronic resources and what each has to offer. In light of the inadequacy of available methodology for such a survey and what is already known through our own survey and data compilation, the group decided not to do a separate survey to determine current level of faculty (or other users) awareness of the databases we offer at Rutgers.
  1. A draft mission statement of the Libraries Assessment Committee was reviewed. Samson will incorporate the changes and additions suggested at the meeting and forward the revised statement to the whole committee for additional comments in order to arrive at a "working" draft statement. The mission statement will evolve and improve based on our actual experience in this important area.
  1. It was agreed that, as part of our goals and objectives for the coming year, we will try to develop expertise in assessment techniques through training programs. Susan agreed to find out the information on ALA meetings that have something to do with assessment techniques for libraries. We will make an effort to attend some of these meetings. In the coming year, we will also compare the results of the most recent user survey with that of the last one, make necessary recommendations, create assessment benchmarks, and revise and refine the user survey instrument in preparation for the next survey.
  1. The next Assessment Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 19, at 9:30 AM. As it will be after ALA, we will share with each other at the meeting what we have learned at ALA in these areas.

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